What To Study In Australia?

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Students want to know what courses they can study in Australia.


Australia's world-class education system offers high-quality courses to international students, including engineeringaccounting, languages, business and management.


Whether you want to pursue an ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for International Students) program or an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, Australia is your one-stop destination.


The AQF (Australian Qualifications Framework) authorises courses in Australia. These courses incorporate TAFE (Technical and Further Education), VET (Vocational Education and Training), and undergraduate, postgraduate and English language programs.



Here Are Some Popular Courses You Can Study In Australia:



1. Accounting Courses

Accounting is all about maintaining financial records in the business. Students who have strong analytical skills can apply for accounting courses.


Getting an Australian accounting degree gives you opportunities in specialised accounting areas that involve utilising and analysing an organisation's financial information.



2. Business and Management Courses


Many Australian universities, TAFE institutes and private colleges offer business and management courses.


Specialisations in business and management include business administration and project management to international trade and entrepreneurship.



3. Computing and Technology Courses


The computing and technology field is vast in Australia. It consists of everything related to computers, including software and hardware.


This field allows students to gain in-depth knowledge about programming languages, the science of computation, data logic, data structure, system architecture and more.


The Australian ICT (Information and Communications Technology) industry is rapidly developing. There are increasingly more specialisations and new computing and information technology courses.



4. Creative Arts Courses


Students who want a high proficiency level in a particular field or establish a career in the arts can take creative arts courses.


These are studio-based and practical courses designed to produce graduates who want to be part of the creative industry and work as artists.


Various reputed universities and established private providers in Australia offer creative arts and design courses.



5. Engineering and Technology Courses


Engineering and technology is the fastest-growing program in Australia.


These courses cover mechanical, chemical, civil, and electrical engineering. It also includes specialised fields like machine maintenance, aviation and food technology.


Engineering and technology courses prepare students to work for engineering, government, and telecommunication firms. There is something for everyone who wishes to pursue engineering and technology in Australia.



6. Health Services and Rehabilitation Courses


Health services and rehabilitation courses are widely becoming popular amongst international students.


They encompass many professions related to health administration, occupational health and safety, veterinary science, psychology, and more.


A health services and rehabilitation degree in Australia is holistic and flexible, enabling students to work in any healthcare setting.



7. Hospitality, Tourism and Personal Services Courses


The hospitality, tourism and personal services programs help students prepare for a career in tourism, business, marketing and hospitality management.


A career in these areas will provide students with ample opportunities and practical experiences.



8. Law Courses


International students can study law in an Australian university and obtain degrees, including a Bachelor of Laws, a Master of Laws, a Juris Doctor, and a combined law degree.


Once students complete their law degree in Australia, they can apply for professions such as legal administration, management, legal practice or other unique roles.



9. Nursing Courses


Nursing courses in Australia provide students with solid practical and academic experience in all nursing areas.


Suppose a student wants to specialise in a particular field. In that case, they can choose courses like oncology, pediatric, emergency, and mental health nursing.


After completing a nursing degree in Australia, students can join any healthcare setting and work at the finest facilities in the world.



10. Science Courses


Science is a diverse and extensive field in Australia. It offers courses perfect for students who are passionate about discovering new things and have a problem-solving attitude.


Many institutions offer science courses in various disciplines, such as nanotechnology, chemistry, marine biology, physics, biotechnology, environmental science, and forensic science courses in Australia and many more.




If You Are Still Confused About What To Study in Australia


Here Is A List of The 7 Best Courses To Study:





Under the Skilled Occupation stream, Australia has reserved more than 17,000 places for registered nurses.


Australia is considered one of the top countries in the Healthcare industry. Many universities in Australia have gained global recognition for offering a wide range of high-quality research and undergraduate and postgraduate programs in midwifery and nursing.


You can choose from different courses like Nurse (Child and Family Health), Nurse (Paediatric), Nurse (Medical Practice), Nurse (Community Health), and more, as per your preference and interest.



Computer and Information Technology (IT)


With the booming economy of Australia, there is a massive demand for computer and IT professionals in the country. Graduates from leading Australian universities have the highest chances of working for the best companies.


Occupations such as Software Engineer, Systems Analystwebsite developergraphic designer and more have much scope. Many universities around Australia easily offer them.


There are many well-respected Australian universities, such as The Australian National University, The University of Melbourne, The University of Sydney and The University of South Wales. These universities offer courses valued and recognised globally in Computer and Information Technology.



Education and Teaching


Australia is the hub for the best education system. After undertaking courses in education and teaching, International students can apply for Permanent Residency (PR).


After completing courses from leading Australian Universities, students can quickly get a job as a Pre-primary teacher, Vocational education teacher, University lecturer, and Primary and secondary teacher.



Medicine and Health Studies


Other than nursing, the field of medicine is also rewarding and noble. While designing the curriculums of health courses, Australian universities have paid careful attention to meeting world standards.


There are several top Universities in Australia offering both undergraduate medical programs and graduate-entry medical programs.


Some renowned names on the list are Monash University, The Australian National University Medical School (ANUMS), and the University of Melbourne. These universities are global leaders in medicine and healthcare studies.





From engineering streams like electrical, civilmechanical, and chemical to naval architecture, aviation, food technology, industrial design, and aerospace engineering, Australia offers students a broad mix of technology and engineering courses


International students can also undertake a specialisation in the field of mining. This course is prominent, particularly in South Australia, Western Australia and regional Queensland, known for its extensive mining industry.


The universities offering engineering courses in Australia are The University of New South Wales, The University of Queensland and The University of Melbourne.  





One of the highest-paid professions in Australia is - Accounting. The Accounting and finance field promises students a rich life and a fulfilling career.


An accounting degree familiarises students with financial dealing, economic business practices, taxation, bookkeeping etc.


Some famous Australian universities that provide degrees in Accounting are The University of New South Wales, The Australian National University, and The University of Sydney.





In Australia, there is an immense shortage of qualified carpenters. But due to high demand and income, people are keen to study it.


To become a qualified carpenter in Australia, students must pursue a Certification II in Carpentry.


This course is available in TAFEs of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Interested students can choose from medium to long-term courses. After completing this course, students may be eligible for a work visa in Australia.


There are many courses you can choose to study in Australia. In addition to offering a wide range of courses across multiple disciplines, Australia is ahead of other countries in the education sector. Because of that, Australia is attracting many international students who are willing to travel far.


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