Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Study in Perth

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People want to know why to choose Perth to study and why it is a good city for international students.


Perth is the capital city of Western Australia, with a population of more than 2 million people. With brilliant sunsets, a great food culture, back vibes, and great weather, Perth is an ideal place to live on the west coast of Australia.


Known as Australia's 'Education City', Perth has gained global recognition for its thriving economy, reputed universities, and low unemployment rate. Further, it is also famous for its State-Nomination Migration Programs.


As one of the major study abroad destinations, more than 35,000 international students visit Perth every year.


There are many other reasons to study in Perth, and we will talk about them in this post, including why Perth is particularly great for international students.



1. World-Class Education


The education system of West Australia is one of the best systems in the world. It has four world-class universities, several top-notch schools, English language colleges, and vocational institutions that provide assured quality education. 


The educational institutions in Perth ensure a rewarding and successful career, so many international students choose Perth as their study destination. 



2. Top Universities


Perth is known for its top four universities across inner and outer suburbs. These are:


  1. The University of Western Australia 

  2. Edith Cowan University 

  3. Murdoch University 

  4. Curtin University 


Apart from these universities, there is also a small private university called Notre Dame, which is in Fremantle. 



3. Hard-To-Match Lifestyle


In terms of living, Perth offers an unmatched lifestyle. It is the first city to come to mind when considering moving to Australia.


It is an excellent alternative to the bustling cities of Melbourne and Sydney because of the great work opportunity and affordability. 


The city offers 40% discounts to international students on all buses and other public transport in the town.


Because of less traffic, people enjoy living in a pollution-free environment. Compared to other major cities, Perth enjoys a low crime rate, making the public transport, the city streets and campuses a safe and secure environment.



4. Part-Time Work Opportunities


Perth offers many part-time work opportunities for international students. They can work part-time for up to 20 hours per week. 


Part-Time jobs help them to communicate with different people and are also a great way to improve their English learning skills.


International students can quickly get jobs in diverse sectors like hospitality, housekeeping, tourism, communications, administration, teaching and more. 



5. Dynamic Economy


Western Australia is known for its fastest-growing economy. With a population of just 10%, the state generates 30% of the country's export income. 


This dynamic economy has generated thousands of job opportunities for natives, ex-pats and International students. 



6. Different Festivals, Food and Fun options


Perth is known as the cultural hub of Western Australia. The city provides a perfect backdrop for cultural events and festivals all year long.


International students can enjoy music, dance, film, and comedy and visit art galleries. 


The city's multicultural mix also offers different food choices, catering to all tastes and moods. 


There are many entertainment venues, including pubs, clubs, and funky lounge bars, where you can listen to live music, watch sporting events or even dance. 



7. Geography and Climate


Located on a coastal plain in the lower part of the West Coast of Australia, Perth is geographically isolated, with the desert in the east and oceans to the west. The city enjoys a Mediterranean-style climate.


Winters are wet and mild, whereas Summers are hot and dry. The expansive layout of the city has beaches, parklands and the Swan River.


Overall the city is warm and welcoming, which makes it an ideal place for outdoor activities. 



8. Land of Beautiful Beaches


Perth alone is home to 19 stunning beaches. There are lots of opportunities to enjoy the Indian Ocean in the city. Cottesloe beach is another famous beach in Perth.


It is the most popular beach, transformed into a free outdoor art gallery annually in March. Perth's beaches are the ultimate treat for outdoor lovers, from fishing and snorkelling to surfing. 


In Perth, students generally live within cycling or walking distance from their educational institutions. Bus and other public transport are also available at the most affordable rates.


The universities are good at supporting the social side of student life. There are also many sports clubs that students can join through student unions and universities.


The Australian city has several hotspots for dining, going out and shopping. In short, it is the ultimate destination for international students to study, work and live.



9. Full of Amazing Places To Explore


The city is full of stunning places to visit. Look for cute quokkas on Rottnest Island, only a 25 minutes ferry ride from Fremantle away.


These small tiny wallabies attract thousands of people every year to the island.


Or check out the limestone caves at Margaret River, go dolphin-spotting, explore the famous Pinnacles, and if you feel like wine, head to the famous wineries in the Swan Valley.



10. A Globally Accessible City


Perth is situated on the west coast of Australia, but it's closer to Jakarta and Singapore than most other Australian cities.


This makes it highly accessible from Asia, which is ideal if you want to travel home to your family between semester breaks.


Additionally, you can fly direct from Perth to London on Australia's only direct-to-Europe flight without any stopover.


So, Europe is within easy reach, and you don't have to spend too much time on an airplane.


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