Top 10 Reasons Why To Study in Melbourne

International students are crossing a bridge behind colleges in Melbourne Australia after studying.


Melbourne is home to world-class universities and research facilities that attract many international students worldwide.


Below are the 10 reasons why you should come to Melbourne and study:



1. Best City for International Studies


When it comes to studying, Melbourne is the first choice for students from different nations. The world also agrees to it and named it as the best city for international students in Australia. Study wise, Melbourne is the second best city in the world after Paris.


The ratings were measured according to the quality of lifestyle, employment, universities and student community.


Moreover, Melbourne scored 100/100 in terms of tolerance, the level of social inclusion and the population.



2. Multicultural Experience


The city of Melbourne is also known for its ‘student mix.’ It means more than 200,000 international students from approx 170 countries stay in Melbourne. The city celebrates its diversity through various events, performances, festivals and local foods.


In Melbourne, celebrations run in the city all year around. The friendly atmosphere enables international students to make friends very quickly.



3. Transport


Melbourne has a comprehensive transport system of trains, buses and trams that make getting around the city easier. With the accessibility of taxis and cycle tracks, the need for a car is minimal in Melbourne, especially when living in the inner-city.


To drive in Melbourne, you need to acquire a valid permit/license and a good understanding of the road rules.



4. International Culinary Delight


Melbourne has gained prominence as the food capital of Australia.


It offers a wide variety of tempting international flair. From Asian dishes to traditional Australian dishes, this culinary hub has so much to offer.



5. World’s Top Universities


Melbourne is the most attractive destination for international students because of having the world’s most diverse student communities and universities.


The QS World University Ranking 2018 placed 6 out of 10 universities in Victoria among the top-ranked universities in the world.


As an international student, if you want to get a high educational standard along with a wide variety of course selections, you may pick any of the top universities in Melbourne.



6. Excellent Student Support


Melbourne universities are also known for providing support to international students. It includes everything starting from housing, social connections to finance and language learning skills, etc.



7. Employment Opportunities


As a leading knowledge city, Melbourne attracts many international companies that set up development and research operations. When it comes to employability, Melbourne ranks as the tenth best city in the world.


During semesters, students can work 40 hours per fortnight. International students can also reap the benefits of a Study Live Program in Melbourne.



8. Adrenaline-filled Sporting Events


If you are into sports, the city hosts a lot of events, allowing you to enjoy your favourite sport.


Melbourne hosts events such as the Australian Open Tennis, Formula 1 Grand Prix, the Melbourne Cup, the Motorcycle Grand Prix and many more.



9. Unbeatable Lifestyle


Melbourne is considered the cultural capital of Australia. From beautiful beaches to amazing nightlife and exciting food culture.


The city is ranked as the third best city in the world in terms of a students’ experience.



10. Next Level Coffee Culture


Melbourne is heaven for coffee addicts, with trendy cafes around every corner, you can see people everywhere with a takeaway coffee cup in their hand. 


If you are coming to Melbourne as an international student, you can keep yourself energized with countless different coffee options.


With an unbeatable lifestyle, world-class institutions and lots of employment options, Melbourne deserves to be recognised as one of the best cities in the world for international students.



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