Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Study in Hobart

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International students want to know the benefits of studying In Hobart, Tasmania.


Hobart is the southernmost city in Australia and the capital of Tasmania. The skyline of this beautiful city is dominated by awe-inspiring Mt Wellington/Kunanyi, which is one of the favourite spots for bushwalkers, mountain bikers and photographers.


Besides the beautiful landscape, Hobart also offers an inspiring study environment. It is considered the cheapest city in Australia for students to live in.


Consider the points below if you need more reasons to study in Hobart.



1. University of Tasmania


One of the primary reasons to study in Hobart is the University of Tasmania (UTAS). This is the only university in the city that houses 20,000 university students.


It offers a wide range of specialised and general courses in different disciplines like Law, Medicine, EnglishITTourismBusiness etc. Moreover, students can benefit from sizeable study abroad programs and distance learning courses.


In terms of research performance and teaching, the university is undoubtedly a solid performer. 



2. Student Accommodation Options


Regarding student accommodations, there are plenty of options available in Hobart. 


Students studying at the University of Tasmania usually prefer to live close to the main campus. Therefore, they prefer staying at Sandy Bay, a major part of Hobart and only a short drive from the city centre. 


As an inspiring place to live, you can discover that most of the houses in the city are constructed on the hillsides, giving spectacular views of the harbour. 



3. Scholarships


The Australian government provides many funding options to the University of Tasmania for their extensive research activities.


Due to this reason, the tuition fee of the university for international students is lower as compared to other Australian universities. 


The University of Tasmania offers various scholarship programs for students, making study extremely competitive. 



4. Getting Around The City


Hobart is an easy-to-navigate city. It offers public transport systems such as buses and taxis that enable you to move around the city without getting tired. 


However, the small rail system in the city is used mainly for commodities and cargo. 



5. Safe City


Due to the relaxed vibes and friendly locals, Australia recognises Hobart as the safest city


The transport is quick and easy with little pollution and traffic jams, and the weather in the city is good.


Students can freely walk around the city without any fear. This is one of the great bonuses for those who want to study abroad, especially in Australia. 



6. Work While Studying


Hobart is the smallest city in Australia. However, like in other Australian cities, students can work up to 40 hours per fortnight while studying on a student Visa.


Students can explore different job opportunities along with studying in Hobart. 


You can even ask your university's international student support service for guidance. 



7. Interactions With Australian Culture


Relaxed vibes, less traffic and more wilderness in Tasmania make it a perfect place to study for students.


As an international student, you will learn much about Australian culture while studying at a local university. 


Also, you will interact more with locals, improving your English speaking skills


From several clubs, bars and restaurants to universities, culture and friendly people, Hobart is a hidden treasure in Australia. It has everything which makes a place worth living.



8. Beautiful Landscapes Outside Your Doorstep


Nearly half of Tasmania is covered in national parks and reserves, offering an excellent environment for students to explore and relax from their studies. 


Students can enjoy one of the most beautiful environments in the world:


  • They can enjoy the freshest air and some of the cleanest water in the world.

  • They can choose from over 1 000 mountain peaks and countless kilometres of golden white beaches.

  • Tasmania is 100 % self-sufficient in renewable energy and has the lowest city pollution.

  • No matter where you live in Tasmania, you will never be far away from a forest or the ocean.



9. Vibrant Lifestyle


Studying in Tasmania will allow you to gain an education in a vibrant place and live a life full of adventure only a few meters away from where you live.


Cities in Tasmania are full of shops, restaurants and cafes. Students can also find theatres, karaoke bars, bowling alleys, and cinemas.


Tasmania is home to the world's freshest vegetables, fruits, and seafood. Local produce markets, food and art festivals, and multicultural events also exist.


People in Tasmania love sports. You can easily find various clubs, such as hockey, cricket, basketball, badminton, soccer, rugby, volleyball, and even table tennis, to mention a few.



10. World Class Teachers and Education


In Tasmania, countless exceptional study options exist at world-class educational institutions.


Education in Tasmania has a long history of excellence and high-quality teaching across university, secondary education, vocational training, and English language.


Students can also find many foundation and pathway programs, including scholarship opportunities.


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