English Language Courses (ELICOS) In Australia: Explained

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International students want to know about ELICOS course requirements in Australia.


If you dream of studying, working, and immersing yourself in the vibrant culture of Australia, mastering the English language is key.


ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students) programs offer a structured pathway to achieving your goals. Let's dive deeper into the world of ELICOS!



1. What is ELICOS:


ELICOS stands for English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students.


These are special courses in Australia that help people from other countries learn English. ELICOS classes teach you how to speak, listen, read, and write in English, whether it's for everyday life, going to university, or getting a job.


The Australian government makes sure these courses are really good, so you can learn English the best way possible.



2. Who is it for?


ELICOS is for anyone who wants to improve their English skills in Australia! It's perfect if you dream of studying at an Australian university, finding a great job, or simply want to connect with the locals and make friends.


ELICOS can even help you prepare for important English exams. No matter your goals, ELICOS gives you the language tools you need to succeed in Australia.



3. Understanding the ELICOS Advantage


  • Tailored for You: ELICOS courses cater to various needs, with options for general English, academic English (EAP), English for specific professions (like healthcare or tourism), and even intensive exam preparation for certifications like IELTS or TOEFL.

  • Quality Assured: The Australian government oversees ELICOS providers through CRICOS registration, ensuring consistent standards and a focus on learning outcomes.

  • Focus on Communication: ELICOS sharpens your skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing through dynamic classroom activities, group projects, and often even cultural excursions.



4. Is ELICOS Right for You?


Consider ELICOS if you:


  • Dream of Australian Education: Many universities and vocational schools have English proficiency requirements – ELICOS helps you meet them.

  • Seek Career Advancement: Excellent English communication makes you a more competitive job candidate in Australia and globally.

  • Crave Connection: Improving your English lets you build friendships with locals, understand Australian customs, and truly experience the culture.

  • Aim for Test Success: Specialised ELICOS courses provide preparation to achieve high scores on standardised English exams.



5. Finding the Perfect ELICOS Fit


  • Explore Your Options: Australia has many ELICOS providers, from prestigious universities to dedicated language centres. Consider the learning environment and course types that best suit your needs.

  • Match Your Goals: Do you need academic English? English for a specific career? Choose the course that aligns with your aspirations.

  • Duration and Intensity: ELICOS programs vary in length and hours per week. Balance your availability and urgency to find the right pace of learning.

  • Consider the Extras: Some providers offer support like housing assistance, social activities, and even job search resources – factor these into your decision.



6 . Tips to Make the Most of ELICOS


  • Engage with People: Don't just attend class – chat with locals at cafes, join student organisations, and explore Australian media (books, movies, podcasts)

  • Seek Feedback: Engage actively with your instructors, ask questions, and take advantage of any individual support offered.

  • Find Your Study Style: Experiment with learning strategies (flashcards, conversation groups, journaling) to find what clicks for you.

  • Celebrate Your Wins: Language learning is a journey; recognise each milestone to boost motivation!



7. Additional Factors for Success


  • Technology Tools: Leverage the power of language learning apps, online dictionaries, and translation software to supplement your studies. Many of these tools offer interactive practice and games to make learning fun.

  • Language Exchange: Find a native English speaker interested in learning your language. Practice together regularly for mutual benefit and cultural exchange.

  • Mentorship: Some ELICOS providers offer mentorship programs, connecting you with established professionals or university students who can guide you and provide valuable insights into Australian life.

  • Work Opportunities: Depending on your visa, you may be eligible to work part-time while enrolled in ELICOS. This can help with living expenses and boost your language skills through real-world interactions.



8. Important Considerations


  • Health Insurance: Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is typically mandatory for international students in Australia. Ensure you understand the coverage and any additional insurance needs.

  • Budgeting: Create a realistic budget, factoring in tuition, housing, food, transportation, entertainment, and potential travel costs during your stay.

  • Cultural Adjustment: Be prepared for cultural differences and allow yourself time to adjust to the Australian way of life. Keep an open mind and a sense of humour!

  • Homesickness: It's natural to miss home. Stay connected with loved ones, engage with supportive communities, and seek help from your ELICOS provider if needed.



9. ELICOS and Beyond: Building Your Future


Completing ELICOS is more than acquiring language skills.


It increases your confidence, expands your network, and unlocks countless opportunities. Whether pursuing further education, a fulfilling career, or simply venturing on a personal growth journey, your ELICOS experience will be a powerful launchpad.



10. ELICOS for Academic Success


  • Understanding Expectations: Familiarise yourself with Australian academic standards (essay structures, referencing, etc.). Your ELICOS instructors can provide valuable insights.

  • Note-Taking Strategies: Practice efficient note-taking during lectures, identify key points, and develop your own shorthand system.

  • Academic Vocabulary: ELICOS courses often include targeted vocabulary lists for your field of interest (e.g., business, science, humanities).

  • Research Skills: Learn to use library resources, academic databases, and reputable online sources, all while honing your critical thinking in English.



11. ELICOS for Your Career


  • Industry-Specific English: If you have a particular career goal, choose an ELICOS course with an ESP (English for Specific Purposes) option for that field.

  • Resume & Cover Letter Help: Some providers offer assistance with translating and tailoring job application documents to Australian standards.

  • Interview Practice: Role-play common interview scenarios in English to build confidence and polish your communication.

  • Networking Opportunities: ELICOS instructors and events may connect you with professionals, opening pathways to internships or future jobs.



12. ELICOS for Everyday Confidence


  • Navigating Services: Practice everyday tasks in English – ordering at restaurants, asking for directions, using public transportation – with the support of your ELICOS classmates.

  • Social Fluency: Improve your ability to converse with locals, understand Australian humour, and participate in social events.

  • Understanding News & Media: Follow Australian news sources (print and broadcast) to understand current events and pick up on conversational language.

  • Exploring Aussie Pop Culture: Enjoy Australian movies, music, and podcasts to deepen your understanding of the culture while having fun!



13. Tips for ELICOS Success


  • "English Only" Time: Create designated times with classmates or friends to practice speaking English exclusively, even if it initially feels awkward.

  • Don't be Shy: Ask questions if you don't understand – teachers are there to help! Participation is crucial.

  • Form Study Groups: Collaborating with classmates outside of class solidifies learning and builds friendships.

  • Feedback is Your Friend: Welcome constructive criticism from teachers and peers to pinpoint areas for improvement.



14. Your ELICOS Action Plan


  1. Define Your "Why": What are your top 3 reasons for taking ELICOS? Keep this vision in mind for motivation.

  2. Choose a Course: Research providers specialising in your learning needs (academic, professional, conversational).

  3. Set Learning Targets: Beyond the course plan, create weekly learning goals with tangible practice activities.

  4. Build an "English Life": Incorporate English practice into daily activities, hobbies, and social interactions.



You've Got This!


ELICOS is a challenging yet incredibly rewarding experience. With dedication and a proactive approach, you'll transform your English skills and open doors to an exciting future in Australia.


Choosing ELICOS is an investment in your future. With dedication, a willingness to explore, and the support of your chosen provider, you'll transform your English skills and open doors to incredible opportunities in Australia.



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