How To Study In Australia?

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International students want to know the process of studying in Australia.


Starting your studies in Australia is exciting! Here's a quick guide on what you need to do to make it happen.


Follow these simple steps to begin your academic journey in this awesome and diverse country.



Step 1: Understand And Meet All Requirements



When you're getting ready to study at an Australian university, you'll need some important documents. Here's what you should have:


  1. A valid Passport.

  2. An English language proficiency certificate.

  3. Proof of how you plan to pay for your studies.


Remember, the specific requirements for these documents can vary by country and university. Always check with the admission team to ensure you have everything you need.



Step 2: Find A Course And Select A University


Certain Australian universities follow a process similar to the UK when it comes to discovering a course and selecting a university.


In this system, you have the option to apply for courses at one or more universities simultaneously. However, for new international students, it is recommended to concentrate on one course initially to ensure clarity in the application process.



Step 3: Discover How You Want To Apply


When it comes to applying to Australian universities, you have several options to choose from. Consider the following three application methods:


  1. Directly through OzStudies

  2. Directly through the university website

  3. With the assistance of an external agent

  4. Through a local university


The choice depends on your preferred application method to one or more universities. While using an external agent may incur additional costs, they can provide valuable guidance throughout the application process.



Step 4: Mandatory English Language Exam


You must undergo an English language proficiency test if English isn't your first language. The widely accepted test is the IELTS, which typically costs around AU$300 or US$230.


To prepare for the exam, consider practising with online mock tests. After completing the test, ensure you retain evidence of your results, as you'll need them when filling out your visa application.



Step 5: Send Your Application To The University



Now it's time to apply to the university. You can do it online by following the instructions on our website. If you have questions, just talk to the people in the admission office—they're there to help!


Remember to write a personal statement with your application. Fill in all your details, including your qualifications and past experiences. Once you get an offer, tell the university you're accepting it.


And don't forget to get your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) letter on time for your visa application.



Step 6: Apply For The Student Visa


Once you've secured a spot at an Australian university, the next step is getting your Student Visa (Subclass 500).


Apply directly on the Australian immigration website, and there's a fee of AU$575 (US $410).


Ensure you have OSHC - Overseas Student Health Cover for your stay. For the visa application, gather the following documents:

  1. Updated Passport

  2. Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE)

  3. English proficiency test results

  4. Proof of financial ability, covering everything from airfare to tuition (approximately AU$18,610 or US $14,300 annually)

  5. Criminal record verification

  6. Australian-accepted health insurance (OSHC)


Include other evidence like loan documents, bank statements, and your parents' financial history.


The visa processing takes about 1-4 weeks, and you might need to attend an interview. Bring all your documents and a positive attitude with you.



Step 7: Start Planning


Plan to arrive 90 days before your course starts. Book your preferred mode of transportation to reach your university on time.


If you're looking for accommodation, reach out to your university for assistance, or check out our blog post for helpful tips.



Step 8: Welcome Australia


Once you arrive safely in Australia, your journey isn't quite over—you still need to pass through immigration.


Make sure to have all your documents with you as you go through arrivals. If you follow these procedures, everything should go smoothly.



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