How To Study In Australia?


International students want to know the process of studying in Australia.


Many international students choose Australia as their dream destination because of the multicultural mix and top universities.


A high-quality lifestyle and an excellent educational system make Australia the best country to study. Australia's universities and institutions attract many international students from all over the world.


If you dream of studying in the land of Kangaroos but need to learn how to take the first step, here are some tips to help you.



1. Understand And Meet All Requirements


You need many documents when planning to study at an Australian university. 


These are:



The requirements of these documents depend from country to country and university to university. So, make sure to check with the admission team.



2. Find A Course And Select A University


Some Australian universities have adopted the UK system regarding finding a course and selecting a university


Under this system, you can simultaneously apply for courses at one or multiple universities. However, if you are a new international student, focus only on one course to ensure everything is clear.



3. Discover How You Want To Apply


Australia has several options to apply for universities. You can choose from the three options below:



It depends on how you wish to apply for courses at one or more universities. Using an external agent can be expensive, but they will guide you properly through the entire process. 


And suppose you are planning to study at a university. In that case, your institution may help you to get admission into a specific course.



4. English Language Exam Is A Must


If English is not your native language, you must take an English language proficiency test. One of the most popular English tests is the IELTS which will cost you around AU$ 300, i.e. US $230. 


You can prepare for this test by practising mock tests online. Once you have completed the test, keep evidence of your test results, as you will need them for filling out your visa application



5. Send Your Application To The University


Now it's time to send your application to the university. You can send the application online, followed by the guidelines on our website. You can even talk to the university's admission staff to understand the process. 


You should write a personal statement along with your application. Make sure to fill out your details, and add qualifications, past experiences and other essential information. After receiving an offer, let the university know that you are accepting the offer. 


Make sure to get your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) letter timely to apply for the visa. 



6. Apply For The Visa


After securing a place at an Australian university, you must get your Student Visa (Subclass 500)


You can directly apply for it on the immigration website of Australia, where you need to pay a fee of AU$575 (US $410). 


Also, ensure you have Australian-accepted health insurance covering your stay in the country. To apply for the visa, you need to have the following documents:


  • Updated Passport

  • Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE)

  • Test results of English proficiency

  • Financial evidence for funding your studies covers everything from return airfare and accommodation to tuition costs. It can be at approx. AU$18,610, i.e. US $14,300 annually. 

  • Verification results for criminal records

  • Australian accepted health insurance.


Other evidence includes loan documents, bank statements and the financial history of the parents.


Processing your Student Visa (Subclass 500) takes around 1 - 4 weeks. You might be required to go for an interview. Make sure you bring all the documents and your passionate attitude with you. 



7. Start Planning


You need to arrive 90 days before your course starts. So start booking your desired mode of transport to get to your university premises as soon as possible.


If you need help finding accommodation, you can ask your university for help or check out our blog post here



8. Australia Welcomes You


After reaching Australia safely, you still need to make it through immigration. Ensure to keep all your documents with you when going through arrivals. If you follow those procedures, everything will go well.


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