Scholarships For International Students in Australia


Graduates are waving their hands with a diploma after receiving a scholarship at an Australian university.


The Australian Government, Australian Universities and some public and private bodies offer bursaries, grants and scholarships to excellent international students. They fund their studies, training and research in Australia with these funds. 


It is very competitive to get an Australian scholarship. The country receives hundreds of scholarship applications from international students worldwide.


However, only the best students get these scholarships.



1. Students Can Get Some of These Benefits:


  • 10% - 50% reduction in tuition fees

  • 100% reduction in tuition fees

  • One-off payment for financial support

  • Annual stipend

  • Fieldwork allowance

  • Establishment allowance

  • Supplementary academic support

  • Contribution to living expenses (CLE)

  • Overseas student health cover (OSHC)

  • Return air travel


Australian scholarships cover a percentage of the tuition fees for coursework and total tuition fees for research programs. However, some scholarships also give students a one-off payment for financial support.



2. Australian Government Scholarships


These are the major Australian Government Scholarships available to international students:


Australia Awards


The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade administers the Australia Awards Scholarship program to support their partner countries in the Indo-Pacific region. International students who receive these scholarships can pursue full-time undergraduate or postgraduate studies at a participating Australian University or Technical and Further Education Institute (TAFE)


It's important to note that awardees of this scholarship must leave Australia for at least two years after completing their studies. Failure to meet the scholarship conditions can incur a debt for the student, making them liable to pay back the entire scholarship cost to the Commonwealth of Australia.



Research Training Program (RTP)


The Australian Department of Education and Training lets individual Australian universities manage the Research Training Program. Students can apply directly to participating Australian universities and obtain scholarships based on their specific selection criteria. 


The RTP (Research Training Program) provides block grants annually to domestic and international students pursuing a master's degree or a research doctorate. 


The Research Training Program aims to provide financial support to students studying for higher degrees through research from high education providers in Australia. Awardees of RTP can expect tuition fee offset, contribution to living expenses, or financial help to cope with the high costs of research degrees.



Endeavour Leadership Program (ELP)


The Australian Government launched the Endeavour Leadership Program to promote research and professional development between partner countries prioritized by Australia. ELP aims to set Australia as a global leader in education, research and training. 


This program helps established, and emerging leaders obtain a global experience through their field of study and area of expertise. 


Through ELP, the Australian Government provides the funding required by high-performing students to increase their knowledge and experience in their specialization.



Australia APEC Women in Research Fellowship


This fellowship provides financial help to highly-accomplished female researchers from developing economies of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). 


The Australia APEC Women in Research Fellowship allows females to pursue research opportunities with Australian education institutions and research training centres. In this fellowship, the Australian research and training institutes host the female researchers for four months. 



Australian Centre For International Agricultural Research (ACIAR):


The ACIAR supports developing countries' agriculture research projects through structural training and informal networking. 


Following ACIAR fellowships are offered to individuals and institutions that are associated with ACIAR-supported agricultural research:


  • John Allwright Fellowship: Through this fellowship, ACIAR helps individuals from partner countries in obtaining postgraduate qualifications while being involved in ACIAR-funded collaborative research projects. ACIAR supports their studies to allow them to continue their research while completing their studies.


  • John Dillon Fellowship: This program provides career growth to exceptional agricultural scientists from ACIAR partner countries. Scientists and economists currently undertaking ACIAR-funded research or have completed one receive up to 10 fellowships yearly for career development.



3. Australian University Scholarships


You can find a list of international student scholarships from Australian universities on this page here. Universities are listed per their location, so if you're interested in studying in a specific Australian city, you can look at the universities within that city.


Some universities have various scholarships available to international students. It was only possible to list some of those scholarship programs on the list. However, if you want more information, you can easily find it through the 'more info' section. You can find the Australian universities scholarship table here



4. Can Any International Student Apply For Australian Scholarships?


The eligibility criteria for Australian scholarships vary, so if you're interested in obtaining a scholarship, you should check your eligibility. Although most scholarships go to academically brilliant students, some are for community participation. 


Bursaries are given to financially challenged students to help them with tuition fees. As an international student, you should learn about as many scholarship programs as possible and check whether you qualify.



5. Improve Your Chances of Getting an Australian Scholarship


Getting a scholarship to study in Australia for an international student can be challenging. To improve your chances of obtaining an Australian scholarship, here are ten tips to consider:


  • Apply For Scholarships With Lower Award Values: Most of the students go after scholarship programs that provide high award values. Although such scholarships are the best, they are also highly competitive. So, take some time to apply for scholarships with lower award values.


  • Consider Scholarships That Are Difficult To Obtain: Some are difficult to obtain simply because of the eligibility criteria and the rigorous selection procedure. These scholarships also require various documents that students must produce to receive the scholarship. Many students do not push themselves hard enough to get these scholarships.


  • Keep Applying For Scholarships: Don't quit if you fail to win a scholarship. Students should keep looking for scholarships even if they are still waiting for quick results. Apply to as many scholarships as possible, and remember that you have to be in it to win it.


  • Join a Community: You don't necessarily need exceptional academic qualities to get a scholarship. Many students also receive scholarships for their community participation.


  • Check The Eligibility Criteria and Apply on Time: Take your time with your scholarship application. Check the eligibility criteria carefully so that you are only applying for scholarships that you qualify for and not wasting your time unnecessarily. Also, apply before the closing date and submit all your documents.


  • Use Search Engines To Find More Scholarships: Consider search engines, as they can easily show you hundreds of more scholarships. You can also search for scholarships on OzStudies here.


  • Explore Universities You Don't Know: Be flexible with your choice. Even if you are not getting a scholarship at your favourite university, you may be eligible to get a scholarship at another university.


  • Take Help With Your Scholarship Application: You can write the best scholarship application yourself if you are confident about it. However, it will be a good idea to take professional help to improve your odds.



  • Follow The Conditions of Your Scholarship Program:  All international students, who obtain scholarships to study in Australia, must abide by the terms and conditions of their scholarship programs. Students failing to do so may incur a debt and become liable to pay back the entire scholarship award value to the administering body. If you want to read more about how to get an Australian scholarship, then you can also check out this blog here.



6. Conclusion


Grants, bursaries and scholarships help extraordinary students and researchers continue their education and research without worrying about money.


Scholarships allow students to study in a stress-free environment, resulting in better academic results and a bright future for everyone.


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