Fully Funded Scholarships For International Students in Australia

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International students are searching for the best fully funded scholarships in Australia.


Australia is a fantastic place for students worldwide, with excellent universities and a friendly culture.


Studying abroad can be costly, but many international students seek fully funded scholarships in Australia. These scholarships cover tuition, accommodation, and living expenses.


In this blog, we'll explore Australia's fully funded scholarship options, including who qualifies, how to apply, and the perks for successful students.



1. What Scholarships Are Available In Australia?


Australia offers a range of grants and scholarships to tertiary-level students, creating a supportive academic and personal growth environment.


Scholarships vary in their coverage and can include:


  • Tuition fee coverage (partial or full)

  • Accommodation and living expense coverage

  • Stipends that students can use as needed

  • Some scholarships cover the entire course duration, while others are for one year, requiring students to reapply.


With over 4200 scholarships available in Australia across vocational and higher education sectors, there are three primary types of Australian scholarships for international students:



1.) Federal Government Scholarships


The Commonwealth Scholarship Program stands out as a primary source of scholarships for international students in Australia. This federal government initiative seeks to make university education accessible, especially for indigenous students and those from regional or remote areas.


Specific scholarships are automatically granted to eligible students, requiring no separate application for consideration:



Student Start-up Loans


  • Available to full-time students in an approved higher education course receiving income support through Youth Allowance, Austudy, or ABSTUDY.
  • Successful recipients receive scholarship amounts in two half-yearly payments. Note that students completing VET courses are ineligible for this program.



Relocation Scholarships


Eligible for dependent Youth Allowance and ABSTUDY Living Allowance students living away from home during full-time higher education studies in Australia.


Students from regional or remote areas receive scholarships as follows:


  • $4,376 for the 1st year of study

  • $2,189 for the 2nd and 3rd years of study

  • $1,094 for the 4th and subsequent years.



Australia Awards (Formerly Australian Development Scholarships)


  • Offered by the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, funded by the Australian Foreign Affairs and Trade department.

  • Open to students from developing countries pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate degrees (Bachelor/Master/Ph.D. Degrees).

  • Application details can be found on the website: Australia Awards Scholarships



2.) Education Provider Scholarships


Education providers, especially universities, allocate funds for these scholarships, awarded to eligible international students based on academic excellence or equity considerations.



Academic Scholarships


  • Available to commencing and continuing students who demonstrate academic excellence through their OP, ATAR, or results from previous tertiary studies.

  • These scholarships may be institution-wide or reserved for specific faculties/courses.



Equity Scholarships


For students facing difficulties accessing education, particularly those in the following six groups:


  • People of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent

  • People with disabilities

  • People from non-English-speaking backgrounds

  • People from rural and isolated regions

  • People from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds

  • Women in non-traditional fields of study


While many scholarships are available for 1st-year students, others are specifically reserved for later years to provide additional financial support or fund opportunities such as travel abroad.


Some equity scholarships may offer extra benefits, including internships with organisations, mentoring by academic or industry professionals, and access to advanced studies.


Details about these institution-specific scholarships are accessible on the respective websites or by contacting scholarship coordinators, admissions teams, or international offices at the education provider. While some scholarships are automatically approved, others may require a separate application to the institution or the tertiary admissions centre.


An example of an Education Provider scholarship is the International Postgraduate Research Scholarship, covering tuition fees and insurance for students pursuing postgraduate Masters or PhD-level programs.



3.) Private Organisation Scholarships

Numerous private organizations provide scholarships using criteria similar to those of educational institutions, considering:


  • Academic Excellence

  • Financial Need

  • Specific Areas of Study or Social Groups


For instance, certain foreign governments award scholarships to students engaged in foreign language studies and exchange programs. Additionally, various retail organisations offer scholarships to support their employees in further education.



2. How Are The Scholarships Offered To Students?


Many scholarships are offered automatically to students when they fulfil specific requirements such as:

  • School leavers who achieve a specific ATAR or

  • Students who complete an application and possibly extra tasks like an interview.


As the competition is intense, applicants should consider backup options such as applying for government allowances and finding scholarships available in the next application period. Most scholarships are available to students in their 2nd and subsequent years of study, so watch out for such alternatives.


As several organisations offer scholarships, staying up-to-date with all the information can get tough. Consider taking the help of a secondary school or institution scholarship office to get assistance.



3. Scholarships For International & Domestic Students In Australia


You can find below scholarship options for both international and domestic students:


Destination Australia – Australian Govt. Dept. of Education


The Australian Government program funds eligible tertiary education providers to offer scholarships to international and domestic students to study in regional Australia.


Students undertaking studies ranging from Certificate IV to a PhD in regional campus locations across Australia can receive up to $15,000 annually.



Australian Government Research Training Program – Australian Govt. Dept of Education


The Research Training Program Scholarship is an initiative of the Australian Government that assists postgraduate students pursuing higher degrees through research.


The scheme provides flexible funding arrangements for domestic and overseas students pursuing HDRs in Australian universities.


For more details, visit the Research Training Program on the Department of Education website. Applicants can directly apply to a participating university to avail of this scholarship.



Endeavour Scholarships for Postgraduate - QUT


The scholarship is available for students who undertake a postgraduate and doctoral degree in any field.


It is an internationally competitive and academic-based scholarship that supports students of the Asia-Pacific, Europe, America, and the Middle-East, to undertake study, research, and professional development programs in Australia.


The scholarship is for Australian and international students, covers the tuition fee, and provides monthly Stipends.



Monash University Scholarship – Monash University


  • Type of Scholarship - Fully funded scholarship for international students

  • Level of Study – Research Doctorate and Research Masters degrees 

  • Benefit - Annual living allowance of up to $35,600, relocation allowance of up to $550, and research allowance per annum of up to $1,500.



Access Scholarships – Flinder's University


  • Type of Scholarship - Partially funded scholarship for international students

  • Level of Study – 100 scholarships available for Australian citizens commencing their first undergraduate degree at Flinder's University and able to demonstrate their financial hardship and in receipt of Commonwealth Income Support payment.

  • Benefit - Students during the first year of study can receive a scholarship of $5,000 



The University also offers DST Scholarship for Commencing Students to provide financial help to Australian students (citizens and permanent residents) starting their Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Electronic Systems and Security) and Bachelor of Science (Physics) combined degree.


A total of 10 scholarships are available, each of $5,000 for the first year of study.



4. Which Universities Offer Full Scholarships?


If you want to begin your study adventure in Australia, some of the top universities in Australia offer fully funded undergraduate scholarships for international students for the academic year 2023-2024.



Carnegie Mellon University Scholarships - Carnegie Mellon University


  • Type of Scholarship - Fully funded

  • Level of Study - Masters scholarship for international students

  • Benefit - AUD 30,000 awarded for 21-month Masters's degrees, and AUD 20,000 for 12-month master's degrees.



Melbourne Research Scholarships - The University of Melbourne


  • Type of Scholarship - Fully funded scholarship for international students.

  • Level of Study -  Approx. Six hundred scholarships are available for Master/Ph.D. studies.

  • Benefit – It offers a living allowance of $31,200 per year, full fee offset, a Relocation grant, Overseas Student Health Cover, Single Membership, and many other benefits.



Deakin University Scholarships - Deakin University


  • Type of Scholarship - Fully funded

  • Level of Study – Masters/Ph.D. scholarship for international students

  • Benefit – The scholarship provides a stipend of $28,600 per annum, health insurance, and a relocation allowance from $500 to $1,500.



Monash University Scholarship – Monash University


  • Type of Scholarship - Fully funded scholarship for international students

  • Level of Study – Research Doctorate and Research Masters degrees 

  • Benefit - Annual living allowance of up to $35,600, relocation allowance of up to $550, and research allowance per annum of up to $1,500.



University of Sydney International Scholarships – The University of Sydney


  • Type of Scholarship - Fully funded scholarship for international students

  • Level of Study – Masters and PhD scholarship 

  • Benefit – The University pays a Scholarship amount of $40,000 for a year in two equal instalments that cover living allowance and tuition fees.


Also, students who have applied for admission to a higher degree by research program can apply for Australian Government Research Training Program scholarships.



Flinders International Postgraduate Research Scholarship - The Flinder's University


  • Type of Scholarship - Fully funded scholarship for international students who showcase good aptitude for independent research, academic research training, academic excellence, and research indicators and performance.

  • Level of Study – Research Doctorate/Research Masters degree

  • Benefit – The scholarship pays the international student tuition fees, a stipend with a generous living allowance of $33,000 per annum, establishment allowance of up to $1,485 to help students with relocation costs and airfares.



Rotary Peace Fellowship Program – Rotary organization


  • Type of Scholarship - Fully funded scholarship for international students

  • Level of Study – Masters and PhD studies 

  • Benefit – The program covers tuition and fees, round-trip transportation, room and board, and all internship and field study expenses.



Graduate Research Scholarship – The University of Melbourne


  • Type of Scholarship - Fully funded scholarship for international students

  • Level of Study – Graduate researchers who wish to commence a graduate research degree 

  • Benefit – The program may provide a specific allowance, a stipend, or tuition fee remission or offset.



Australia Awards Scholarships - Participating in Australian Institutions


  • Type of Scholarship - Fully funded scholarship for international students

  • Level of Study – Available for Undergraduate, Master, and PhD studies 

  • Benefit – The program covers total tuition fees, living expenses, establishment allowance, travel allowance, and more.



University of South Australia Scholarships – The University of South Australia


  • Type of Scholarship - Fully funded scholarship for international students

  • Level of Study – Postgraduates studies 

  • Benefit – The program provides the tuition fee for the entire research study period.



 Australian Government Research Training Program - Participating Universities


  • Type of Scholarship - Fully funded scholarship for international students

  • Level of Study – Masters/ PhD 

  • Benefit – The program provides tuition fees offset, a stipend for general living costs, and allowances towards the ancillary cost of research degrees.



Asian Development Bank – Japan Scholarship Program


  • Type of Scholarship - Fully funded scholarship for international students

  • Level of Study – Postgraduate studies as Master/ PhD 

  • Benefit – Covers total tuition fees, housing, books and instructional materials, medical insurance, monthly allowance for expenses, and travel expenses.



5. What Are The Chances Of Receiving A Full Scholarship?


Scholarship programs usually have specific eligibility criteria that applicants must fulfil, such as:


  • Academic achievements

  • Showcase leadership potential

  • Financial need


Those who meet the above requirements demonstrate they are a strong candidate for the scholarship. Such students have higher chances of receiving a scholarship.


By strengthening your application by listing your achievements, abilities, and potential, you can improve your chances of receiving a full scholarship in Australia. Additionally, you should research and apply for multiple scholarship opportunities that meet your interests and qualifications.


Remember that scholarship programs are highly competitive and available in limited numbers. It is good to have a backup strategy if you don't receive the scholarship you applied for.



6. What Is The Best Australian Government Scholarship Program?


Australia Awards Scholarships (AAS) are long-term fully-funded awards managed by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. 


It is the highest form of aid provided to students of developing countries who wish to undertake full-time UG or PG courses at the most influential and participating Australian universities and TAFE institutions.


The scholarship is awarded to financially vulnerable students to help them overcome their financial burdens. They should demonstrate a passion for learning and growing.


You should have an excellent academic background, expert communication and negotiation skills, and the ability to build productive working relationships. 


AAS scholarships for international students offer multiple benefits, including:


  • The total tuition fee waiver 

  • Basic accommodation allowance

  • Overseas health coverage

  • International airfare in economy class from their native country to Australia and vice versa 

  • One-time establishment stipend to cover students' expenses, including textbooks and study materials, and more. 

  • A stipend for research, internships, and additional Training


Australia Awards Scholarships offer financial assistance for the individual to complete the academic course (including any preparatory training) as specified by the Australian higher education institution.


The benefits of this full scholarship program are as follows:


  • Full tuition fee.

  • Establishment allowance.

  • Contribution to Living Expenses (CLE) 

  • Return air travel in economy class.

  • Introductory Academic Program (IAP) that informs you about living and studying in Australia.

  • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the duration of the award 

  • Additional academic support.

  • Fieldwork support.

  • Pre-course English (PCE) fees

  • Supplementary academic support 



7. How to Apply for Awards Scholarships in Australia?


Applying for a scholarship is more than meeting the eligibility criteria. When considering how to apply for scholarships in Australia, you should consider why you need a scholarship, how it will benefit you, and what you have to offer the University.



General Selection Criteria for the Scholarship:


Applicants should have the following capabilities to be considered for the scholarship:


  • A passion for learning and growing.

  • Financially vulnerable 

  • Good academic background

  • Negotiation skills

  • Strategic thinking

  • Productive working relationships

  • Results achievement

  • Communication skills

  • Personal integrity



Required Documents To Submit:



  • A completed International Scholarship Program application form 

  • A personal statement (300 words) that explains why you want to study at the University and an overview of any work experience and extracurricular activities you have undertaken

  • Two references who can comment on your leadership capacity and community engagement

  • A completed application from to study at the University, including academic transcripts.



8. How To Apply For An International Scholarship 


Applicants will have to complete the International Scholarship Program application form and email it to the International Admissions office of the concerned University. 


Students must apply through the official website to apply for Australian Awards Scholarships.


  1. Visit the online Australia Scholarship Information System. Register yourself first.

  2. Answer the questions asked.

  3. You will get a unique registration number, username, and password.

  4. Submit the supporting documents.


The Scholarship Selection Panel will assess your application and rank it against other applicants from worldwide based on academic achievement. They may also ask you to attend an interview if your scholarship application includes a work placement.


Only applicants who succeed in receiving a scholarship get notified about their scholarship application results.



9. Conclusion


Fully funded scholarships provide an excellent opportunity for overseas students to pursue their academic objectives without bothering about the financial stress of studying abroad.


Though competition for such scholarships can be fierce, it can be a life-changing opportunity for successful applicants to gain a world-class education and build lifelong connections with fellow students worldwide.


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