Online And Distance Education in Australia: Explained


An international student is researching the best online universities in Australia at a low cost.


Obtaining a distance education or an online degree is becoming a popular option for international students looking to move forward with their education.


Through distance learning, you can adjust your study schedule according to your requirements.


It provides a high-level of flexibility for the academic program you decide to pursue. Take the next step towards gaining a valuable qualifications of your choice - read this article to understand more about online and distance education in Australia.



1. What is Online and Distance Education?


Online or distance education is also known as off-campus education or external study. It gives you an opportunity to study from the comfort of your home if you are unable to attend university due to some family commitments, work or other reasons.


The majority of universities in Australia for international students offer various courses via distance education. For international students who are working and cannot move to Australia to study full-time, an online or distance education is a perfect option.



2. How Does Distance Education Work?


When you choose to study a university course through distance education, usually you are assigned the same study material and sit in the same exams as on-campus students.


Some of the technologies like emails, forums, video and web conferencing, e-learning portals, message boards, online research databases and live satellite broadcasts bring the classroom to the student, no matter where he/she is in the world.


  • You can take exams at a facility near you, even outside Australia.

  • The instructions and course materials are easily provided in a digital format so that you are able to study at home.

  • You can communicate with students and teachers using online methods.


For subjects where physical attendance is not required, you can complete the chosen course without attending the university. Online study is most suitable for essay and research degrees.



3. Universities That Support Distance Education in Australia


Many Australian Universities support distance education in Australia. More than a dozen universities in Australia have over 4,000 online students. However, course options might be limited, especially if you wish to complete your degree without visiting Australia.


For certain course types like professional engineering, occasional on-campus sessions are mandatory.



4. Popular Distance Education Disciplines in Australia


Australian universities provide various online study opportunities to international students. Here are a few study areas that you can choose from:




5. Things to Consider before Applying for a Distance Program


  • You need to have English Language proficiency to earn a degree with an Australian university.

  • Not all types of Australian university courses are available through distance education.

  • The tuition fee for distance learners is almost as high as for on-campus students.



6. Requirements


Different online and distance education courses have different entry requirements, depending on the level of the course and course provider. The entry requirements are pretty much similar to on-campus studies for masters and bachelors degrees.



7. Online Study Cost


Tuition fees for distance learning programs are almost similar to tuition fees for studying on-campus courses. As a guide, the tuition fee for a business program is over AUD$20,000 per year. Universities that are specialising in distance education generally set lower fees.


All in all, studying online is affordable as you don’t have to shift from your home country. It’s also convenient for students who want to study part-time. Many distance education students choose to combine part-time study with a full-time or part-time job.


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