Top 10 Reasons Why To Study in Sydney

 International students are taking the Manly ferry on the Sydney Harbour to the International College of Management in Sydney.


Did you know Sydney is home to the five largest universities in the world, each with more than 30,000 students studying on Campus?


Students are coming from different countries such as India, China, Thailand, Brazil, China, Vietnam and Malaysia.


The reason why students are attracted to this country is because Sydney universities are recognised globally for their academic research. Even in the world rankings, Sydney’s universities are in the top 10.



Below are the top 10 reasons why to study in Sydney



1. Perfect Weather


Many international students want to study in Sydney because of the great weather. You can do countless outdoor activities that include riding a bicycle, exploring the city centre, learning to surf in Manly or Bondi Beach and a lot more.


As a student, you don’t need to spend too much time inside an air-conditioned room as there are plenty of things to do under the sun.



2. Globally Recognised Qualifications and Courses


The courses in Australia are under the strict supervision of the Australian government. They are of a high international standard as they are constantly monitored. Most Australian degrees are worldwide recognised.



3. Unity in Diversity


As a global talent hub, Sydney is the melting of different cultures. The city is home to people from different backgrounds.


It has been estimated that there are now more than 35,000 international students studying at local universities in Sydney.  



4. Easily Available Public Transportation


The public transport system in Sydney makes it easy and convenient for students to get around the suburbs, city centre and other neighbouring areas like Newcastle or the Blue Mountains. This also includes buses, ferries, trains, and trams.


However, you need to have the City’s Opal card when travelling with public transport.



5. Valuable Resources and Assistance


As an international student, you are not restricted to ask for help from universities.


The non-government organisations, charitable organisations, and the local government of New South Wales provides valuable resources and assistance in various issues such as studies, work, sports, health and more.



6. Quality Education and Excellent Job Opportunities


In the QS University ranking in 2017, two Sydney univerisities were ranked among the top 50 universities globally.


In Australia, The University of Sydney ranked 2nd, and 28th in Asia for its passionate teachers, world-class research output and industry partnerships.



7. Events & Festivals


Be it small or a big event, sporting or musical one, there is always something happening in Sydney. There are even free events that provide opportunities for international students to make new friends.


As a multicultural city, the city celebrates festivals from Egypt, India, Brazil, Armenian, Greek, Japan and other global countries. Sydney offers a great chance for everyone to enjoy the global culture.



8. Job Opportunities


If you are looking for work while studying in Australia, Sydney has got you covered. The city offers lots of job opportunities for international students.


As an employee, you will receive several benefits like flexible working conditions, professional development courses and competitive salaries.



9. Eating out in Sydney


As home to a large number of nationalities, Sydney offers almost every international food that you can think about. You should have no issues locating your country’s favourite food from back home.


Some other popular places where you can enjoy delicious international foods are the Haymarket in Sydney’s Chinatown and Liverpool Street in the CBD that houses the Spanish Quarter.



10. Quality of Life


According to Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), Sydney has been listed among the top most livable cities in the world. International students can enjoy a high-quality life while studying and working in the city.



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