Why Study In New South Wales (NSW) Australia?


International students want to know why they should study in New South Wales (NSW).


New South Wales (NSW) is a southeastern state in Australia where 7.992 million people reside. Also known as the global cultural hub, NSW is Australia's largest and oldest cosmopolitan state.


NSW is also economically more significant than Singapore, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. In addition to its economic and cultural strength, NSW is famous for its global status of international transport networks, with around 1000 flights operating weekly. 


If you are an international student seeking more information about studies in New South Wales, this post is for you.



1. Studying in New South Wales 


New South Wales is home to top-notch universities, research organisations, vocational institutions, and the best colleges in Sydney. Australia offers innovative and industry-relevant education. The education system of NSW provides a broad range of courses and degrees in the arts, medicinesciences and classical studies. 


The regional campuses and institutions offer a great selection of courses in agriculture and sub-fields like viticulture. Altogether, NSW holds a strong reputation among international students regarding qualifications, cultural diversity, high-quality teaching and research, and a safe study environment. 


New South Wales's research sector and universities are linked to global research networks and industries. This helps domestic and international students develop work-ready skills while studying and completing their degrees. Also, NSW has the most extensive research sector in Australia. 


The total student population of New South Wales is 391,000, out of which 23% are international students, and 77% are interstate domestic students. There are five universities in the regional New South Wales and nine in Sydney. Being the largest state, NSW has a wide range of TAFE institutes and higher education providers. 



2. Universities in New South Wales




3. Living in New South Wales 


New South Wales is Australia's most densely populated and oldest state. The large state features everything - from the deserted stretch of the outback to alpine regions and relaxed beach towns like Byron Bay to the glamorous capital city of Sydney


Sydney, the most popular city in New South Wales, is popularly known for its bustling city lifestyle, iconic architecture, and pristine beaches. Sydney has everything from local flea markets music festivals, sporting events, and more.


The Sydney Opera House, Bondi Beach, the Harbour Bridge and Taronga Zoo are some of the most popular attractions in Sydney. 


There are also many clubs, restaurants, theatres, shops, and parks to explore. Overall, Sydney is multicultural, with a unique education system and thriving arts and social scene. 


The regional part of New South Wales offers you the relaxed lifestyle you've been dreaming of. Here, the residents enjoy sunny weather and a temperate climate that encourages an outdoor lifestyle. 


New South Wales has hundreds of coastline beaches that stretch over 1000 km. It also features the famous vineyards of the Hunter Valley and the Blue Mountains. So, plan to study in regional New South Wales. You'll have several places to visit over the weekends and during semester breaks. 



4. Climate


Temperatures vary across New South Wales. Sydney has a temperate climate with mild winters and warm summers. 


The maximum temperature may reach 26°C in January and then fall to 16°C in July. In Newcastle, the average summer temperature is in the mid-twenties. At the same time, Wagga Wagga hits the low thirties in the inland city. 



5. Housing


The average weekly rental price for a house in Sydney is AUD 865, and $730 for a unit setting. The regional New South Wales has relatively low housing prices. The weekly rent of a house ranges from $330 - $370, and for a unit, it's between $240 - $310. 


The student rental market in New South Wales is very competitive. You can consult your institution's housing service for any advice or referrals. The figures mentioned may vary depending on the location you choose. 



6. Transport


Sydney offers the best modes of transportation in Australia, which include buses, ferries, light rail, and trains. 'My Multi' tickets are available for weekly, monthly and yearly travel, which covers all types of public transport. 


An 'opal card' has recently been introduced. You can use it on the bus, ferry, and train services. Whereas, in the regional New South Wales, public transport is limited to local bus services, so you might want to buy or rent a car.


You can visit Transport NSW to get more transportation information.


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