How To Deliver With Uber Eats In Australia?

International students want to know how to become Uber Eats drivers in Australia.


While ride-sharing took a heavy hit during the Covid-19 outbreak, demand for food delivery increased dramatically, and this trend does not appear to go anywhere any time soon.

So, if you are new to food delivery, read the guide below on how to sign up to deliver for Uber Eats in Australia and earn. For the latest information, please visit Uber’s website here.


If you don't have an account to deliver for Uber Eats yet, you can sign up HERE.



1. What is Uber Eats, and How Does it Work?


We all know that the Uber app is a well-known ride-sharing app. They provide around 5 million rides each day. However, this is not the only app they have.


Uber introduced the Uber Eats app in 2014. Their food delivery app is now available in several locations across six continents.


Customers can purchase meals from different local eateries using the Uber Eats app. The Uber Eats app in Australia allows people to order anything from fast food outlets to fine dining establishments and have it delivered right to their door.


The food delivery app is effortless and user-friendly. All an individual needs to do is go through different restaurants, select the food item of their choice from the in-app menu, and make an order.


Following that, a delivery person uses the Uber Eats platform to pick up the meal from the restaurant and safely deliver it to the consumer. All payments (including tips) are made using the Uber Eats application, making the entire procedure more accessible and convenient than traditional meal delivery.


Delivery people delivering for Uber Eats are independent contractors, much like drivers using the Uber App. You get to choose your own schedule with Uber Eats. You may work and earn whenever and wherever you want. All in all, it is a flexible option in the gig economy with good opportunities to earn.



2. What are Delivery Person Requirements in Australia?


The following are some requirements that you must consider when signing up to deliver for Uber Eats in Australia:



  • Age: You must be at least 18 years or above.


  • Vehicle: Have your own vehicle or another mode of transportation (such as a scooter, car, or bicycle).


  • Working rights: You must have working rights in Australia.



  • Valid Licence: If you want to deliver food for Uber Eats with a motorbike or a car, you need to possess a valid driver's licence. Uber Eats accepts certain international driver’s licences in ACT, NSW, QLD, VIC, WA, and SA. A NAATI translation document along with your driver's licence is required if your international licence is not in English. EU licences are exempt from this.


  • Background Check: You must also undergo a background check, which can be done online.


  • ABN: When delivering for Uber Eats, you are considered someone who operates your own business. To deliver for Uber Eats, you will require an ABN (Australian Business Number).


  • Health Insurance or Medicare: You will need to accept terms and conditions stating that you have Medicare or another type of health insurance.


  • Bicycle Lights and Helmets: Among other things, the law requires bicycle riders to wear a helmet and have compliant lights in certain circumstances. This is all for safety purposes.


  • Insulated Bag: Double-check that you have an insulated bag for your delivery to help maintain the food's temperature. Uber Eats will send you information on where to buy one online or you may buy one yourself elsewhere.


  • Portable Charger: You may wish to have a portable phone charger as you'll be travelling a lot and using your phone frequently.


  • Smartphone and internet access: You will require a smartphone and internet access to run your delivery app and connect with customers.


3. Steps to Sign Up to Deliver for Uber Eats in Australia


Here are the steps you need to follow to sign up to deliver for Uber Eats in Australia successfully:




Step 1: Download the Uber Driver App on Your Phone


The first step you need to take is to download the Uber Driver app, as this is where most of the sign up process takes place. The following are the links to download the application for both Android and iOS devices:



You can also visit the Uber website and create a new account, but you will still need the application to complete the rest of the procedure.


Here are the common Uber Eats sign up process steps that you need to follow:




  • Choose Uber Eats as the delivery method and the vehicle you will use to deliver meals – a scooter/ motorbike, car, or bicycle. 

  • Read and agree to the terms and conditions.

  • Give your legal approval to gather your information for a secure check of your evidence of identity document, such as your driver's licence or passport.


Note: From time to time, Uber Eats may also have a sign-up offer in some Australian cities.



Step 2: Upload the Necessary Documentation


If you want to deliver meals in a car, you will need to provide the necessary documentation for both you and your vehicle. The Uber app explains exactly what you will require and how to upload everything properly.


You will also have continual access to the following three assistance options when uploading your documents:


  • Direct call support.

  • Uber chat: The representatives will assist you with the sign up process. They are available from 10 am to 7 pm (AEST)

  • Get additional support through the Uber website.


Here are the documents you need to submit:



  • Vehicle registration paperwork: These documents should clearly mention the VIN (vehicle identification number), vehicle plate number, document expiration date, and vehicle's year/model.


  • Driver's licence: If you want to deliver by car or motorbike, you require a valid licence. Your name, photo, and address should be visible on the front of your driver's licence. The back of your licence should display the issuance date, birth date, and expiration date. Uber Eats accepts certain international drivers licences in ACT, NSW, QLD, VIC, WA, and SA. A NAATI translation document along with your driver's licence is required if your international licence is not in English. EU licences are exempt from this.


  • Proof of Identification: Photo of your birth certificate (only Australian) or passport. Your birth state, birth country, legal name, gender, surname, birth date, and the birth city should all be clearly visible in the photo.


  • ABN (Australian Business Number): You'll need an ABN to deliver for Uber Eats. Check out this link to apply for an ABN. It's free. It is crucial to remember that you may require an ABN to pay GST (Goods and Services Tax).





Step 3: Apply for the Right-To-Work Check and a Background Check


You can apply for both checks through the Uber Driver app. NCC (National Crime Check) conducts a background check. Most checks are returned in 2 days but this may take up to 14 days.


The Australian Department of Home Affairs processes the right-to-work check and verifies your eligibility to work in Australia. As part of the Uber Eats sign up process, you only need to submit this once.



Step 4: Complete The Safe Delivery Education Test


You will then be asked to complete an online education module on safe delivery before you can start delivering for Uber Eats in Australia.


This education module also includes information about how to know when it is unsafe to deliver and how to avoid fatigue.



Step 5: Review the Food Safety Modules and Delivery Basics


Even though it is not a necessary step to complete your sign up, Uber Eats provides access to some online information on how to deliver food, where to find and meet your customer, and how to obtain support.


You can visit the Uber Eats website to go through their delivery basics.


If you do not know anything about food delivery, you can learn about the significance of food safety and how to deliver food safely to the customers by reading some online materials. You can check out the Uber Eats food safety education modules to get more information.


It only takes a few days for your account to become active after you've finished the sign-up procedure, so you can begin delivering as soon as your account is active.


Note: You will only get delivery requests for the Australian city where your account is registered.



4. What Are the Different Modes of Transport You Can Use to Deliver Food For Uber Eats?


You can use three different modes of transportation to deliver meals with Uber Eats in Australia, which are as follows:


  • Motorbike (including scooters)

  • Car 

  • Bicycle or Bike



No matter the type of transportation you use, you must be at least 18 years or more. Also, you need to fulfil some more requirements for the mode of transportation you plan to use:


Motorbike or Car: You must possess either an Australian driver's licence for the car or motorcycle you are using or a foreign licence if you are a temporary visitor, such as an international student. It is important to remember that the international driver's licence must be a full licence and not a learner or any other licence.


Note: Overseas licences are only valid in a few Australian cities. Additionally, your car or motorbike must be a 1990 model or newer, must have third-party insurance and must be registered.


Bike or Bicycle: You do not require any licence paperwork to deliver food on a bike through Uber Eats, which is why bikes are one of the best-known modes of transportation for international students.


Furthermore, buying a bike is considerably cheaper and easier than buying a car or motorbike. Thus, many international students opt to deliver food for Uber Eats on bicycles or push bikes.


You can purchase a bike at a low price from stores like Kmart or purchase a secondhand one from Gumtree. If you currently do not have the funds to buy a bike, you can rent one from another person. You can also inquire whether your university or institution has any bicycles for rent.


Alternatively, you may rent or purchase an electric bicycle, which many students like to use. If you do not have enough money to purchase an electric bike, you can always rent one through a rental company. Renting an electric bike might cost you between $80 and $100 each week. Currently, Uber Eats has a partnership with Zoomo where you can get 50% off your first 4 weeks of a pro plan e-bike rental.



5. How Much Can Delivery People Earn?


Before you accept a delivery request, you’ll be provided with upfront delivery information.


This includes the minimum earnings you’ll receive, your pickup and drop-off locations, the name and location of the merchant, and the total estimated time and distance from when you accept a delivery request to when you drop off the order.


Note: In Australia, you are usually paid weekly via deposits into your linked bank account.


Now that you know everything about how to sign up to deliver for Uber Eats in Australia, you are ready to follow the process and start earning money.


If you don't have an account to deliver for Uber Eats yet, you can sign up HERE.



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