How To Become A Door Dash Driver (Dasher) In Australia?

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Students want to know how to become DoorDash Drivers (Dashers) in Australia.


Online food delivery services are a great way to enjoy dining in a restaurant economically. The current wave of service apps also provides local drivers with additional income.


DoorDash is a popular on-demand food delivery app that delivers freshly prepared food from a restaurant to the customer's doorstep.


With a smartphone, vehicle, and a simple signup process, you are ready to drive and deliver with Door Dash. Keep reading to know all about the documentation and application process to become a Dasher and earn while being your boss.


You need a DoorDash Driver Account to start delivering food for DoorDash. You can now create an account HERE if you don't have one.



1. What Is Door Dash, And How Does It Work?


Australian foodies have plenty of options to order their favourite meals using their smartphones. DoorDash is a popular US-based food delivery service that started in 2013 in San Francisco. 


The company empowers local businesses and delivery drivers to meet consumers' food delivery needs generating ways to earn, work, and live.


The company operates in over 7,000 cities across five countries, including Australia, the United States, Japan, Germany, and Canada. Door Dash started its operations in Australia in 2019 and has been operating in many cities since then.


Now that you know what Door Dash is let us find out how it works. The working of this online platform is similar to other food delivery services.


  1. Customers log into the Door Dash app or use the website.

  2. They browse through the menu of restaurants listed and place a food order. 

  3. Once the customer places the order, Dashers will get a delivery opportunity notification on the DoorDash Driver app. This notification will mention the restaurant, travel distance, and earnings on that order. Dashers can choose to accept, decline, or pass the offer. 

  4. Once accepting the offer, they must head to the restaurant to pick up the food. After order collection, they will drive to the customer t drop off the meals.



2. Why Should You Work With Door Dash?


Based on the Consumer Spend, Door Dash is a market leader and fastest-growing company worldwide. Delivering with Door Dash leads to stronger communities, professional networks, and happier days.


Dashers enjoy the following features and benefits when working as an independent contractors:


  • The freedom to decide where and when you want to work. You can dash close to your home or the city you are visiting. Moreover, you can select your work hours and choose the offers you like. 

  • Good opportunity to supplement your income and earn extra money to accomplish your short-term or long-term objectives

  • Easy and quick signup process to start earning in no time.

  • Replace a lost job so that your family doesn't run out of money

  • More restaurants, meal selections, and more delivery requests for drivers. 

  • Attractive promotional offers like free delivery, discounts, etc., tempt more customers to use this platform. This, in turn, results in more food delivery opportunities for dashers. 

  • A transparent pay model informs you about the earning potential before accepting an order.

  • Set your work schedule. Work-based on your needs

  • Easy documentation and vehicle requirements to join the service

  • You can use any vehicle, such as a car, bicycle, or motorcycle, to deliver food with DoorDash, if it is roadworthy and comply with local rules.

  • You don't need prior experience. The platform invites all local delivery drivers from all industries and backgrounds across Australia to work for them. This includes catering drivers, taxi drivers, and truck drivers.



3. What Are The Door Dash Driver (Dasher)  Requirements In Australia?


Here are the requirements you must meet when signing up to become a Door Dash driver in Australia:


  •  Age: 18 or older


  • Vehicle Requirements: You must have transportation modes such as a car, bicycle, scooter, or motorbike.


  • Insurance: Those who plan to use scooters, bikes, cars, or trucks for delivery must have a 3rd party Auto insurance (CTP-insured) policy that offers minimum liability coverage to drivers as per your state's requirements.


  • Working Rights: You must have the right to work in Australia



  • Click here to download the Door Dash app for Android

  • Click here to download the Door Dash app for iOS


  • Valid License: To deliver with Door Dash with a car or motorbike, you need a valid and full Australian license or Provisional Driver's Licence. Overseas licenses from students and temporary visa holders are also accepted.


  • Australian Business Number (ABN): Dashers operate as independent contractors and are responsible for their tax, super, and GST payments. To work with DoorDash, you must apply for ABN and register your business with the Australian Business Register.


  • Background Check: You must consent to run a background check to investigate your records for Motor Vehicle violations or potential criminal history. DoorDash drivers must provide a valid identity document and pass the background check. Accepted documents include an Australian Passport, Citizenship Certificate, or Birth Certificate. Non-Australians must present a valid work visa to confirm their work rights.


  • Other Requirements: Access to an Android or iPhone smartphone, Portable Charger, Internet, Bicycle Lights, Driving Helmets (motorbikes only and a Thermal Bag.



4. What Are The Steps To Sign Up To Be A Door Dasher?


With the DoorDash food delivery app, you can earn by delivering food orders from restaurants to local customers by biking, driving, or even walking. You must complete the signup process and activate your Door Dash account to get started.


The below steps will help you complete the signup process and register to become a DoorDash driver (Dasher) in Australia:



Step 1: Visit the official Door Dash Signup page here to begin registration.


Next, you must provide personal information, such as:


  • Full Name

  • Email Address

  • Birth Date

  • ABN

  • Vehicle Details

  • Phone Number

  • Zip Code where you wish to deliver with the company


Fill in all the information correctly. It is essential for the background check.


Step 2: Start the background check by visiting the 'Complete National Crime Check' button. Go through the guidelines carefully. Upload documents such as a valid driver's license and a copy of your vehicle insurance to conduct the police check. Now tap "Continue" to approve the required background check.


The NCC page states that if you have completed a check with NCC within the last three months, you can share the report with DoorDash to activate your account more quickly.


This process could take three days to 14 days to complete. You will receive an approval or denial notification via SMS or sent to the registered email.



Step 3: Once you pass the background check, your account will get activated, and you will become an official Dasher in Australia. You are ready to Dash or schedule your Dash using the Dasher app.



Step 4: Download the Dasher app from the Android Play Store or iOS App Store. Sign into the app and log in with your email and password. Verify your phone number to use the app for delivering with Door Dash. Tap "Dash Now" to instantly receive delivery orders, or use the "Schedule" button to set times for later.



Step 5: In the app, go to the Earnings menu, upload a valid photo ID (driver's license or Government ID), and submit your bank account details to receive weekly payouts via direct deposit.



5. How Much Does A Door Dash Driver (Dasher) Make In Australia?


Door Dash works on a pay model that ensures transparent and fair earnings to drivers. As a gig economy worker, the salary of a Dasher depends on several factors, such as:


  • How much they work

  • When they work 

  • What areas do they serve

  • Driving distance 

  • Type of order (standard orders and shop & deliver orders)

  • Traffic

  • Parking time

  • Estimated activity time

  • Wait time at the restaurant 

  • Tips, peak pay, and other benefits



The total earnings of a DoorDash driver = Base pay (based on Time, Desirability, and Distance) + Peak Pay Bonuses + Tips.


Working in larger cities, on weekends, and during busier times can improve their income. The earnings of a dasher fall within the range of $15 to $28 per hour. According to Indeed, the average dasher salary is $24.61 per hour.


The delivery opportunities are increasing around lunchtime from 11 am to 2 pm and dinner from 5 pm to 10 pm. Currently, Dashers receive the highest peak pay on top of the base pay on every delivery they fulfil. Thus, if you target these peak times and the right location, you can receive more orders, increasing your income.


Working simultaneously for other platforms such as Menulog, Deliveroo, or Uber Eats can increase their income. Deliveries that take additional time and are less favoured by Dashers might give you a higher base pay.


Shop Orders are paying more than Standard Orders because the driver has to shop for customers' items and use the Red PEZ Card at checkout.


DoorDash drivers get their salary every week in their registered bank account through a direct deposit.



6. FAQs On Becoming A Door Dash Driver In Australia



Does DoorDash Provide Insurance To Its Drivers?


Yes. The company provides coverage for Dashers on "active delivery" status. This commercial insurance policy offers up to $1 million for bodily injury and property damage.



How Long Does It Take To Become A Door Dasher?


After the 5 minutes signup process, receiving the background check reports takes 5 to 7 business days. The processing times for motor vehicle record check depends on the state where you live. 


Also, your account activation is faster when using an existing background check report (less than three months old). After passing the background check, you may need to wait a while to activate your account.


So, the entire approval process can take anywhere from 5 to 10 business days.



What Is The Door Dash Orientation Process?


Once the applicant applies, DoorDash prompts them to take an online orientation. It is an excellent opportunity to learn about the job while waiting for the background check to complete.


The orientation session teaches you about accepting delivery requests, delivering a customer order, and getting paid. You will also learn valuable tips on the following:


  • Getting assistance from the support team

  • Ways to obtain a 5-star rating consistently

  • Correct times to schedule your Dash to earn more


You can complete the orientation online or get the manual shipped to your address, along with a DoorDash Red PEZ Card, DoorDash Activation Kit, and an insulated hot bag. You can also request dispatching to your offline address while taking the online session.



How To Start Delivering With DoorDash?


Log in to the app. Tap "Dash Now". You will receive delivery opportunities in your area, location, travel distance, and earnings. You can choose to accept or reject the offer. If you accept the offer, you have to follow the three steps:


  • Drive to the restaurant

  • Show your Red PEZ Card and app screen at the restaurant to collect the food

  • Drive to the customer's location to drop off the meals



What is DoorDash Promo Code?


DoorDash competes with several other food delivery services in Australia. The platform offers two promotional schemes to attract Australian foodies and promote DoorDash services. 


The aim is to expand the customer base, get more delivery requests, and create work opportunities for drivers.


  • Coupons or voucher codes are offered for new users that lower their total expenses on purchases. 

  • Free delivery or low delivery fee promo for new customers on orders above $10 for the next 30 days. This lets them enjoy a meal without incurring any standard delivery charges of A$3.99.


Door Dash pays promotion benefits to dashers with extra pay or peak pay for orders that fulfil specific conditions. Peak Pay incentives let dashers earn more per delivery request. The Dasher app provides real-time information about the delivery time and spots eligible for peak pay bonuses.



What Is an ABN, And Why Do Dashers Need It?


An ABN stands for Australian Business Number. It enables a business to interact with different government departments and agencies. Moreover, the ABN lets the public know more about your business.


As Dashers work as independent contractors, not employees, they must have a valid ABN to deliver with DoorDash. To apply for an ABN, you need to provide the following details such as:


  • Identity proof

  • Your Tax File Number

  • When do you expect to begin delivering for Doordash

  • Contact details of Business



7. Conclusion


DoorDash is a legitimate and rapidly growing company in the food delivery sector. Delivering with Door Dash is a flexible way to earn and meet your financial goals. Fast signup, easy work, and exceptional pay make it a great part-time gig worth pursuing.


If you like making money while driving, you should act on this opportunity and become a Dasher today.


Remember, you must create a DoorDash Driver Account to get started. Click HERE to create an account.


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