Why Study In Australia's Capital Territory (ACT)?

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International students want to know the benefits of studying in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).


The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) is known for its diversity as it accommodates many international and interstate residents. 


Located in the southeast corner of New South Wales, the ACT is the home to 387,100 people, which makes it the 7th largest populated state in Australia. 


The capital city of ACT, Canberra, is a diverse, modern, and vibrant city. It is popularly known worldwide for its clean and safe environment, stunning cultural scenes and historical monuments. 



1. Why Study in the ACT (Australian Capital Territory)?


Studying in the Australian Capital Territory is an exciting and rewarding experience. The city offers many job opportunities and generous salaries, making it a perfect destination for students and ex-pats. 


As the nation's political and capital hub, the ACT has various study options for international students in law, international relations, journalism, politics, security, defence, and public policy. It also offers research-focused facilities, a good option for students who want to follow a research path. 



2. Well-known Universities in Canberra 


Australian National University: It is top-ranked in the list of universities in Australia and is popular amongst interstate and international students. It focuses more on post-graduate and research programs. 


The University of Canberra: It is a well-renowned university with a welcoming atmosphere and great opportunities for international students. It provides courses in six primary areas - Information Sciences and EngineeringApplied ScienceBusinessHealth, Government and Lawand Art and Design


The Australian National University and the University of Canberra have a combined enrolment of 35,000 students. In both universities, a quarter of students are international students. 



3. Living in the Australian Capital Territory 


The capital city of the ACT, Canberra, is a liveable and friendly city that is surrounded by mountains, creeks, and rivers. As home to Australia's public service and the seat of government, it boasts the cultural variety and sophistication of metropolitan cities but with a gentler pace. 


The main attractions of Canberra are the National Gallery of Australia, the Parliament House, the Questacon, and the War Memorial.


The city attracts numerous international students because of its stunning infrastructure, including the long paths for walking and cycling and the best roads in the country. Canberra is widespread, with extensive lands of bush reserves and parks. 


Canberra features the peaceful surroundings of Lake Burley Griffin and various sporting clubs. These spots have become popular amongst students to enjoy a day out. The city's nightlife is less lively than in Melbourne or Sydney, but there are many live music venues, nightclubs, and bars to spend the night with friends.


Annual events like the Summernats car show, Floriade, the National Folk Festival, and Groovin' the Moo draws visitors from all around Australia. If you are shopping under a budget, you can try factory outlets or produce markets in Fyshwick - here. You can find everything from clothes to homeware and gourmet food. 



4. Climate 


The Australian Capital Territory has mild weather conditions with four distinct seasons.


The temperature may range from an average of 9°C in winter to 26°C in summer. Frosts are expected in winter. The air is dry and still, and the rainfall is light and spread over the year. 



5. Housing


The average rental price for a house in Canberra is AUD 470 and $395 for a unit. The student rental market in the Australian Capital Territory is very competitive.


You can visit your institution's housing service for any advice or referrals. It's also important to note that the prices may vary depending on your chosen location. 



6. Transport


The Australian Capital Territory has an excellent bus network with convenient weekday, weekend, and evening services. The 'My Way' ticketing systems allow holders to travel around Canberra using rechargeable prepaid cards.


The city also has extensive bike paths that make cycling to universities and colleges easy for various students. You can visit Transport for Canberra to get more information on transport services.


International students in Canberra enjoy a balanced education with many opportunities for sporting, cultural and intellectual development. Students from all over the world are welcome in this safe, friendly and multicultural city. 


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