Why Study In Australia's Northern Territory (NT) - Darwin?


International students want to know if Darwin is a good city to live in and study abroad in Australia.


The Northern Territory is great for international students looking for a tropical and relaxed lifestyle. 


People are attracted to the NT because of its stunning natural landscapes, culturally rich societies, thriving economy and outstanding education and employment opportunities. 


If you plan to pursue your education in the Northern Territory, this article is for you.



1. Studying in The Northern Territory 


The population of students in the NT is about 10,000. Of these, 57% are domestic students, and 43% are international students. High-quality education institutions in the Northern Territory provide a wide range of courses. 


These institutions include independent, private and government high schools, universities offering masterbachelor's and PhD degrees, and other vocational education and training providers. 


Charles Darwin University is the leading higher education provider in the NT and is ranked in the top 2% of the world's universities. It is one of the best universities in Australia. International students who study here enjoy a comfortable learning environment and modern facilities. 


The Northern Territory is popularly known for offering specialised courses such as South Asian studies, indigenous health, indigenous knowledge, and tropical and desert science. Students can choose from other best courses to study in Australia, like nursingbusiness education, and law.


Unique cultural and social opportunities enrich the overall study experience in the Northern Territory. It has exciting career prospects for graduates and outstanding student part-time job opportunities. Also, the unemployment rate in the Northern Territory is the lowest in the country. 



2. Living in The Northern Territory


The Northern Territory has a lot to offer. It is perfect for international students seeking a multicultural society and a comfortable outdoor lifestyle. 


The capital of the Northern Territory, Darwin, is the only tropical capital city in Australia that boasts a relaxed environment. The NT is the most cultural and natural destination, promoting an energetic market scene and multicultural art. 


Kakadu National Park's world heritage is also located in the Northern Territory. Students can relax at the beaches and tropical gardens, watch movies at the Deckchair cinema or visit nightclubs and restaurants on Mitchell Street. Darwin is famous for events like the Darwin Festival and the Darwin Beer Can Regatta. 


Alice Springs is located further South and is the second major city in the Northern Territory after Darwin. There, students can explore remarkable outback wonders like Uluru. Alice Springs offers many opportunities for trekking and other adventurous outdoor activities. 


Rugby and AFL are famous sports in the Northern Territory, including basketball, cricket, and soccer. Fishing is also a common pastime amongst locals residing in the NT area. 



3. Climate 


The Northern Territory has two distinct climate zones. Darwin, situated in the northern end, has a tropical climate with dry and wet seasons. 


The temperature in Darwin is in the low 30s throughout the year. Still, the temperature in the southern region during winter reaches 20°C.



4. Housing and Lodging


In the Northern Territory, the average weekly rent for a house is AUD 500, while the average rent for a unit is AUD 400. In Darwin, the average weekly rent for a house is $590, whereas, for a unit, it's AUD 380. The student rental market is highly competitive in the Northern Territory. 


You can visit your institution's housing service for advice on renting a house or a unit. It's important to note that these prices may vary within different cities and towns. 



5. Transport


The Northern Territory offers convenient modes of transportation in Australia to all students. Buses frequently run in peak times between central Darwin and the campuses of Charles Darwin University located at Palmerston and Casuarina. 


Transport is limited in other parts of the state, so that other transport methods might be required. For additional information on public transport services in Darwin, you can visit the NT Department of Transport.


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