Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Study in Canberra

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International students want to know if Canberra is a good city to study in.


Canberra is the national capital of Australia, located in the capital territory. The city's name has been derived from "Canberry", which means a 'meeting place'. 


Famous for its museums, nightlife, tourist attractions and universities, Canberra is easy to live and study.


It is also home to various educational institutions and world-class research centres, which makes it the best choice for many international students.


If you are still contemplating whether to study in canberra, consider the follwing reasons.



1. Canberra- The Bush Capital


Canberra is the only Australian territory or state that is not near the coast. Where towers dominate Melbourne and Sydney, Canberra's skyline surrounds lush green mountains. 


When living on campus, you will get access to some of Canberra's best Black Mountain, Lake Burley Griffin and the Botanic Gardens



2. Environment-Friendly Living


Canberra is one of the few planned cities in the world which is clean and sustainable.


According to Arcadis, regarding sustainability, Canberra ranked No. 18. The town is surrounded by farmland and forests, and 53% of the city's total area is covered with nature reserves and parks.


The city bans less than 35 microns of plastic bags. As compared to other cities in Australia, Canberra's air quality is cleaner, which makes it safe to live in. 



3. Attractions, Festivals and Events 


As a modern, vibrant, clean city, Canberra has no traffic or pollution. Each year the city celebrates the 3 - day National Multicultural Festival, one of Australia's most prominent cultural diversity events. 


From stylish bars, thriving nightlife, pubs, clubs and beer gardens, Canberra is also home to 140 wineries, 54 museums, and galleries. 



4. Most Livable


According to a British daily middle-market newspaper - Daily Mail, Canberra is named the most livable place in the country. For the third year in a row, it rates as the best place to live in Australia. 


In terms of affordable housing, careers, good job opportunities, health services and safety, Canberra rank on the top. 



5. Well-Connected


Canberra is well-connected, and therefore, there is a short commute involved. 


International students can easily find accommodations close to the university. Those living further away from universities can commute via bicycle trails and paths. 


Canberra is a cycle-friendly city with plenty of bike-friendly cafes and bicycle hire venues. It has relatively little traffic, so you will hardly miss any class. 



6. Safest City


Canberra boasts one of the lowest crime rates compared to other cities in Australia. 


National and international students also feel safer going for an evening stroll, heading to university, or walking and cycling around beautiful lakes and parklands.



7. Affordable


Canberra is an affordable destination with a high standard of living for students compared to Melbourne and Sydney. 


According to some reports, the rental prices are at only AU $124 per week, which is a whopping 54% less than in Sydney (average rent AU $285/Week) and Melbourne (AU $258/week). 



8. Job Opportunities


Canberra Universities are among the top universities in Australia. Therefore, many international employers are seeking Canberra graduates for company placements.


The city offers many job opportunities for students in diverse industries in both private and public sectors. 



9. World-Class Education


Canberra is known for the best education options. 


Some popular tertiary education providers include the University of Canberra, the Australian National UniversityCanberra Institute of TechnologyUNSW CanberraCharles Sturt University and campuses of the Australian Catholic University



10. Most Educated City


Also named the most educated City in Australia, Canberra owns a large university sector. 


It houses the highest percentage of people who have completed their year 12 studies. This makes the city pretty academic and a perfect place to study. 


The 'Clever Capital,' Canberra, is famous for its well-educated workforce. As compared to other parts of Australia, Canberra has more computer literate. 


For international students, the city is welcoming, with plenty of opportunities that will make their time rewarding and fun. 


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