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International students at TAFE college is thinking about travel and tourism and hospitality courses in Sydney while completing a master in hospitality management.


Every year, Australia attracts thousands of students to study degree courses in the hospitality and tourism sector.


Some of the top universities in Australia such as the University of Canberra, the University of South Wales and the Griffith University of Queensland have seen an incredible increase in the number of international students applying to hospitality, tourism, and personal services study programs.


As an international student, if you are also planning to study hospitality and tourism in Australia and looking for information about the type of courses available, then read the post below carefully. 



Three Qualification Levels


There are three qualification levels in the hospitality, tourism and personal services sector. These are:


  1. VET (Vocational Education & Training) Study

  2. Undergraduate (Bachelor's) Study

  3. Postgraduate (Master's) Study


Let’s know about them in detail: 



1. VET Courses in Hospitality, Tourism and Personal Services


If you are looking to learn workplace specific knowledge and skills, then Vocational Educational and Training (VET) is the right choice for you. VET enables students to gain qualifications or particular skills that help them in the workplace. There is a wide range of courses and degrees offered by VET in particular fields.


For instance, if you are choosing a career in the tourism industry, then you can choose courses like international hotel and resort management as well as travel and tourism. 


If you are interested to start your career in the hospitality industry, you can pick from hospitality management courses such as Asian cookery, kitchen operations, commercial cookery, wine industry operations and events or kitchen operations. 


In the Personal Services industry, you can choose courses like beauty therapy, nail technology, hairdressing and beauty services. 


The selection of these courses depends on the individual’s area of interest and his/her qualification level. These courses train graduates for management roles within their industry.  


VET qualifications provide practical training to prepare graduates for roles of management level or operational level, depending on the level of qualification they’ve completed.   


The VET courses are the most requested options by students in Australia. However, to enrol in them, an intermediate level of English is a must. 



Where to Study VET Courses? 


In Australia, only registered training organisations such as Technical and Further Education (TAFE) and universities with TAFE departments can provide VET hospitality, tourism and personal services education courses. 


But now some private colleges, residential schools and specialist providers in the field have also joined the race to provide these courses. In terms of fees, residential schools may charge a bit higher as they include accommodation and meals too. 



2. Undergraduate Courses in Hospitality, Tourism and Personal Services


There is a wide range of hospitality, tourism and personal services undergraduate courses available in Australia. 


The undergraduate degree in tourism and hospitality prepares students to work within world-class resorts, hotel chains and restaurants. It provides complete hands-on training and helps interns to learn practical skills they need to secure a job after graduation. 


There are many undergraduate degrees that offer specialisations in hospitality and tourism like a bachelor of business specialising in tourism management, a Bachelor in Tourism and Hospitality, etc. Students can also study special bachelor degrees in events management, tourism management, international restaurant management, and culinary management.


As a student, if you are doubtful regarding what to study, then you can choose general bachelors of business degrees in specific fields, but if you are sure about studying and making a career within these industries, then you can take specialised bachelor degrees.


Earning graduate degrees in Tourism, hospitality and personal services can be beneficial for graduates as it helps them to improve skills in many areas, especially in organisation, leadership and critical thinking. 



Where to Study Undergraduate Courses?


There are many universities, TAFE institutes, private colleges, residential schools and specialist providers in the field that offer these undergraduate courses in Australia.


However, when choosing the right educational destination for you, make sure to choose one that gives you practical experience in terms of good facilities, industry placements, latest equipment, techniques and simulated training environment. 



3. Postgraduate Courses in Hospitality, Tourism and Personal Services


Many students come to Australia to study postgraduate hospitality, tourism and personal services assistant courses. The reason is the wide career scope and lots of job opportunities. There are several courses available at postgraduate level that you can study after completing coursework degrees including coursework masters degrees, graduate degrees and graduate diplomas


You can also study specialist postgraduate degrees like hospitality management courses, events management, tourism management, ecotourism, gastronomic tourism and international hotel management


Postgraduate coursework degrees offer plenty of opportunities to students who are new in the field and want to enhance their skills to move into a management position within hospitality, tourism and personal services in Australia.


Postgraduate study is good for graduate students who wish to improve their career advancement into a higher level of management



Where to Study?


When considering postgraduate study, it is important to choose an institution, university or college with a good reputation. Luckily, Australia is the best place to study hospitality management, tourism and personal services courses as it has many renowned universities, private colleges and specialist providers in the field that offer postgraduate courses in these sectors.


Postgraduate courses enable graduates with an opportunity to enhance their capabilities and knowledge in a field that accelerate their career growth. 


Postgraduates in International tourism and hospitality are in high demand across the industry sector in Australia and other parts of the world. So, it is important to look for courses and providers that are accredited by renowned international organisations that help you to find work once you completed your postgraduate degree.



Job Opportunities in Hospitality, Tourism and Personal Services


Whether you are VET qualified, a graduate or postgraduate, you will get a wide range of employment opportunities in the hospitality, tourism and personal services industries like hotels, resorts, beauty salons, tourism agencies and restaurants. 


Depending on your qualifications, the operational roles you can apply for are visitor information officer, hotel attendant, chef, tour guides, an event coordinator, nail technician, and beauty therapist or management roles like restaurant manager and hotel manager.



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