Top 40+ Best Student Discounts List In Australia

Overseas students are seeking the best student discounts in Australia, such as Apple and Optus student discounts and deals.


We all know it can be tough to manage expenses in Australia, especially when you are a student who must purchase books, pay rent, and fulfil other living expenses. Luckily, there are plenty of student discounts available in Australia.


Here is a list of retailers, stores, online shops, food chains, and other organisations that offer uni-student discounts in Australia. We have on our list over 40+ discounts listed and are adding more regularly.


With an ISIC student card, you receive thousands of student discounts ranging from your favourite stores, such as Coles, KFC, McDonald's, Guzman y Gomez, and JB Hi-Fi, including countless other food takeaway chains and dining options across Australia.

Let's get started; here is a list of the best student discounts available in Australia:



1. Apple Student Discount


International students are searching for Apple MacBook laptop discounts in Australia.


Apple student discounts are the most popular university student discounts in Australia.


They provide great student discounts on all their products, including Macbooks, iPad, iPhones, etc. Also, with some research, you'll find many online websites offering cheap deals on Apple products.


However, we recommend regularly checking the Apple student education store to take advantage of early offers. You can check it out below.



2. Optus Student Discount


International students are searching for Optus phone plan student discounts in Australia.


This telecommunication provider in Australia provides convenient Optus student deals that suit a busy student life. They offer discounts on several SIM-only and other SIM plans packed with data.


We suggest regularly visiting their education hub section to keep updated on their latest offer. They are offering at the moment 10% off selected SIM plans.



3. JB Hi-Fi Student Discount


International students are searching for the best student laptops discounts at jb hi-fi in Australia.


If you are looking for student discounts on laptops in Australia, you should check out JB Hi-Fi, Australia's largest home entertainment retailer. They offer the best deals on the biggest brands, such as Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Apple and Lenovo.


Jb Hi-Fi has an exclusive education section on its website where you can find the latest deals and offers for domestic and international students in Australia. Most students purchase laptops from this retailer as they offer various laptop student discounts.



4. THE ICONIC Student Discount


International students are searching for the best student discounts and deals at the ICONIC in Australia.


THE ICONIC is one of the most famous online clothing stores in Australia. They deliver a current and stylish collection of women's and men's apparel.


They also offer weekly student discounts and coupons on major brands like Nike, Topshop, Adidas, Polo, Levis, etc. You can also register with Student Beans to get instant deals. 


This retailer is trendy among all students as it offers a creative collection of summer clothes students need in Australia.



5. Spotify Student Discount


International students are searching for the best student discounts and deals for a Spotify subscription.


The well-known music streaming service provider Spotify gives students a free premium of three months. After that, they can purchase it for cheap rates and get access to countless songs, videos, and podcasts of their choice.


It is worth regularly checking their student discount section if you consider subscribing to their music streaming service. It's a great platform that you can use in your spare time to chill out and listen to music.



6. Microsoft Student Discount


International students are searching for the best student discounts and deals on Microsoft laptops.


You should visit the official Microsoft store online to receive student discounts on laptops, PCs, tablets, smartphones, gaming devices, and accessories. They enable students to become productive by offering some of the best deals.


Students can receive a year-round education discount of up to 10% off some products, including Surface devices. We recommend regularly checking out the Microsoft education store to find the latest offers.



7. Vodafone Student Discount


International students are searching for the best student discounts and deals on Vodafone phone plans.


The telco and internet mobile service provider, Vodafone, has some incredible deals on mobile phone and mobile broadband plans. Vodafone offers exclusive deals for students with excellent value for money on eligible SIM-only plans.


The range of impressive deals Vodafone offers will help you save a lot of money when studying in Australia. To stay updated on their latest offering, visit the student deal section.



8. Netflix Student Discount


International students are searching for the best student discounts and deals for Netflix subscriptions.


One of the best streaming services, Netflix, has a lot to offer including movies, TV shows, and documentaries. You can sign up for Netflix and get a free 30-day trial. After your trial period, you pay nominal prices to watch your favourite shows and movies.



9. Officeworks Student Discount


International students are searching for the best student discounts and deals at Officeworks.


Officeworks sells many products, including school essentials, tablets, laptops, Macbooks, headphones, monitors, hard drives and more.


Several websites online offer student discount codes and coupons for various products on Officeworks. Also, you can visit the back to uni section on their official website to get great-value products.

Whether you are just starting university or in your final year, Officeworks has you covered. You can get organised with their range of stationery and technology deals.



10. Telstra Student Discount


International students are searching for the best student discounts and deals on Telstra phone plans.


Australian telco company, Telstra, offers the best public wi-fi hotspots and mobile network services nationwide.


It also provides extensive data plans for students to study and access the internet anywhere. Visit their website to get incredible student deals on mobiles, tablets, internet & entertainment, pre-paid plans, and accessories.


Telstra has one of the most reliable phone reception throughout Australia. You also can get reception in one of the most remote places in the country to surf the internet or call your friends and family.



11. Dell Student Discount


International students are searching for the best student discounts and deals on cheap Dell laptops.


If you are a student at a university or college level in Australia, you quickly qualify to get Dell student discounts on laptops in Australia. Dell offers a wide range of the most innovative laptops, perfect for your uni assignments.


You can also get monitors and accessories such as a laptop bag and other necessary things to commute between university and home. When you visit the dell student laptop section (link below), you can get a 10% discount coupon.



12. Harvey Norman Student Discount


International students are searching for the best student discounts and deals at Harvey Norman.


Harvey Norman is one of Australia's leading retailers that allows primary school to university-level students to choose suitable student devices, including laptops, computers, tablets, etc.


You can visit their website to get the best student deal on devices. Keep visiting their 'back to school' section below for special offers.


13. HOYTS Student Discount


International students are searching for the best student discounts and deals on cheap Hoyts movie tickets.


If you're in the mood for an entertaining cinema experience, look no further than HOYTS Cinemas. They offer plenty of deals to students – there's something available for everyone, depending on their interests, taste, and budget.


You must sign up with Student Edge and create an account to take advantage of the student discount offer.


Student Edge members receive exclusive movie ticket discounts at HOYTS every Monday – Thursday with $12.50 tickets for general session and $32 tickets for HOYTS LUX.



14. Event Cinemas Student Discount


International students are searching for the best student discounts and deals on cheap Event Cinema movie tickets.


If you want to see new movies, get the ultimate experience with Event Cinemas. They offer many student deals. Plus, if you are a member of Cinebuzz for Students, you get more student discounts. You must present your student ID at the Box Office of any Event Cinema in Australia.


Events Cinema currently offers $8 Student Tickets on Mondays for Cinebuzz members. To access this offer, you must show your current and valid student ID at the Box Office to receive the promo code from staff members.


After, you must go online and add the promo code to your Cinebuzz account. We recommend joining Cinebuzz to receive cheap cinema tickets.



15. Fitness First Student Discount


International students are searching for the best student discounts and deals on Fitness First gym memberships.


Create a healthier lifestyle by joining Fitness First. They offer world-class facilities, including group training sessions, extended opening hours, and an expert team. For an instant student discount, visit their club and show them your student ID.

Student concession discounts' availability depends on the club. You should speak to the Fitness First team at your local club for more information and specific promotions and discounts for students.



16. MYER Student Discount


International students are searching for the best student discounts and deals at MYER.


Myer is one of the largest Australian department stores. They have everything available, including men, women & kids' clothing, beauty products, entertainment, homewares, toys, and much more. Check out their website to get the best deals.


The reatiler may only sometimes offer student discounts. For the latest information, visit their website to look out for the best student deals available.



17. ASOS Student Discount


International students are searching for the best student discounts and deals for cheap fashion clothes at ASOS in Australia.


ASOS is a famous fashion brand that provides you with the latest trends. Visit their online store and complete a form to obtain discount codes and great student discounts. The online fashion retailer is currently offering 10% off. You must register with your student email address to get the discount.


ASOS will conduct a background check to see if you are a genuine student before allowing you to take advantage of this fantastic offer. They will verify your student email address. Who doesn't love shopping at ASOS?



18. Domino's Student Discount


International students are searching for the best student discounts and deals for cheap pizzas at Dominos in Australia.


The world's largest pizza chain, Domino's in Australia, provides the best deals on various pizzas. You can visit their online or physical store to get exclusive discounts. You can also log in to your UNiDAYS or Student Edge account to obtain the latest promo codes or coupons for Domino's Pizza Australia.


That's correct; students can benefit from 40% Off Premium and Classic pizzas. It could not be any easier.


For instant access to this deal, register and verify your student status with UNiDAYS.


19. HP Student Discount


International students are searching for the best student discounts and deals for cheap laptops at HP in Australia.


This computers and electronics company provides instant access to student discounts on a wide range of student devices such as tablets, laptops, computers, etc. You must register on their official website using your student ID or email ID to get incredible student discounts.


HP offers up to 30% off laptops and gaming PCs, 25% off on desktops, and up to 31% off on monitors, including 54% off on accessories.


Sign up on the HP student deal store to make the most of it. You can visit the website directly by clicking on the HP logo.



20. Lenovo Student Discount


International students are searching for the best student discounts and deals for cheap laptops at Lenovo in Australia.


If you are looking for amazing deals on laptops, desktops, tablets, and other accessories, look no further than Lenovo. They give generous student discounts on laptops in Australia. Visit their online store today and get the best deals on your favourite gadgets.

The Lenovo Education Store enables students to purchase Lenovo PC and laptop products, accessories and other things directly from Lenovo at discounted prices. Register with the Lenovo Education Store for up to 57% off study-friendly PCs.



21. Samsung Student Discount


International students are searching for the best student discounts and deals for cheap smartphones and laptops at Samsung in Australia.


If you are a student in Australia, you can go to the Samsung education store online and sign up for your account using a valid email address. Once you sign up, you'll be eligible to receive educational discounts and offers on tablets, mobile phones, monitors, etc.


Samsung offers the latest tech and various products you can use in your school or university. You can find some of the best tablets to take notes in class, best-in-class accessories, or even laptops.



22. Cotton: On Student Discount


International students are searching for the best student discounts and deals for cheap clothes at Cotton On in Australia.


This well-known global clothing, stationery, and accessories retailer provides excellent student deals and offers on all their products. You can obtain the best Cotton: On student discount by registering with UNiDAYS.


Students can benefit from a 15% discount. If you want to take advantage of this amazing offer, sign up with UNiDAYS.


23. Sephora Student Discount


International students are searching for the best student discounts and deals for cheap make up at Sephora in Australia.


Sephora covers you if you want to discover and get the best offers on makeup, skincare, and hair products.


This globally renowned brand has top-notch beauty products. You can get an instant special student discount on Sephora cosmetics by creating an account with UNiDAYS.



24. Amazon Student Discount



Amazon has a great student offer in the USA that includes a 6-month Amazon Prime free trial and a further 50% off after the trial ends. However, this discount is not available for students in Australia. We will inform you of any changes if the same offer is available soon.


You can sign up for Prime Membership in Australia.



25. eBay Student Discount



eBay is a famous online auction house and marketplace. It offers exclusive discount codes for students, where you can save 8% to 15% off the items purchased on its platform. You can register and use eBay Plus. This marketplace was the first mover in Australia.



26. Student Discount is one of the largest online retailers in Australia, selling everything from electronics goods to clothing, and you can now save up to 15%.


This marketplace also offers competitive student mobile plans called 'Catch Connect'.



27. Huawei Student Discount




Huawei produces the latest laptops, smartphones, wearables, and high-quality accessories.


The company provides some tremendous smart watches, tables, and more.


The quality is superior, and the products are very well-priced. UNiDAYS is partnering with this great company and offering the latest discount.


28. Boohoo Student Discount



Boohoo is a famous female fashion retailer focusing on youth fashion and accessories. You can get up to 50% off clothes depending on active promotions. Terms and conditions apply. To receive student discount codes, you must register with Student Beans or UNiDAYS.


Students save all year at boohoo. With two different ways to grab your discount, you'll always get the best onsite deal and offers.



29. Valleygirl Student Discount



Valleygirl offers the latest trends, fashion, and looks, which you can see on catwalks in numerous fashion magazines for girls and women. Save up to 10% on your orders at Valleygirl.


You must register with Student Beans to receive student discounts and check when these deals are available. They are not always offering these, and they depend on the promotions running throughout the year.



30. Specsavers Student Discount



Are you looking for new contact lenses or glasses at an excellent price? Specsavers partnered with Student Beans to offer their student members a special deal.


If you require new contact lenses or glasses, then Specsavers has you covered. Get 10% off on contact lenses or 25% off when you choose one pair from the $149 range or above with single-vision lenses.


Register with Student Beans to confirm your student status and get your student deals today!



31. YD. Student Discount



YD offers stylish and affordable men's clothing. This retail giant covers you if you are after casual wear or formal clothes for work. Receive a 10% student discount when shopping at YD. You must be a Student Beans member to receive this discount.


When you register, you can use your student discount code at the checkout to enjoy 10% off your order.



32. Village Cinema Student Discount



Village Cinemas doesn't offer student discounts directly, but you can get cheaper movie tickets via their rewards program.


However, you can get cheaper standard tickets starting at $10 per movie if you are an RACV member.


You can also join their special membership to get 20% off all their movie tickets. Head over to their website now and check out their latest promotions.



33. Strike Student Discount



Are you looking for some indoor fun with friends? Strike is the perfect place to have fun with a group of buddies. It offers various fun activities from bowling to laser tag and karaoke – there's no lack of joy at Strike's, with over 14 venues across Australia.


Head to their deals and promotion page now and organise a fun night with your friends. Who doesn't like a fantastic bowling night?



34. Holey Moley Mini Golf Student Discount




Holey Moley Golf Club is a mini-golf course, cocktail bar and an excellent all-hub rolled into one brilliant venue. It is great for having fun with friends and also meeting new people. All mini gold students' offers are on their student discount page.


You might have to join Student Beans to take advantage of the student discount.



35. Flight Centre Student Discount



Get a discount on selected airlines and journeys with Flight Centre. The deals and offers vary depending on the period. You should always check here before booking any flights.


Students can get discounts up to 10% off select airfares with: 


  • Singapore Airlines

  • Etihad Airways

  • Emirates Airways

  • Malaysia Airlines 

  • United Airlines

  • Delta



36. Apple Music Student Discount



Students enrolled in universities, and colleges can join Apple Music at a lower monthly rate for up to 48 months. You also get Apple TV+ for a limited time with an Apple Music student subscription.


To get a student subscription, visit the link above and follow the steps. You also need a UNiDAYS account to be eligible for this student discount.



37. Grill'd Student Discount



Grill'd, famous for its fantastic-tasting burgers and other delicious food offers a free drink for students from Monday to Wednesday. However, you must join their reward program for this. For more information, visit their website here.


Follow the below steps to get a free drink:


  1. Join Relish and register as a student.

  2. Visit their restaurant anytime Mon – Thurs.

  3. Choose your favourite burger and any drink from their fridge.

  4. Show your student ID & and scan your Student Free Drink barcode (You can keep your barcode in the  Grill'd App).



38. Betty's Burgers Student Discount



It is one of the most popular burger chains in Australia. To take advantage of the special offers and deals, download the Betty's Burgers app. It will notify you when there are student discounts or complementary offers.


You can download the Betty's Burger app here.



39. Mc Donalds Student Discount



You can find the best student discounts in the McDonald's app. The app lists all special offers and promotions daily and weekly. The app shows discount codes for complimentary burgers or discounted food and drinks.


For immediate student discounts, you can join Student Edge. Members in the following states: NT, WA, QLD, SA, VIC, NSW, ACT and TAS, receive a free small soft drink, orange juice or coffee from McDonald's with any purchase over $4. (Terms and Conditions Apply)


For the latest information, visit the Student Edge website.



40. KFC Student Discount



Famous for its delicious-tasting chicken, KCF offers various discounts through their app.


We recommend checking the KFC app for discount codes and offers to get delicious chicken wings and other excellent food cheaper.



41. Guzman Gomez Student Discount



The best Mexican food out there, this popular fast-food chain offers burritos, nachos, Tacos and other yummy food. From time to time, they offer special promotions where you might get one burrito for free if you buy one.


We advise downloading their app to be informed about their latest specials.




42. Microsoft Office 365 Student Discount



Students can register to get Office 365 Education free and unlimited access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Microsoft Teams, including various classroom tools.


You must use your valid school email address to be eligible here. (Your school must be suitable for this offer).



43. GitHub Student Developer Pack



This student developer pack gives you GitHub Pro free while you are a student, including access to the valuable GitHub Student Developer Pack offered by partners.


It also provides GitHub Campus Expert training for qualified applicants.



44. Notion Student Discount



It is one of the best student collaboration tools out there. Notion offers students a gratis Personal Pro Plan and lets them cooperate with unlimited guests. 


Register with your school email address here to take advantage of this offer.



45. JetBrains Student Discount



Students from accredited institutions (high schools, colleges, and universities) can apply for the free license program.


Students must be enrolled in an accredited academic program that takes one or more years of full-time study.



Final Thoughts


Whenever you want to purchase something new, plan a trip or an evening out, browse through all the discount options available. You can sign up on popular student discount websites in Australia and save money on luxuries and essentials.


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