What Is an RSA Certificate In Australia: Explained

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Students want to know why they need an RSA certificate in Australia before they can serve alcohol.


Are you considering working in the hospitality industry as a bartender or in-room service? Do you frequently read about the "RSA Training '' and "RSA Certificate" requirements?


To work in Australia serving or selling alcohol, you need a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate. For this, you need to take a one-day course, which depends on each state in Australia. After completing this course, you will obtain an RSA certificate.


This blog has all the information about the RSA, the meaning, training courses, and the RSA certificate in various parts of Australia. If you are excited to learn more about it, keep reading to get enlightened.



1. What Is an RSA Certificate?


The RSA, which is short for Responsible Service of Alcohol, is the certificate that verifies that you are familiar with Australia's alcohol laws. You must have it if you are willing to work in the hospitality industry.


All the states in Australia require you to earn your RSA by opting for an RSA Training course. With this certificate, you can work in any establishment that serves or sells alcoholic beverages (restaurants, bars, pubs, hotels, bottle shops, etc.).


During the RSA training, you will learn how to serve alcohol responsibly by recognising drunk consumers and underage drinkers. This course will raise awareness about drunk driving and how to avoid it. It will assist you in comprehending the laws governing the usage of alcohol in Australia.


Everyone needs an RSA Certificate to sell alcohol in a pub, bar, restaurant, or nightclub. Responsible Service of Alcohol courses is available online in the Northern TerritoryQueenslandWestern Australia, and South Australia


You must complete The Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training under the supervision of a competent trainer in VictoriaTasmaniaNew South Wales, and the Australian Capital Territory.


Every state has liquor licensing regulations, and while some recognise the Nationally Accredited RSA course, others do not. Now that you have learned about what the RSA certificate is all about let us go through the jobs that require the RSA certificate so that you will know what you are preparing for.



2. What Jobs Need A RSA Certificate?


Any job that demands handling alcohol or supervision of alcohol service. Although some jobs may differ from state to state, the following is a list of jobs that require an RSA certificate:


  • Bartenders

  • Employees working in a bar

  • Bottle Shop attendants or owners

  • Wine Stewards

  • Glass Collectors (Bussies)

  • Security Staff at Licensed Premises

  • Room Service Staff


Now that you know about all the jobs that need the RSA certificate, you might wonder what the RSA training course entails and what you can expect from them. Read the following section to learn more!



3. What Does The RSA Training Course Cover?


Given below are the pointers that state what are the things that you can expect in the RSA training course:


  • After taking the course, you can sell, serve, and legally advertise alcohol.

  • The course will help you assess and track customers' levels of intoxication. 

  • The course will teach you how alcohol should be sold or served responsibly.

  • This course will help you assist consumers in staying within safe drinking limits.

  • The system will assist you in identifying underage consumers. 

  • The course will help you recognise your and your employer's roles in adhering to the law. 

  • The course will also assist you in measuring drinks and advising customers regarding drinks. 



4. How Can You Acquire Your Certificate?


You can acquire your certificate by taking the course in a classroom setting at a certified training centre or by taking it entirely online.


You can take the online course at any time from the comfort of your home. This way, you're free to take breaks anytime you need or desire. You can immediately download your certificate once you've finished it. You will also have access to several resources and videos to help you pass the test. You can complete the entire training course online.


Every state has its guidelines for courses and training. Some states approve online training, while others do not.


NOTE: Verify that the firm conducting the course is a certified Registered Training Organisation when looking for a venue to complete your RSA (RTO).


Now let us look at which states in Australia accept the RSA certificate. 



5. Is The RSA Certificate Accepted All Over Australia?


Because the laws governing the sale and service of alcohol differ from state to state, the RSA does not apply uniformly. Each state has its own liquor licence rules, and an RSA certificate valid throughout Australia is not available.



6. RSA Certificate In The Different States



New South Wales (NSW) - RSA Certificate


The New South Wales state government requires the RSA Certificate course as mandatory training before obtaining a Photo Competency Card from the Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing (OLGR). Getting this card to work in licensed premises that sell alcohol is an obligation.


All candidates in New South Wales who want to get an RSA certificate must take a face-to-face course approved by the NSW Liquor Administration Board. You should have a valid Photo Competency Card or an Interim Certificate to operate in a licensed establishment in the Sydney CBD or Kings Cross region.


People who have completed the authorised Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) or Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) courses in NSW must get a photo competency card. They can get this card from a partner, such as an Australia Post outlet, to work in the liquor serving premises.


Accreditation can be awarded the same day your course is completed or mailed to you later. The RSA course costs around $100 to $120 in New South Wales.



South Australia (SA) - RSA Certificate


South Australia accepts nationally accredited Responsible Service of Alcohol online courses.


You will need to apply to the SA Liquor Licensing Commission and supply evidence of the national RSA certificate to work in liquor serving premises.


Once approved, the SA Liquor Licensing Office of the Liquor and Gaming Commissioner will award you a "badge." The SA RSA courses cost around $15 to $20.



Northern Territory (NT) - RSA Certificate


All liquor retailers in the Northern Territory must have a Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate. Northern Territory accepts the completion of the course through an online medium. 


The course provider must meet the required standards of the NT government. The NT RSA courses cost around $15 to $20.



Victoria (VIC) - RSA Certificate


Staff and licensees meeting the mandatory RSA standards have one month to complete an RSA program. It starts when they first sell, offer, or serve liquor on licensed premises.


You cannot obtain your RSA certificate online in Victoria. Further, the course lasts one day. You will also receive your certificate on the same day.


A Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulations (VCGLR) RSA Certificate is required to work in a licensed establishment in Melbourne and broader Victoria. The VIC RSA courses cost around $50 to $150.



Tasmania (TAS) - RSA Certificate


All employees who work with alcohol in Tasmania are required to acquire an RSA certificate.


You can take the Tasmanian RSA course online. Since the standards are stricter in Tasmania, some cheaper online RSA course alternatives aren't allowed. The TAS RSA courses cost around $15 to $30.



Australian Capital Territory (ACT) - RSA Certificate


Employees who supply liquor and crowd controllers must have undergone an ACT-approved Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training course. 


These online courses will usually certify you to work with alcoholic beverages in Western Australia, Queensland, the Northern Territory, South Australia, and Tasmania.



Western Australia (WA) and Queensland (QLD) - RSA Certificate


All employees working with alcohol in Western Australia must complete RSA training. The majority of the courses will cost around $15 to $50. 


These online courses will usually certify you to work with alcoholic beverages in Western Australia, Queensland, the Northern Territory, South Australia, and Tasmania.


Let us now glance through the RSA exam and what the exam entails.



7. The RSA Exam


You will have to appear for a simple RSA Exam at the end of the course. This exam will test you on all you've learned about serving alcohol responsibly. 



8. What Will You Be Asked in the RSA Test? 


The test will be on:


  • Your ability to comprehend the laws governing the responsible service of alcohol. And also consequences of non-compliance for both employers and employees. 

  • Your understanding of responsibly serving alcohol. 

  • Determine and track consumers' levels of drunkenness.

  • The ability and skills to apply the requirements/legislation of responsible alcohol service to situations involving beverage service.

  • Encourage customers to drink within reasonable limits.

  • Evaluate alcohol-influenced customers and identify those to deny sale or service.

  • Refuse to serve alcohol to intoxicated customers.

  • Preventing and detecting underage drinking

  • Recognise your and your employer's roles in adhering to the law.



9. RSA/RCG Card


If you plan to work in a place that serves alcohol or provides gambling services, you'll need to complete RSA or RCG training (RCG).


Once you've completed your course, you'll receive your RSA or RCG interim certificate(s). Only then can you apply for your RSA/RCG competency card.


You can use your mobile device to access the competency card once you get it. Also, you will need a "MyServiceNSW" account and the Service NSW app's latest version. You can add RSA/RCG competency card information to your MyServiceNSW account.



10. Eligibility To Apply For An RSA/RCG Card


To be eligible for an RSA/RCG card, you must have the following:


  • You should complete an approved NSW RSA or RCG training course with an approved training provider.

  • An RSA or RCG interim certificate.

  • No previous or pending competency card application.



11. What Will You Require To Apply For An RSA/RCG Card?


These are the things that you need to apply for an RSA/RCG card:


  • An interim certificate for the RSA or RCG. They have to be issued within the last five years by an approved NSW training provider.

  • One hundred points of ID papers - permissible document types are listed on the back of the interim certificate.

  • The course completion certificate's personal information must match your ID. Minor inconsistencies, such as spelling or typos, can be corrected at Service NSW.



If you've changed your name from what's on your identity documents (Registry issued), You will also need to give proof of your name change, such as an:


  • Australian marriage certificate.

  • A marriage certificate from another country (with official translation)

  • Certificate of name change (Registry issued)

  • Divorce evidence (Family Court). 



12. How To Apply For An RSA/RCG Card?


After completing the training and receiving your interim RSA /RCG certificate, you will need to take all your documents, visit the service centre to take a photo, and submit an application. 


Within four weeks of completing your application, you will receive your competency card in the mail. The NSW RSA Competency Card is valid for five years. 



13. Conclusion


You must legally complete the RSA training if you wish to work in a place where alcohol is sold or served. 


The investment is low and will swiftly get you a return once you start working in Australia.


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