How To Become A Security Guard In Australia: Explained

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Students want to know how they can become security guards in Australia.


Are you responsible and committed to preserving safety and security in society?


Security guards offer investigative and security services to both organizations and individuals. These professionals may also assist in critical incidents and emergencies.


Aspiring security guards who want to know how to work as security guards in Australia should obtain a Security Guard license from the Australian state where they live.


This step-by-step guide will teach you how to become a security guard in Australia, the education requirements, qualifications, security guard courses, training, job opportunities, how to get a license, and pathways to build a career as a security guard in Australia.



1. Who Is A Security Guard?


Security Guards are professionals who safeguard assets, including money, equipment, property, and people and oppose individuals who cause damage and conduct other unsafe and criminal activities.


They maintain a high visibility presence on-site and guard the area to discourage and prevent unauthorized behaviour. They also monitor surveillance equipment and alarm systems to identify criminal activity and take the necessary action to reduce damage by opposing and escorting intruders off the property.


Security guards are also responsible for reporting incidents to employers and emergency services, including the fire departments and police. Furthermore, they monitor, assess, and permit/deny everyone who enters and exits the site based on their clearance or authority.



2. Reasons To Become A Security Guard In Australia


The most remarkable thing about being a security guard is that you can use your talents to protect society. 


Moreover, the job offers flexible work hours and doesn't require a professional degree to pursue it. So, here are a few benefits you can get when you become a security guard.



Stable Profession


Security guards help keep the nation safe, prosperous, and strong. They are essential service professionals whose demands will always be there. This implies that there will be no lack of jobs in the future.





Another benefit to working in this profession is that you can work part-time or full-time. Thus, it is a good option for those with other professional commitments.



Diverse Jobs


Once qualified as a security guard, you can work in various settings. These include music festivals and events, hospitals, corporate settings, nightclubs, pubs, sporting clubs, shopping centres, educational institutions, airports, and other places.



Develop Interpersonal Skills


A security guard is a social profession that requires interacting with different personalities and backgrounds. 


If you enjoy working with hospitality people, this is undoubtedly the best profession for you.


While working in this profession, you get ample opportunities to work on your people skills, which may help you in other future hospitality job roles.





Security guards help make the world a safe place to live in. People are often appreciative and obliged to them for making them feel comfortable and protected.



3. Duties And Tasks Of A Security Guard


A security guard performs the following responsibilities:


  • Design security specs and advise clients on security requirements 

  • Provide armed shields for specific organizations.

  • Offer assistance to the clients and the public.

  • Control access to sites where they are employed, such as public buildings, banks, universities, retail stores, and more.

  • Watch for irregularities, including fire hazards, unlocked security doors, leakage in water pipes, equipment failures, etc., and report incidents to the concerned authority. 

  • Monitor alarm, television, and security systems.

  • Communicate by radio with mobile units for attending alarms.

  • Prevent illegal and unlawful behaviour.

  • Patrol areas and perform security checks.

  • Liaise with emergency services whenever required. 

  • Perform first aid whenever required.

  • Check doors, windows, and gates for any indication of unauthorized entry.

  • Record the time of an inspection. 

  • Report suspects to police when appropriate and detain them till the police arrive at the site.

  • Hand over security passes, provide directions, and make adequate security arrangements for official visitors.

  • Check tourists and their hand luggage to find hidden explosives and weapons.

  • Report theft, fraud, and other illegal acts by employees of business establishments.

  • Watch for any irregularity related to fire hazards and broken water pipes, and take appropriate action to extinguish the fire, criminal activity, and accidental loss.

  • Contact supervisors, fire brigades, and police via phone or radio on the detection of fire or security violations.

  • Ensure the safe delivery of payrolls, valuables, and cash.

  • Operate ATM, currency counting, cash counting, and coin machines

  • Investigate clients and prepare evidence for court proceedings

  • Detect and investigate theft and other illegal acts in retail establishments



4. Skills For Becoming A Security Guard


A security guard is responsible for taking care of people and assets anywhere. 


To work in this job, you need to have the following skills:


  • Honesty

  • Alert and Observant 

  • Reliability

  • Confidence

  • Good communication skills 

  • Good people skills

  • Able to take fast and precise decisions under pressure

  • Critical thinking

  • Physical fitness

  • Responsible

  • Comfortable working at nights

  • Good eyesight and hearing abilities

  • Assertive

  • Good interpersonal skills

  • Good negotiation skills



5. Qualifications To Become A Security Guard In Australia


In Australia, you must obtain a Security Guard License to work as a security guard. For this, you need to get the below qualifications:


  • Australian citizenship for at least 12 months

  • Year 10 education

  • 18 years and above

  • Language proficiency

  • Clean criminal record

  • Complete a state government-approved Security Guard licensing course, i.e., Certificate II in Security Operations. 

  • Each Australian state has a government body, and the local police control the Security Guard's licenses. You must check the state-level government bodies for a list of approved Security Guard licensing courses. 

  • A National Police Certificate

  • A current First Aid Certificate

  • valid driver's license

  • Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate if working in licensed venues where they sell alcohol.



6. Steps To Become A Security Guard In Australia


If you think you have what it takes to become a Security Guard, then follow the below steps to make your career in security:



Step 1: Complete The Basic Education


You must complete a Senior Secondary Certificate of Education and obtain basic training in first aid.



Step 2: Find The Right Training Provider


The selection of the right training provider is crucial for your success. Before enrolling in a course, you must check that the training provider is registered. Look at their past ratings, reviews, profile, credentials, and the job support program.


It is beneficial to check their current operational status at training and their itemized list of fees and eligibility for refunds or concessions.


Along with it, there are a few more provider obligations that you can find here. An RTO has to provide their registration number on their marketing and advertising material.



Step 3: Take Relevant Security Courses


Once you have chosen the right RTO, the next important job is to complete the proper security guard qualification to become a security guard. Almost all Australian states look for Certificate II in Security Operations as the entry-level qualification to obtain a security guard license.


Upon completing the course, you will obtain a security license. You can legally work as a security guard in Australia.


Refer to the below websites to further understand the state-level licensing process in Australia:




Step 4: Apply For Security Guard Jobs And Obtain Experience


Once you qualify as a security guard, you can work in various industries, including government buildings, schools, retail stores, office buildings, transport companies, and many more. 


A few employers also provide on-the-job training for new hires.



Step 5: Upskill and Gain More Relevant Qualifications


Your employability increases with the number of relevant qualifications and licenses you hold. Gaining additional training in conflict resolution, criminal justice, and other related fields will help me find a high paid security guard job.



Step 6: Hunt For Jobs


Gaining an entry-level role may take time, as many people apply for this profession every year. Networking is a great tool to help you make professional connections and stay updated about industry trends.


Signing up on social media and websites of training providers will help you get regular updates regarding job openings, industry news, etc., from them.


You can also refer to a few helpful national resources for security guards:




7. How To Become A Security Guard In South Australia?


To work as a security guard in South Australia, you will need to complete the following qualification requirements:


  • 18 years or above

  • Clean criminal record

  • Passport photograph

  • Physical fitness

  • Proper eyesight and hearing abilities

  • An existing First Aid Certificate

  • Copy of a government ID to prove your citizenship

  • valid driving license

  • Proficiency in written and verbal English

  • Copy of completion of an approved certificate 2 in the security operations license course that demonstrates your capability to work in the security industry.


Once you meet the below requirements, you can apply for a security guard license via the online portal along with your photographs, Id proof, and certification copy.


Click here to learn more details about the license application process.



8. How To Become A Security Guard in Queensland?


To ensure the safety of people in Queensland, you must meet minimum standards before being eligible to work within private security.


  • 18 years and above

  • No criminal record

  • Passport photograph

  • Physical fitness

  • Proper vision and hearing abilities

  • Hold a valid driver's license

  • A copy of Queensland government ID as a citizenship proof

  • Ability to write and speak in English

  • A copy of the completion of QLD approved security license course

  • An existing First Aid Certificate


Once you meet the above requirements, you can download the Qld security license application and apply on the website.


Click here for further details on the security guard license.



9. How To Become A Security Guard In Victoria (VIC)?


To become a security guard in Victoria, you must obtain a Victoria security guard license by completing the following requirements:


  • 18 years or more

  • Proficiency in reading and writing English

  • Not be a prohibited person.

  • Applicants who have resided outside Australia for over a year in the last ten years after turning 16 years should provide certified copies of international police checks.

  • Fit and proper person

  • Physically healthy

  • Have a valid driver's license.

  • Normal hearing abilities and eyesight

  • Submit your fingerprints

  • Three victoria references that aren't related to you

  • A copy of victoria's government ID to prove your citizenship

  • A copy of successful completion of an approved security training course Victoria or certificate ii in security operations

  • Provide two written references that show your appropriateness for employment in the private security industry

  • A current First Aid Certificate


Complete the security license form and apply for the security guard license via the online Victoria Police portal along with the documents.


Click here to know more details.



10. How To Become A Security Guard In New South Wales (NSW)?


Aspiring security guards who want to work in New South Wales and obtain a security guard license in NSW should follow the below-licensing conditions and procedures:


  • 18 years and above

  • Not a prohibited person on legal grounds

  • Fit and proper person

  • Passport Photograph

  • A copy of federal or New South Wales government ID for citizenship proof,

  • Proficiency in writing and speaking English

  • Physical health

  • Sound vision and hearing ability

  • A valid driver's license

  • A copy of successful completion of NSW Approved Security License Course or Certificate II in Security Operations

  • A current First Aid Certificate


On meeting the above requirements, candidates can apply for a security license course through the NSW online portal along with the supporting documents.


To know more details click here.



11. Certifications And Courses For Security Guard In Australia


A Certificate II in Security Operations is a mandatory and legal requirement for security guard licensing in all states of Australia. 


The course fulfils the licensing requirements for base-level roles, including general guarding, unarmed security officer, crowd control, or venue control. You can enrol for a Certificate II in Security Operations in any of the below-registered training institutes in Australia:


  • Security Courses

  • Australian Training Academy

  • CLET Training

  • Australian Training Institute

  • Perth Security Services


Certificate II qualification makes you eligible to advance your security career by studying a Certificate III or IV in Security Operations and Risk Management. 


A combination of Certificate II with the following courses will add to your skill set and enhance your job prospects:



  • Certificate III in Public Safety (Biosecurity Response Operations)

  • Certificate III in Security Operations

  • Certificate III in Security Equipment

  • Certificate III in Blinds, Awnings, Security Screens and Grilles

  • Certificate III in Close Protection Operations

  • Certificate III in Technical Security

  • Certificate III in Government

  • Certificate IV in Government

  • Certificate IV in Public Safety (Biosecurity Response Leadership)

  • Certificate IV in Government Security

  • Certificate IV in Security Management (supersedes Cert IV in Security and Risk Management)



Free Security Training Courses in NSW


The reopening of the NSW economy is creating exciting employment opportunities for security guards at live events, festivals, and concerts.


The government launched the fee-free Certificate II in Security Operations training due to the high demand for licensed and trained Security Officers in New South Wales.



Budding security guards interested in working in the security industry and completing the NSW Security Licence course can register on this website.



12. Working Conditions For A Security Officer





Security guards work in various settings that, include: private security firms, government agencies, educational institutions, and corporate offices. 


Other venues are courts, banks, hospitals, public, and office buildings, airports, event sites, pubs, nightclubs, sports clubs, shopping centres, industrial organizations, large department stores, commercial and industrial organizations, property companies, hotels, construction sites, and more.



Work Hours


The profession of security guards is 24 hours / 7 days a week. They mostly do shiftwork, including night duty, public holidays, and weekends.



Nature Of Employment


Over 68% of employed security guards work full-time for around 45 hours. This shows that the profession also presents opportunities for part-time professionals.





The average age of employed security guards is 41 years compared to the industry's average of 40 years.





Only 16% of the employed security workforce constitutes female. This shows that it is a male-dominated profession.





A security guard may have to work at sites prone to crime and attacks, such as financial institutions, government offices, event sites, etc.


This requires them to be adequately trained in health and safety to implement necessary measures to ensure the health and well-being of the public, workers, and assets. Security guards have to wear comfortable and protective clothing and well-fitting footwear mandatorily.



13. Employment Opportunities For A Security Guard


As of 2022, the Australian security industry has around 60,300 Security Officers and Guards in various sectors such as finance, building, construction, education, security services, healthcare, public administration and safety, retail trade, and social assistance.


The sector presents diverse work and career development opportunities for qualified and trained Australian security guards. 


Completing a Certificate II in Security Operations opens the door to the following employment opportunities:


  • Unarmed Guard

  • Bodyguard

  • Defence personnel

  • Crowd controller

  • Gatekeeper

  • Mobile patrol guard

  • Security agent

  • Security Officer

  • Loss prevention officer

  • Control room operations

  • Concierge

  • Private investigator

  • Cash-in-transit officer

  • Risk assessor

  • Personal protection officer

  • Security adviser



Area of Specializations


After gaining experience, a security guard can also specialize in any of the following areas:


  • Australian Protective Service Officer

  • Bodyguard

  • Crowd Controller

  • Gatekeeper

  • Mobile Patrol Guard

  • Security Agent

  • Store Security Officer

  • Air Security Officer



14. Job Prospects For Security Guard In Australia


The investigation and Security Services Industry comes under an essential service that helps keep the community safe, strong, and prosperous. 


Furthermore, the government's historic investment in the defence sector has created abundant job opportunities for security guards and other security and defence personnel.


Based on the Government's Job Outlook, the security guard profession strongly demands skilled professionals. The sector has great potential to lead and advance and is likely to grow over the next five years.



15. How Much Does A Security Guard Earn In Australia?


Based on Indeed 2022 data, the average security guard salary in Australia is 57,571. Their average hourly and weekly wages are $29.65 and $1053, respectively. 


Highest Paying Cities For Security Guards in Australia:



  • Canberra, ACT: $86,423 per year

  • Mackay, QLD: $82,878 per year

  • Darwin, NT: $77,118 per year

  • Townsville, QLD: $66,351 per year

  • Newcastle, NSW: $65,703 per year

  • Perth, WA: $64,135 per year

  • Goldcoast, QLD: $61,699 per year

  • Brisbane, QLD: $60,227 per year



Salary increment


Australian Security Guards observe an approximate salary hike of 8% every 17 months.



16. Conclusion


The job of a security guard is an excellent opportunity to protect the safety of people. The best part is that you don't need any specific professional education to become one. 


Also, by qualifying as a security guard, you get numerous career progression options to work in various settings.


So, if you are ambitious to serve the nation, take your time. Get licensed and start working in the field of security.


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