How To Become A Copywriter In Australia: A Complete Guide

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Students want to know how to become freelancer copywriters in Australia and get good at copywriting.


Are you creative and enjoy researching, writing and working with many products and services? Then, a career as a copywriter might be perfect for you.


Copywriters are marketing professionals who research and compose written content to promote the goods or services of a client. They use creative and persuasive communication techniques to target an audience online or offline.


To become a copywriter, you don't need any formal qualifications. However, a Bachelor's degree or Certificate IV in advertising, marketing, media studies, communications, professional and creative writing, and journalism can help you launch this career quickly.


This blog outlines the required skills, qualifications, courses to study, and steps to becoming a copywriter in Australia, bringing your copywriting skills to the next level.



1. What Is Copywriting?


Copywriting is writing promotional and marketing content to influence or persuade people to act on it. This can be by making a purchase, subscribing to a channel, clicking on a link, scheduling a consultation, or donating to a cause.


Copywriting aims to increase brand awareness and motivate people to take action. The written promotions or sales copy is published either in print or online.


Some of the best examples of copywriting in Australia are:


  • Promotions for local restaurants 

  • Fundraising letters from charitable organizations 

  • Sales letters for services and products

  • Television commercials 

  • Product reviews on YouTube

  • Short "how-to" videos on product use

  • Free reports or emails you receive after signup


There are many different types of copywriting:



  • Marketing Copywriting 

  • Social Media Copywriting

  • Brand Copywriting

  • Direct Response Copywriting

  • Technical Copywriting

  • Public Relations Copywriting

  • Thought Leadership Copywriting

  • SEO Copywriting

  • Email Copywriting



2. Who Is A Copywriter?


Copywriters extensively research and create written text, ads, or handouts to promote the goods and services of a business. The content or "copy" they create includes blog posts, emails, slogans, technical documents, sales letters, speeches, website copy, or advertisement scripts.


Copywriters, also called "creative content providers," use a few words and images to capture the intended audience's attention and deliver a powerful message. They adhere to style guides to match the content's deliberate tone and advertising brief.


Copywriters work in teams at government organizations, publishing houses, public relations firms, creative agencies, and film and television studios.

Copywriters mainly produce promotional content for various outlets, such as:


  • Emails

  • Media campaigns and catalogues

  • Press releases

  • Direct mail pieces 

  • Brochures

  • Annual reports 

  • Technical documents 

  • Speeches

  • Billboards

  • Advertising flyers

  • Television plugs

  • Social media advertisements

  • Radio advertisements

  • Flyers 

  • Landing pages

  • Sales letters

  • Product pages

  • Sales pages

  • Web pages



3. What Does A Copywriter Do?


  • Plan the sales and promotional content that appeals to the intended people and compels them to buy into a business' product and services

  • Consult with management, marketing, and design teams, senior editors, and clients to determine the tone of voice, theme, style, and length of a copy

  • Study products to determine principal selling features

  • Create advertisements for various media applications such as radio, TV, cinema screens, newspapers, magazines, press, catalogues, billboards, displays, websites, social media, blogs, and shop displays.

  • Review and edit a copy for publication to comply with professional standards and style guide.

  • Research and write information-based content, technical content, and documentation for books, handouts, manuals, and multimedia products.

  • Help art directors develop ideas for slogans, product names, ad scripts, and other promotional material.



4. Required Copywriting Skills


You need hard and soft skills to succeed in this profession. Some practical skills for copywriters are as follows:


  • Observant 

  • Effective Research skills

  • Exceptional Reading skills

  • Proofreading and Editing skills 

  • Artistic and Creative 

  • Originality

  • Analytical mindset

  • Able to pick relevant facts and highlight them

  • Able to write clearly

  • Good concentration

  • Technical ability to write for all types of media

  • Good time-management skills 

  • Able to work under pressure

  • Self-motivated

  • Detail orientation

  • Planning skills

  • Delegation skills

  • Computer skills

  • Able to meet work deadlines

  • Knowledge of digital marketing strategies and SEO



5. Qualifications To Become A Copywriter In Australia


You don't need a formal qualification to become a copywriter. However, many employers look for candidates with a university qualification in advertising, marketing, media studies, communications, professional and creative writing, journalism, or English.


Some good degree options to consider are:


  • Bachelor of Creative Writing

  • Bachelor of Journalism 

  • Bachelor of Communication


You must gain your Senior Secondary Certificate of Education in English and mathematics.


Alternatively, you can complete a VET qualification, such as a Certificate IV in Professional Writing and Editing or a Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication.



6. Steps To Become A Copywriter In Australia


Your passion for writing, experience and natural skill set all play a significant role in becoming a successful copywriter. If you aspire to become a copywriter, here is a step-by-step guide to reaching your goal.



Step 1: Get Qualified


There are different pathways to becoming a copywriter in Australia.


Complete a relevant university degree, such as a Bachelor of Creative Writing, Bachelor of Marketing, Bachelor of English and Literary Studies, or a Bachelor of Media and Advertising.


Alternatively, you can study a relevant certification/diploma course to kickstart your journey to pursue this role. Some of the recommended accredited copywriting courses in Australia are:


  • Certificate IV in Professional Writing and Editing 

  • Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication.

  • Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing 

  • Diploma in marketing and communication


Though a Master's qualification isn't required, it can help you stand out among aspiring copywriters in the employment market.



Step 2: Create Your Website


To make a successful career in copywriting, you must have practical experience and qualifications. 


Having your website with a nice collection of your work and good testimonials can impress prospective clients and help you get jobs quickly.



Step 3: Work For Free (Initially)


You may find immense competition in the initial stages of your career. You should focus on improving your employability by gaining more relevant work experience


An impressive copywriting portfolio can help demonstrate your writing style and skills and increase your job chances.


Some of the good opportunities to find work are:


  • An internship with an advertising agency to publish your writing

  • Work for free for your colleagues/friends

  • Volunteer for local charities



Step 4: Keep Practicing


It takes time to write persuasively to create advertising and marketing content. The more you read and write documents and templates, the easier it gets to become a proficient and professional copywriter. 


Work for various businesses to diversify your work portfolio and improve your career prospects.



Step 5: Search for Jobs


With relevant skills, qualifications, and an excellent copywriting portfolio, you are ready to enter the professional copywriting market and seek job roles. You can work full-time, part-time in a business or organization, or freelance copywriter.


Attend networking events and conferences, and self-promote your services on your Facebook business page, Twitter site, and LinkedIn. Further, apply on job sites to expand your professional network and find work opportunities.



7. Copyrighting Courses In Australia


Do you want to know how to become a freelance copywriter? Here are some of the best copywriting courses in Australia for those wanting to add copywriting to your suite of corporate services.


Australian Writer's Center offers four copywriting courses:



The Copywriting Essentials Course


The course is for those who want to enter this field without prior experience. The course introduces writers to this rewarding income source and helps them earn regular income from writing. This introductory course is a 5-weeks long program and requires the student to study for 3 to 4 hours per week.


The Copywriting Essentials course is ideal for novice and experienced copywriters, creative writers, entrepreneursbusiness owners, freelance writersgraphic designers, small business owners, publicists, and communication teams.



SEO Copywriting


The course teaches the skills to write copy that drives maximum traffic, generates more sales leads, and increases client conversions.



Email Marketing and Copywriting


This course teaches how to create email campaigns, funnels, and landing pages to improve product sales, promote events, mention new products and discounts, and spread brand awareness.



Real Estate Copywriting


Suppose you are passionate about properties and want to develop a niche writing and regular client base in this area. In that case, this course is for you. This course teaches you how to write compelling listings of properties for sale.


The Australian School of Copywriting is another decent place to find accredited online copywriting courses to promote various businesses. Presently, the school offers three courses Learn How To Write, Get Paid To Write, and SEO copywriting


All these courses will teach you impressive writing skills for online and offline mediums and help you become confident in your writing abilities.


Their practical and easy-to-understand courses equip you with essential skills and knowledge to write SEO copy.


Are you looking for a TAFE copywriting course? You can study Certificate IV in Professional Writing and Editing in TAFE Gippsland, Bendigo TAFE, and Federation University-TAFE. 


Other Australian training institutions and universities that offer accredited copywriting courses in Australia are as follows:



Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing


  • Swinburne University

  • Easy Australia



Diploma in Marketing and Communication


  • RMIT University

  • Swinburne University

  • Greenwich College

  • Torrens University



8. Work Conditions Of Copywriters In Australia


Copywriters spend most of their time creating creative and compelling ads and slogans. They usually work regular business hours from Monday to Friday. 


Sometimes they may have to work overtime, including after work hours and weekends, to meet tight project deadlines. Copywriters work out of an office or publishing studio and may need to travel to meet clients.


59% of workers work full-time in this field. It shows plenty of part-time work opportunities. Full-time workers work standard 44 hours per week. The average age of workers working in this profession is 36 years. Around 60% of the copywriter workforce constitute females.



9. Types Of Jobs Available In Copywriting


Copywriters can work for various businesses:


  • Radio and TV stations

  • Advertising agencies

  • Government departments

  • Non-profit organizations

  • Service providers

  • Advertising departments of wholesale firms, manufacturing companies, and retail businesses


The profession also gives them the flexibility to work as freelance copywriters. Whether working in a company or as self-employed, skilled copywriters can work in the following positions:


  • SEO copywriter

  • Web copywriter

  • Conversion copywriter

  • Ghostwriter

  • Creative copywriter

  • Social media copywriter

  • Technical copywriter

  • Direct response copywriter

  • Resume writer


With knowledge and experience, copywriters can advance their careers to work as creative directors to oversee the work of employees in the design area or advertising managers in manufacturing or retail firms.



10. Job Prospects Of A Copywriter In Australia


Talented copywriters are in heavy demand across various businesses and brands to craft captivating messages, marketing materials, web pages, social media posts, and more.


According to the National Job Outlook website, the number of Copywriters has grown from 1,500 in 2011 to 2,000 in 2016. The intense competition for entry-level copywriter positions also indicates strong job growth in the coming years.


The top hiring industries for copywriters are Information Media, Telecommunications, Scientific and Technical Services, Professional, Arts and Recreation Services. 


Though copywriters find work opportunities across all regions of Australia, Victoria and New South Wales provide the maximum employment opportunities.



11. How Do I Become A Copywriter With No Experience?


You don't need the experience to start your career as a copywriter. A good understanding of spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and proofreading could be sufficient to begin copywriting work. You can find plenty of free writing courses to help you develop your skills and build a work portfolio.


To become a freelance copywriter, start by choosing your niche and promoting your talent across professional networking websites and social media platforms. Additionally, search for copywriting jobs on job sites to increase your chances of employment.



12. How Much Does A Copywriter Earn In Australia?


The salary of a copywriter varies based on experience, designation, area of work, employer, and type of industry in which they work. The average copywriter salary in Australia is AU$60,111.



Average Salary Based on Experience


  • Entry-level Copywriters (< 1-year experience) earn AU$49,019 

  • Early career Copywriters (1 to 4 years of experience) earn AU$58,535 

  • Mid-career Copywriters (5 to 9 years of experience) earn AU$69,252

  • Experienced Copywriters (10 to 19 years of experience) earn AU$78,500



Average Salary Based on Location:


  • Sydney Central Business District New South Wales: $94,056 per year

  • Hawthorn Victoria: $77,502 per year

  • Melbourne, Victoria: $70,676 per year

  • Sydney, New South Wales: $62,844 per year



13. Conclusion


A copywriter is a creative, competitive, and fun career where you get paid for writing words that sell. 


Online copywriting courses are a great starting point for emerging writers to become professional copywriters and enjoy this lucrative career.


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