How To Become A Digital Marketing Manager In Australia?

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Students want to know how they can become digital marketing managers in Australia.


Are you a creative person with a natural inclination to understand people's behaviour? 


Digital Marketing incorporates knowledge and proficiency in digital advertising and direct marketing. A digital marketing manager creates efficient and result-oriented marketing campaigns for social media platforms and the internet.


You don't need any formal qualifications to become a Digital Marketer. However, completing a Bachelor's degree in business or marketing or a diploma in digital marketing will help you gain expertise in user behaviour and social advertising.


If you want to make a career in digital marketing, then you are at the right place. This step-by-step guide will take you through the job role, qualifications, job prospects, and how to become a digital marketing manager in Australia.



1. What Is Digital Marketing?


Digital marketing is the component of marketing that uses the internet and digital media technologies to promote products and services of a business via:


  • Search engines

  • Email

  • Chatbots

  • Social media

  • Websites

  • Blogs

  • Applications and other digital platforms


The most common areas of digital marketing include:




2. Who Is A Digital Marketing Manager?


Digital Marketing Managers are professionals with strong analytic skills that design targeted advertising campaigns for social media and the internet.


They advertise brands and products via digital media channels to engage with existing and prospective customers. These professionals create online content with videos and blogs to convey brand messages and values to an audience.


Based on the insights obtained from monitoring the customer's online activity, they update the social media platforms to improve the productivity of the business they are working for.



3. Who Is A Digital Marketer?


Digital marketers create and communicate the brand ethos to employees and customers. They are responsible for advertising products and brands using prominent digital media channels to connect with existing and prospective customers.


These professionals also use data and online tools to understand their audience and connect with them. This knowledge helps them effectively understand the requirements of their customers and how their business' services and products can benefit them.



4. Why Should You Pursue A Digital Marketing Manager Profession?



Since every business sector is becoming digitalized, companies focus on their online presence.


Furthermore, the fast growth of the digital marketing industry, coupled with high demand and earning potential, makes digital marketing a popular career option.



High Demand



Digital marketing is an exciting and competitive industry that provides varied roles and plentiful employment opportunities.


Digital marketing channels are a great medium to reach a broader audience, expand a business, and increase revenue.



Great Scope for Expansion



Considering the growth of the digital economy when compared to the offline economy, digital marketing skills will be in high demand in the coming future.


The benefits of digital platforms and the internet lead companies to use, develop and run customer-focused digital marketing campaigns and content strategies.


It helps companies to effectively reach their potential audiences, develop an impressive brand image, and improve sales and revenue generation in the business.





The increasing technological developments provide opportunities for businesses to share valuable content about their products, services, vision, and values to build a community and culture.


Working as a digital marketing manager, you derive immense satisfaction from understanding customer needs and customizing business services based on real-time digital feedback from customers. It improves the brand image while staying competitive in the market.






Flexibility to work is another big reason to pursue a career in digital marketing.


Qualified digital marketing managers have the flexibility to work both as an employee in a digital marketing agency or run a freelancing business that matches their lifestyle. Thus, it is a great career option for business entrepreneurs.


The easy access to numerous online platforms and tools enables digital marketing managers to develop a website and advertise their products and services to the targeted market by employing various digital marketing strategies.



Varied and Diverse Roles


Digital marketing is a sector filled with innovation and variety.


With a combination of technical knowledge and creative skills, you can take up a variety of roles that includes:



  • Digital Marketing Manager

  • Market Research Analyst

  • Media Planner

  • Search Engine Optimizer

  • Brand manager

  • Social Media Manager

  • Content Marketer

  • Search Engine Marketing Specialist

  • SEO Specialist for Voice Assistant

  • Email Marketer

  • Paid Media Specialist (Google AdWords, Pay Per Click Strategy)

  • Digital Marketer and Automation Expert

  • Marketing Content Creator

  • Content Marketing Manager

  • Event planner

  • Communications Strategist



5. What Does A Digital Marketer Do?


In smaller firms, a digital marketer may work with several online marketing channels simultaneously. Still, larger organizations may employ specialists that focus on specific ones for a brand.


Here is the digital marketer job description in Australia:


  • Work with free/organic or paid channels to obtain a return on investment. 

  • Strategically plan and develop marketing strategies that fulfil the objective of the organization.

  • Manage content generation, advertisement campaigns, emails, social media, SEO, and customer relationship management software.

  • Identify a target audience, build a brand persona, analyze information, and build digital marketing strategies to reach the audience in the best way possible.

  • Track KPIs and click-through rates (CTR) in emails

  • Plan and create internet-based content to increase awareness, engagement, and brand visibility.

  • Summarizing services/ products offerings, advertising an upcoming event, handling inbound leads for successful conversions

  • Promote business services or products through various digital platforms using SEO strategies, content marketing, email marketing, and social media.



6. Digital Marketing Manager Job Description


The duties of digital marketers depend on the industry they work in, established marketing efforts, and the employer's vision.


Here is a general description of the role of a digital marketing manager:


  • Plan, develop and organize online marketing campaigns to aid the growth objectives of a business.

  • Showcase periodic reports to investors and clients.

  • Forecast existing and future consumer trends with the help of consumer data.

  • Perform market research to identify new growth opportunities.

  • Track impressions and shares on social channels, click-through rates (CTR) in emails, and conversions in search channels.

  • Analyze the performance of campaigns to find what works and what is not to ensure productive allocation of budget and time.

  • Achieve key performance indicators for each digital media channel to compute the company's performance across all of them.

  • Analyze website traffic and accordingly adjust digital marketing campaigns and strategies. 

  • Analyze web and social analytics, examine industry news, and create visual designs for networking events. Further, add marketing content to social media dashboards, record event attendees, and maintain an online social presence.

  • Manage content generation, social media, advertising campaigns, emails, customer relationships, and SEO.



7. Digital Marketing Manager Skills


You must have the following skills to become a digital marketing manager:


  • Excellent time management

  • Strategic knowledge

  • Commercial thinking

  • Strong communication skills

  • Like to stay updated with current marketing and business trends

  • Knowledge of working of a business and its products or services

  • Creativity

  • Strong data analytic skills

  • Highly organized and methodical

  • Understanding of user experience

  • Assertive and sympathetic

  • Proficiency in computers

  • Able to work alone or in a team



8. Qualifications For A Digital Marketing Manager In Australia


There is no formal education needed to work as a Digital Marketing Manager. However, some employers look for qualified candidates in digital marketing and related fields.


Thus, to work as a digital marketing manager, you must meet the following requirements:




9. Steps To Become A Digital Marketing Manager In Australia?


Digital marketing enables a business to accomplish its objectives. The strategy guides on what products to sell and how to sell them.


Follow these steps if you want to make a career in this dynamic, versatile, and in-demand sector:



Step 1: Obtain The Qualification


Although you don't need a formal education to become a digital marketing manager, a university degree in digital marketing and related areas is beneficial. You will gain real-world experience and insight into being a digital marketer.


You learn ways to build a digital marketing plan and implement strategies such as email marketing, content strategy, paid search campaigns, web analytics, social media, video advertising, search engine optimization, and website optimization.


Alternatively, you can undertake a digital marketing course to gain a theoretical understanding and hands-on practical exposure in this field. It enables you to use your knowledge in varying Australian workplace scenarios.



Step 2: Enroll In an Internship Program


Employers prefer job applicants who have qualifications with some relevant work experience.


Getting on-the-job training while studying is advantageous when trying for an entry-level position in the industry. While doing internships, you can put your theoretical knowledge into practice.



Step 3: Specialize In A Specific Field Of Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is a vast field that comprises numerous areas such as social media management, search engine optimization, data analytics, content marketing, and more. The right way to start your career is to pick one field of interest and specialize in it.


There are different courses designed to gain specialized knowledge in digital marketing. Once qualified, you are ready to apply for jobs.



Step 4: Stay Updated With The Marketing World


Technology keeps on evolving. Technologies that used to work five years ago may not work now. Digital marketing is an ever-evolving industry that is in its growth stage. There is ample scope for development and advancement left in the industry.


You must be adaptable and constantly update your knowledge on social media platforms, applications, and technology.


The availability of numerous free and informative resources in the form of podcasts, blogs, newsletters, and videos, will help you stay informed.



10. How To Become A Digital Marketer In Australia?


Follow this roadmap to pursue your career goal:



Step 1: Get Qualified and Skilled


Aspiring digital marketers do not need any formal qualifications. However, completing a Certificate IV in Marketing or a Diploma in Marketing could get you the required job-specific practical tools and skills to start in the digital marketing industry.


When selecting a digital marketing certification course, you must ensure the course is globally recognized, industry-backed, up-to-date, and from a registered training organization.


Choose the learning mode that can match your pace and other professional and personal commitments.


Several training institutes in Australia offer the course in a full-time/part-time/online format to make it easier for busy students. Online courses are preferred for driven and independent learners as they allow them to study at their convenience.



Step 2: Gain Specialization


Digital marketing is a vast field comprising several areas, including search engines, social media, mail, and affiliate marketing. It is not a good idea to master all of them at once. Instead, you should pick one and gain expertise in it.


Many training schools and institutions offer courses in individual fields of digital marketing. The right specialization course will help you stand out from competitors and improve your job chances. Now that you are qualified, you can start applying for jobs.



Step 3: Skill Up Yourself


As it is a rapidly evolving industry, you need to constantly update your skillset and knowledge by taking relevant training and courses from time to time. It will help you stay updated and competitive throughout your career.



11. Relevant Qualification For Digital Marketing Manager



Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication (Digital Marketing)


Certificate IV is an ideal course to get started in the fast-paced and dynamic arena of online marketing.


The course gives foundational knowledge of user experience and data analytics. It familiarises you with concepts including search engine optimization (SEO), search engine management (SEM), and social media marketing (SMM).


At present, the following Australian training institutes offer this course:



  • Monarch University

  • RMIT University

  • Greenwich College



Certificate IV in New Small Business


Do you own/manage a small business and want to implement marketing concepts and strategies? If so, this is the perfect course to study.


Various colleges offer a dual course that offers two complementary skill sets to aspiring digital marketing managers. It combines a Certificate IV in Marketing and Certificate IV in New Business, which helps save a considerable amount of time and money for students.


The Certificate IV in New Small Business course is available at the following training schools/institutions in Australia:



  • Monarch University



Diploma of Digital Marketing



It is an advanced course in digital marketing combining a distinctive and powerful combination of innovative digital marketing techniques and basic marketing strategies.


When taking this digital marketing course, students learn many things. These include using several marketing channels, SMM, User Experience, Marketing analytics, and digital brand management.



Bachelor Of Business (Majoring In) Marketing


The degree teaches fundamental skills in market principles. It develops out-of-box thinking and communication skills that last your entire career.


Students learn to create and develop result-oriented strategic ads and marketing campaigns with the help of advanced tools available on the market.


The degree is available at the following universities and training centres in Australia:


  • Melbourne Institute of Technology

  • RMIT University

  • The Griffith University

  • The University of South Australia

  • QUT University

  • Deakin University



12. Work Conditions For A Digital Marketing Manager In Australia



Nature Of Employment


Around 92 per cent of marketing managers work full-time. 


The average weekly hours are 43.3 against the industry's average of 40.9.






It is a desk job requiring sitting for several hours while using a computer in a home or commercial office.


These professionals make extensive use of electronic communication methods like email.





The average age of employed digital marketing managers is 40 years.



13. Employment Opportunities For A Digital Marketing Manager In Australia


Digital marketing specialists work for companies in the manufacturing and distribution of industrial or consumer goods or private business services.


They work in government departments and enterprises in advertising, finance, and insurance.


When qualified as a digital marketing manager, they can work in a variety of positions, such as:


  • Digital Marketing Manager

  • Market Research Analyst

  • Search Engine Optimizer

  • Brand manager

  • Social Media Manager

  • Media Planner

  • Search Engine Marketing Specialist

  • Email Marketer

  • Digital Marketer and Automation Expert

  • Content Marketing Manager

  • Event planner

  • Paid Media Specialist

  • Communications Strategist



A digital marketing manager can specialize in the following digital marketing fields such as:



  • Social Media Management: A social media manager plans, develops and manages social media marketing and advertising.


  • Content Marketing: A content marketer uses data analysis skills and creative thinking to create engaging and enticing content across different platforms to increase sales leads and conversions.



  • Data Analysts: These professionals analyze data to identify successful and non-performing marketing campaigns to make an informed choice.


  • Digital Marketing Specialist: These professionals employ methods to boost engagement and visibility with internet-based content, services, and products. They may even use analytics programs and email campaigns for tracking website visitors.



14. Job Outlook For Digital Marketing Managers In Australia



Digital marketing is a developing industry that has observed a steady increase in employment opportunities in the last five years. There is growth expected in this large-sized occupation in the coming ten years.


The key recruiting industries for digital marketing managers are wholesale trade, professional, scientific, manufacturing, and technical services industries.


Various job opportunities are available for these professionals throughout Australia, especially in large cities and towns.



15. How Much Does A Digital Marketing Manager Earn In Australia?


The average annual digital marketing manager salary in Australia is $100,008 or $51.29 per hour. Where entry-level professionals earn from $85,375 per year, highly experienced professionals even make up to $140,000.


According to PayScale, a digital marketing manager earning in different Australian cities is as follows:



  • The average digital marketing manager salary in Sydney is AU$89,300. 

  • Melbourne, VIC: AU$86,669

  • Brisbane, QLD: AU$81,165

  • Perth, WA: AU$65,466



16. How Much Does A Digital Marketer Earn In Australia?


The average annual salary of a digital marketer is $79,083, or a comparable hourly rate of $38.


Over and above, digital marketing professionals also earn an average bonus of approx $2,214.



Salary Based on Experience


  • Average entry-level digital marketer salary (1-3 years of experience): $57,697

  • Average senior-level digital marketer salary (8+ years of experience): $97,103



Expected Salary Potential


Digital marketing is one of the growing industries in Australia. 


The job opportunities and earning potential will increase by 21.7% and 19 % in the coming five years.



Highest Paying Australian Cities For Digital Marketers


  • Sydney NSW: $87,817 per year

  • Melbourne VIC: $81,021 per year

  • Gold Coast QLD: $76,145 per year

  • Surry Hills NSW: $76,106 per year

  • Brisbane QLD: $75,847 per year

  • Mitcham VIC: $75,562 per year



Salary Based On Job Role


  • The average salary of a Marketing Manager in Australia is $101,813 per year

  • The average salary of a Marketing Specialist in Australia is $76,766 per year

  • The average salary of a Social Media Manager in Australia is $81,068 per year



17. Conclusion


More and more brands now depend on digital marketing as their form of advertising. It shows the increasingly high demand for skilful digital marketers.


Becoming a digital marketer requires ongoing learning as part of the daily routine. 


Completing an online course will boost your chances of securing an entry-level position in this highly competitive and dynamic industry.


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