How To Become An Affiliate Marketer In Australia?

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Students want to know how to start affiliate marketing to become affiliate marketers in Australia.


Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money online. You do not need to hold inventory or hire employees to operate online.


All it takes is to join an affiliate program and embed revenue-generating links into the content for viewers to click.


Affiliate marketing can be lucrative, but it takes time to understand how to read trends, insert codes, and what works and what doesn't. 


This comprehensive blog takes you through affiliate marketing, how it works, what it is, how to start it, the best Australian affiliate marketers, and the steps to use affiliate marketing to make a living.



1. What Is Affiliate Marketing In Australia?


Affiliate marketing is an advertising model between you (the affiliate) and an online vendor. You earn a commission when you promote the products/services of the businesses and generate leads, clicks, or sales for them.


By placing the affiliate link on the vendor's website, the affiliate gets paid a commission each time it is accessed. Affiliate programs are generally free to join and don't require high start-up costs.


This performance-based opportunity is also highly scalable. You can do it through various digital channels. These are websites, blogs, social media channels, podcasts, publications, emailing, or your website to earn a healthy flow of consistent income.



2. Pros And Cons Of Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is a low- to a no-cost business venture that allows you to make an immense profit. 


Listed below are the top advantages of affiliate marketing:


  • Free to join affiliate programs 

  • It benefits marketers who want to boost their earnings and businesses that want to generate growth and increase conversions.

  • No start-up costs are required.

  • Easy way to begin selling online and generate a passive flow of income 

  • By linking your product/ brand with reputed brands, you benefit from their traffic and positive association.

  • No need for a customer service department

  • Simple and easy to execute - You earn a commission when promoting other businesses' products through an 'affiliate link' and when someone buys through that link.

  • Once you learn how this marketing model works, you can begin promoting other products and make more money.

  • Easy to scale. You can use multiple channels to reach a larger audience for specific products of the advertiser's business.

  • No need to worry about building, supporting, or fulfilling the offer

  • Low risk

  • You are your boss

  • Make money while you sleep.



Cons of Affiliate Marketing


This marketing model has a few drawbacks compared to other online marketing methods: 


  • Like any online business, you need immense patience and willingness and work hard to generate profits.


  • Initially, you will need to invest a lot of time in creating traffic sources to receive consistent paychecks. You need to test different channels and find out which connects best with your audience. Next, you must spend time researching the most credible products to promote. Blogging, publishing social media content, hosting virtual events, and performing lead-generating activities take time and perseverance.


  • Your earnings are not guaranteed. The commission you earn depends on how much you work.



3. Is It Legal To Do Affiliate Marketing In Australia?


Yes. Affiliate marketing is completely legal in Australia. However, you need to follow the company's guidelines when using affiliate links for promoting links on your blog/website. 


As part of the affiliate marketing terms and conditions, you need to disclose three things to your audience:


  • Disclose affiliate links to readers

  • Disclose when you receive a commission or benefit for doing something 

  • Include a disclosure statement on your website


According to Section 18 of Australia Consumer Law, you must not make misleading representations about your commercial relationships like an affiliate relationship. Failing to disclose your affiliate relationship is considered a dishonest act.



4. What Are The Ways To Earn From Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliates receive money in the following ways:


  • Pay per sale: When you make a sale and earn a commission in return.


  • Pay per action: When the audience takes any desired action, such as signing up for a newsletter, clicking on an advertisement, submitting a form, contact request, etc.


  • Pay per install: You get paid for each download of mobile apps and software by your website's audience. 


  • Pay per lead: You earn when someone signs up for something, such as lead generation, sweepstakes, and other related offers. It is easier than selling products to an audience.


  • Pay per click: You earn a commission whenever people click on your affiliate link. Large dealers use these programs to build brand awareness. 



5. How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?


Affiliate marketing involves sharing the affiliate link of a product or service on digital channels for their promotion. The affiliate receives a commission when someone buys through the unique link linked with their endorsement.


Here are the steps that will give you an idea of how affiliate marketing works online:


  • The affiliate gets a specific link for each product or service he promotes.

  • He shows an advertisement with an embedded affiliate link on the blog, website, or social network.

  • When the customer clicks the link, an affiliate cookie gets stored on their device. It helps the merchant point out any sales from the session.

  • The affiliate network records the transaction when a customer buys a product or service after clicking the link.

  • The affiliate earns a commission after confirmation of the purchase.



6. How Much Can An Affiliate Marketer Earn From Affiliate Marketing?


The commission earned varies based on your affiliate niche, the company you are working with, and the offer. How much you make from affiliate marketing also depends on your hard work and abilities.


It depends on the affiliate programs, how well you identify services and products, and how much traffic you can build toward your sites.


The least that you can earn is about 5% of the sale. However, if you are promoting an event, you may even receive up to 50% off the sale. Some affiliate marketing programs also provide a flat commission rate per sale instead of a percentage.


Talking about niche-based earnings, the highest average rate of the commission was $70.99 for business-related programs. Affiliate programs related to clothing, media, and books earn over $6 per commission.


The Amazon associates program usually offers between 1% to 10% commission on sales. Other platforms like Thrive Market and ButcherBox offer a fixed $20 commission per sale. Some affiliate programs even offer recurring commissions that go as high as 30% for each sale.



7. How To Do Affiliate Marketing?



  • Step 1: Try out various ways to share affiliate links and content with users, such as: Creating content for mega shopping events and deals, Publish guides related to retailers or their products, Report on brand-new product launches, Share links with your email list, and Advertise brands to your social media fans.


  • Step 2: Always include Affiliate Disclosure Statements to tell the audience you use affiliate links.


  • Step 3: Understand the different types of affiliate programs to choose the right one. Some affiliate platforms are convenient, while others have a range of higher-end products to promote. Research the consumer market and the present and future demand for a specific product to make an informed decision.


  • Step 4: Join many affiliate programs to make money through affiliate marketing on your website or blog. Log into each platform weekly to find out about new product arrivals. Stay updated with any sales, discount promos, and coupon codes.



8. Top 11 Affiliate Marketing Programs In Australia


Are you looking for a pay-per-sale affiliate network? Below are the best ones in Australia:



1. ClixGalore


  • Most Affordable

  • Start with just $150 

  • No monthly fees and additional fees

  • Ideal for subscription-based and digital small businesses 

  • Payments based on link performance

  • Great affiliate support


Offers quality merchants and affiliates, such as Australian Ugg Boots, Zanui, and Roses Only.



2. Fiverr Affiliates


  • Connects all sizes of businesses 

  • Offering digital services in over 500 categories 

  • Choose from various products/services such as digital design, music editing, animation, content creation, photography, and more. 

  • Over 300,000 registered affiliates



3. Amazon Associates


  • Among the most extensive Australian affiliate marketing programs 

  • Over 900,000 members worldwide

  • Earn up to 12% commissions by getting customers to sign up for free trials of qualifying services, like Amazon Prime.

  • Customized linking tools can assist bloggers, social media influencers and large publishers.

  • If you want to know how to become an affiliate marketer for Amazon, becoming an Amazon Associate could be the best option.



4. Clickbank


  • Massive online marketplace for all your needs 

  • Choose from gardening, online marketing courses, software, dog training, self-improvement, digital Goods, and e-books

  • Huge global audience

  • Top-notch customer support

  • Easy registration makes it the first choice for affiliate marketing for beginners

  • Efficient management of affiliate commission payments 

  • Limited promotional tools

  • Supports recurring commissions

  • Ideal for small websites and bloggers



5. eBay Partner Network


  • Multi-billion-dollar shopping website 

  • Sells different kinds of goods worldwide

  • Earn commission by directing online traffic and generating sales to the eBay marketplace. 

  • fast and regular payments

  • Low payment threshold of just $25.

  • Relatively hard to get approved 

  • No flat commission rates



6. Commission Factory


  • Australian Affiliate Network created by "Affiliates for Affiliates."

  • Uses the latest tracking technology for accurate tracking

  • Real-time reporting

  • User-friendly and functional network interface

  • Easy-to-use and feature-rich affiliate software

  • It offers different brands to advertise various niches. Some include Zanui, Boden Clothing, Adairs, Bellabox, RY – Recreate Yourself, Adult Shop, Nourished Life, etc.

  • Transparency

  • Full control 

  • Automated and Weekly payments





  • It works with top brands in retail, beauty, fitness, travel, and financial services. These include Adidas, HSBC, Lenovo, L'Oréal, Levi's, StockX, and goop.

  • It offers a Product Marketplace to simplify product search. 

  • Partnership programs that include affiliates, influencers, publishers, and apps. It can help you expand your professional network fast.



8. Awin


  • Worldwide presence

  • Designed for publishers of all sizes

  • Most suited for bloggers who have started large businesses

  • It generated $1.4 billion worth of commissions through affiliates' coffers in 2020.

  • Get paid quickly and more consistently compared to other affiliate networks as commissions are instantly processed irrespective of delays from the advertiser. 

  • Popular advertisers using this platform: AliExpress, Etsy, Tripadvisor, Gymshark, Michael Kors, and more.



9. Rakuten Advertising


  • The oldest affiliate marketing network

  • It runs consumer shopping sites and an extensive affiliate network for publishers. Brand partners include HP, Princess Polly, Chemist Warehouse, ASOS, First Choice Liquor, Forever New, and more.

  • A wide array of brands/ products in different categories, such as women's fashion, retail goods, and high-end goods

  • User-friendly admin control panel

  • Robust support documentation 



10. AvantLink


  • Ideal for small businesses and start-ups

  • A vast number of advertisers

  • Easy-to-use platform



11. Kmart Affiliate in Australia


  • It is known widely as a discount store due to its lightning sales offers and deals to make pricing much more affordable and appealing to consumers.

  • Extensive range of inventory

  • Choose from an extensive range of lifestyle products such as toys, home electronics, furniture apparel, and more.



9. What Are The Top Affiliate Programs For Large Retailers In Australia?



For Clothing: Myer


  • Largest department store in Australia

  • Variable recurring commission

  • 30 days Cookie Window

  • An extensive offering of products and services

  • Promote a range of products from top brands in fashion, home, and beauty.

  • Frequent promotions and offers



For Kitchen Appliance


  • One of the best affiliate marketing programs in Australia

  • Family-run business

  • Variable recurring commission 

  • 30 days cookie window 

  • Trusted by thousands of Australian families

  • A collection of kitchen appliances and household electronics from top Australian brands

  • Impressive inventory and low prices

  • A high-value customer per sale 



For Beauty: Adore Beauty


  • Offers an agreed Commission per sale

  • A variety of commission structures

  • A loyal fan following and audience base

  • 30 days Cookie Window

  • Promote a wide range of makeup, skincare, beauty, and hair care products



For Home Decor: Koala


  • One of the most familiar and leading e-commerce sites in Australia 

  • Variable recurring commission 

  • An extensive furniture and household product choice, including lounge furniture, beds, mattresses, and more.

  • The dedicated digital marketing team for product promotion and commission payment. 



For Clothing & Accessories: UNIQLO


  • Leader in fashion retailer business

  • Innovative and constantly evolving brand

  • Superior quality casual wear for children, men, and women at low prices

  • At least 3% commission

  • 30 days cookie window 

  • Its extensive advertising activity, including video content and PR, benefits bloggers.



For Fashion and Footwear: THE ICONIC


  • Part of the well-known Global Fashion Group 

  • Notable footwear, sports, and fashion retailer in Australia and New Zealand 

  • Over 1,000 global brands with 200 arrivals every day that includes designer, children's wear, and private labels

  • A large and loyal fashion-first audience

  • Besides commission, benefit from their exclusive perks, frequent promotions, and dedicated affiliate support

  • Up to 10% commission

  • 30 days cookie window



For Meal Prep: Marley Spoon


  • Among the best affiliate programs in the food and beverage space 

  • High-paying affiliate programs 

  • $45 commission per new customer

  • a $100 coupon for new customers via its affiliate advertising 

  • 30 days Cookie Window

  • Regular promotions and advertising tools can help improve your conversion rates



For Pets: PETstock


  • Variable recurring commission 

  • 30 days cookie window

  • A wholly Australian and family-run business

  • The best quality pet care products

  • A large base of pet lovers in Australia



10. How To Start Affiliate Marketing In Australia?


Here is a six-step checklist to help you build a solid foundation as an affiliate marketer:


  • Step 1: The first step to starting affiliate marketing is identifying who you want to target. Choose a Niche to influence your audience. It makes it difficult to sell in the wrong niche, and in the right niche, it makes things easier. Don't choose too many niches, as it can make your efforts ineffective.


  • Step 2: Assess Market Demand for your chosen affiliate niche. It is important to start marketing products that transform shoppers and earn you commissions. Tools like Google Trends can help you with this.


  • Step 3: Analyse competition in your selected niche using keyword research tools like Ubersuggest.


  • Step 4: Research the right affiliate programs to find the one that gives you the right balance of high commissions, robust assistance, and a good fit.



Evaluate different Affiliate Programs based on the following factors:


  • What merchants use this affiliate program?

  • How much commission can you make from this program?

  • Do you like to be part of the program and the brands selling through it?

  • What type of customer support does this program offer?


Go with the one you are comfortable working with and can create high-quality content. It will, in turn, lead you to create quality content and a more engaged audience you can convert into sales.


Choose from the following best affiliate programs in Australia: ClickBank, Commission Factory, Amazon Associate, ClixGalore, Fiverr Affiliates, eBay partner network, and Awin.



  • Step 5: Decide how you will run the affiliate program. Some popular choices are Blogging, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Pay per click.


  • Step 6: Create, publish, and share your niche's best content.



11. How To Become An Affiliate Marketer For Free?


Can't afford to pay for web hosting or run paid ads right now, consider affiliate marketing methods that don't need any spending.


  • Post content on other platforms, such as Facebook groups related to your niche or comment on others' posts to build relationships. When you gain their trust, begin recommending your affiliate products to get commissions. Add links and call-to-action buttons for viewers to click through product pages. It can be a good strategy for those who want to know how to become an affiliate marketer without a website.


  • In addition to asking users to click on the affiliate link to buy the product, you can ask them to sign up for an email list. Include affiliate product links in the emails and newsletters that take people to the merchant's website. Ensure you make a targeted email list that compels more people to click on the link to check out your affiliate offers.


  • YouTube is another free and excellent platform that you can try for affiliate marketing. Create YouTube videos featuring the products and use affiliate links in the video description.


  • How do you become an affiliate marketer on Instagram? Embed the affiliate link in your Insta post and share it in your network. You can also join product-specific groups and comment in the groups with the link so that more people click on the link and make a purchase.



12. Is Commission Earned Through Affiliate Marketing Tax Deductible?


It is mandatory to declare income received through affiliate marketing in Australia for tax purposes. 


If you fall above the tax-free threshold category, you will need to pay taxes on the affiliate marketing income.



13. Summing It Up - Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It?


Absolutely. Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich scheme but is a great way to earn decent money online. 


Initially, it takes consistency and time, but as you understand the ins-outs of this marketing strategy, it becomes easier to receive a stream of income for your business.


To succeed in this area, you need to be consistent in your efforts. The more you do affiliate marketing, the better you will become at reading your audience and identifying what works and what doesn't.


With a little effort and time, you can build an audience and earn regular payouts from your affiliate site without taking too many risks.


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