How To Become An App Developer In Australia: Explained

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Students want to know how to become app developers with no experience and without a degree in Australia.


Are you interested in how mobile applications work? If yes, you should become an app developer.


Mobile application developers are in high demand as businesses want to engage consumers at home and on the move. App developers design, develop and maintain Android, iOS and Windows mobile applications.


You do not need a formal qualification to become an App developer in Australia. However, completing a bachelor's degree in computer science, software engineering, or information science will help.


This blog reveals the app developer's skills, qualifications, salary, steps to becoming one, and more.



1. What Is App Development?


App development is among the fastest-growing areas of software engineering and development.


It is about creating a software program that executes on smartphones and digital tools. Mobile apps must meet screen dimensions, operating systems, and hardware limitations.



2. Who Is An App Developer?


App developers are also called app designers, Android designers, and iOS designers. They understand how people use their digital devices, have the flexibility to familiarise themselves with new technologies, and have a robust toolkit.


App developers generally work closely with user interface designers and user experience designers to implement their designs to mobile-based interfaces.


These professional software programmers possess the requisite skills, expertise, and knowledge to build apps for desktop software, the web, and mobile Operating Systems, including iOS and Android.


They primarily focus on building native applications but can produce designs for hybrid and mobile apps for wristwatches, portable media players, television, IoT (Internet of things), and more.



3. Reasons To Become An App Developer In Australia


Do you need clarification about whether becoming an App developer is the right career for you? 


Here are the top reasons that will give you clarity on why you should become an app developer in Australia:



High Demand


The growing number of mobile users and increasing market penetration at a rapid pace is leading to high demand for apps, an increased dependency on mobile, and massive demand for mobile app developers for Android and iOS app developers.


Furthermore, considering the intense competition in this globalised era, companies look for ways to provide an improved user experience to customers and generate more sales.


Apps are a great way that lets businesses provide a quick means for customers to access their products, create better engagement, and stay competitive in the market.


All these factors contribute to the growing popularity of Apps and the creation of on-site or remote employment opportunities for Android developers.



High Paid Profession


Mobile app developers earn more than web developers. The reason is the increasing use of apps that has led to excessive demand for app developers.


Those who work as freelance app developers can create their apps and sell them on App Store. This way, they can generate a revenue stream. You can easily make much money with a great idea and decent mobile development skills.



Easily Accessible


Several universities offer online app development, relevant qualifications, and short courses that one can learn anytime and at their own pace. Thus, you can learn online and get qualified without leaving your current job.





The profession allows you to work either in a company or as self-employed. As an app developer, you can either work for top-notch tech companies or as a consultant, in-house programmer for start-ups, and freelance developers.



Plenty of Career Opportunities


As programming skills are universal, you can work in a wide range of jobs that relates to programming. 


Thus, a career in App development opens the door to the following career paths:




Exciting Field


You will find that every day is different when employed as an App developer. The job profile involves several tasks, such as conducting user research, writing programs, creating mock-up apps, running beta tests, solving bugs, and more.


Mobile development is an evolving field; thus, you must constantly learn. Learning new programming languages and tools and staying updated on industry-specific trends and developments make it an exciting area.



4. Should You Become An Android Developer Or an iOS Developer?


An app developer develops applications for various platforms, especially Android and iOS. Many aspiring app developers are still determining whether they should become iOS or Android app developers. 


We have shared a few pointers that may help you decide on your ideal career path:



Cost And Time Spent


The most crucial advantage of iOS apps over Android is that the former is faster and cheaper to design, develop, and test. On the other hand, Android apps are relatively more complex. They need 40% more time to create the same application for iOS.



Target Market


When choosing a career, you need to understand its scope and demand in the market. iOS devices are in higher demand in Australia, with 55.38% of mobile devices running on the iOS operating system. 


However, from a global perspective, Android devices control the worldwide mobile OS market, with a market share of 71.93% as of 2021.



Programming Language


You can build Android applications using Java or Kotlin programming language. However, Kotlin is quickly replacing Java due to its better features. It is modern, intuitive, and easy to read. That's what makes it the first choice for global app developers.


On the other hand, you can develop iOS apps using Swift and Objective -C as the primary programming language. Unlike Kotlin, app developers find Objective -C easier to learn and master. It is for you to decide whether to choose a globally popular language or a comparatively easier language.





Android OS is an open system that offers easy accessibility of its features to app developers. However, iOS features are restricted.





Design is easy and intuitive in Android app development as it uses Google design guidelines to create an engaging UI. However, iOS apps have a standardised UI design, and iOS developers focus more on development than design.



Development Complexity


Apple releases a limited series of devices with small screen dimensions. In contrast, Android devices come with dozens of screen styles that vary based on OS version, density, and screen size.


This adds complexity to Android apps. Android app developers must invest substantial time in adjusting the graphics to suit different types of devices. They use numerous device simulators to test and ensure a uniform display for all users.


Thus, Android app development and testing consume many resources and time and need endless reviews and iterations.



Ease of Publishing


With simple Google guidelines, Android apps are convenient and quick to launch on Google Play Store. It is relatively challenging to publish an app on Apple Play Store as Apple rejects around 40% of apps that fail to meet its high standards.





Based on earrings data, iOS developers earn more than their counterparts.



5. What Skills Do You Need To Become An App Developer?


Not all professions require the same set of skills. To succeed in this profession, you must possess the abilities and traits needed for the job. 


Companies that employ mobile app developers usually look for candidates with technical skills to create efficient, fast, and functional apps. 


Furthermore, they look for those who have developed soft skills and can fit within the business's corporate culture.


Here are the job-specific technical skills and personal requirements that would help you become a successful app developer in Australia:



Soft Skills


  • Quickly understand complicated issues and determine effective solutions

  • Able to work independently or in a team 

  • Technical aptitude

  • Able to supervise the work of others

  • Able to deliver work within deadlines

  • Good logical and problem-solving skills 

  • Disciplined approach 

  • Self-motivated and committed to work

  • Ability to take initiative 

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Good time management skills 

  • Like to stay updated with recent technologies, trends, and methodologies

  • Able to identify and foresee use cases and user interaction

  • Able to deliver superior-quality designs to customers.

  • Adaptability in a fast-changing environment.



Hard Skills


  • Experience in the implementation of impressive User Interfaces for web and mobile

  • Expertise in graphic design tools such as Photoshop, UXPin, InvisionApp, and more

  • Must be proficient in mobile design systems and guidelines. These include Android's UI design, Google's Material Design, Apple's HIG design, and other designs of other mobile platforms.

  • Expert app coding skills (in Swift, Java, Kotlin, HTML5, and Typescript) to develop the user interface (front-end) and back-end of apps. 

  • Excellent knowledge and working of Cloud Infrastructure, such as Amazon AWS and other critical cloud services

  • Expertise in Data management and structuring

  • Must have practical experience sharing code using collaborative tools like GIT and GitHub.



6. App Developer Qualifications In Australia


To become an App developer, you need to be aware of the current principles and practices of software engineering. This comprises Agile (App-specific) design patterns, threaded programming, the software delivery pipeline, version control, and more.


No mandatory qualification is needed to work as an App developer in Australia. However, most employers recruit candidates who have related educational degrees, such as:


  • Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science 

  • Bachelor of Technology in a Computer Science

  • Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering, Computer Science, Management Information Science, or any other related field


To earn the above degrees, you must complete year 12 with subjects such as English, mathematics, chemistry, and physics.


However, you can become a freelance mobile app developer without a degree. All you need is to attend related app development courses online and boot camps to learn about the practical aspects of mobile application development.



7. Steps To Become A Mobile App Developer In Australia


There are several pathways to entering the field of mobile app development. Most businesses are interested in hiring candidates who hold bachelor's degrees in technology disciplines.


However, some people undergo online courses in mobile app development and become professional mobile app developers after gaining industry experience.


Here are steps to learn how to become an app developer from scratch:



Step 1: Complete Year 12 with English, Science, and Mathematics To Quality For A University Degree



Step 2: Earn A Bachelor's Degree In A Technology-Related Field


Employers prefer job applicants who pursue degree programs with mobile app development in focus.


Below are a few relevant degree programs that provide knowledge on various areas of mobile app development, such as application design, application development, and mobile security.



  • Bachelor of Game Development.

  • Bachelor of Information Technology (Software Development)

  • Bachelor of Information Technology (Mobile App Development)



Step 3: Take A Mobile App Development Course


Those who want to become a mobile developer with a general degree must take short mobile app development courses. They provide knowledge on various areas of mobile app development, such as application design, application development, and mobile security.


Various private training schools run app design, development, and coding language courses.


Focus on either one or multiple application platforms to become a hybrid mobile app developer. Most app development courses are delivered online, so you can easily undertake them with your studies or job.



Step 4: Apply For App Development Jobs


Once you have the necessary qualifications, you can apply for app development jobs. Look for entry-level openings with businesses with technology divisions or app development firms.


Apply to jobs with a customised cover letter and an impressive resume highlighting your job-specific experience and skills. Also, list any apps that you have developed during your study days.



8. How To Become An Android App Developer With No Experience?


More than industrial experience, you need a deep interest in computers and software to get into an entry-level app developer position. Furthermore, you should have good problem-solving skills and an analytical mind.


Here are simple steps to becoming an App developer as a fresher:


  1. Get a university-level or college-level degree, majoring in computer science or a related field.

  2. Learn Java, Swift, Kotlin, and Xcode programming language

  3. Familiarise with XML and HTML 5

  4. When you need to gain relevant work experience, app development certification, training, and course are excellent ways to validate your competencies for the role. Associate Android Developer Certification, MDICD, SAP, etc., are popular certifications to improve your chances of job success.

  5. Get adequate knowledge of the Android Software Development Kit, iOS Software Development Kit, and respective Studios.

  6. After you understand app development, implement it into practice by creating your portfolio of apps.

  7. Post your portfolio on online job portals like LinkedIn, social media sites, forums, etc., to showcase your talent to prospective employers and get an initial break.



9. How To Become A Freelance Mobile App Developer?


There is a high demand for qualified developers in Android and iOS. Freelance mobile app developers have to initially start with small gigs till they build their reputation and have a decent number of projects under their belt.


Here we are sharing simple tips to help you become a freelance app developer:


  • Take short online mobile app development courses to get basic to advanced-level knowledge about this field. Gain technical expertise by learning programming languages, design guidelines, and more.

  • Create and launch apps on the App Store or Play Store to show your relevant job experience. It will also help build a strong portfolio and boost your resume.

  • Build an impressive CV that lists your relevant accomplishments, skills, and work experience for every project you undertake.

  • Register on a popular Job portal site: LinkedIn

  • Upload your resume. Mention all the technologies you have worked with. Put the title "Freelance app developer – looking for job opportunities" to make it easier to find your job application and approach you for any related opening. Make it searchable for specific profile keywords that recruiters use to search for candidates on the site. Turn on the "Open Candidate" toggle to let employers know you are available for work.

  • Upload your CV on other popular Job sites such as UpworkAngelList, RemoteOK, YunoJunoJobspressoAirtasker, and WeWorkRemotely

  • Network with your existing family, colleagues, and friends, and expand your network to improve your opportunities. Some of the ways to expand your professional network include:


  1. Become a part of related Facebook communities

  2. Join a hackathon

  3. Volunteer for a tech event to get to know other professionals in your field

  4. Directly contact app developers on LinkedIn



10. How To Become An App Developer For Free?


Suppose you are passionate about creating mobile apps but need more money to study for a degree or another course. In that case, there are several free mobile app development courses that you can take to learn all about creating mobile apps.


These courses are made for educational and promotional objectives and are available free of cost. In this section, we are discussing with you the best free application development courses.



Course 1: Learn Android Application Development (25+ Hours of Quality Content)


This comprehensively designed course will give you in-depth knowledge of application development, including Android and Java programming. The course is available on Udemy and is trusted by millions of students worldwide.



Course 2: Become an Android Developer from scratch (11.5 Hours of Learning Material)


If you are looking for a free online Android development course, this could be your ideal Udemy course. You will learn about setting up a development environment via Android Studio and creating, executing, and testing apps using Emulator and device.



Course 3: The Complete Android Oreo (8.1), N, M, and Java Development (8 + Hours of Training Material)


This free course covers Android 7 Nougat, Android 6 Marshmallow, and Android 8 Oreo to develop highly functional apps. Delivered by Kavita Mandal, the course covers the fundamental and a few advanced concepts of Android OS.



Course 4: Android Fundamentals: Ultimate Tutorial for App Development


This is another free professional App Development course on Udemy. The course teaches essential Android concepts, including Android architecture, Android ecosystem, simple APIs, Sensors, Data Storage, and Material Design.


In addition to these, there are a few more free courses/certifications on mobile app development that you take based on your career aspirations:


  • Android Developer Nanodegree Certification by Google (Udacity)

  • The Complete Android N / Oreo Developer Course (Udemy)

  • Kotlin for Android: Beginner to Advanced (Udemy)

  • Android Kotlin Development Masterclass using Android Oreo (Udemy)

  • Top Free Android Development Courses (Udemy)

  • The Complete Android – React Native and Redux Course (Udemy)

  • Android Java Masterclass – Become an App Developer (Udemy)

  • Full Stack Web & Multiplatform Mobile App Development Certification (Coursera)

  • Xamarin Forms: Build Native Cross-platform Android Apps with C#

  • The Complete Android & Java Developer Course – Build 21 Apps

  • FREE Android Course (LinkedIn Learning)

  • FREE Android Training (LinkedIn Learning)

  • Android Course & Classes Online – Learning Path (Pluralsight)

  • Ionic 2/ Ionic 3 – Build iOS & Android Apps with Angular (Udemy)

  • Android O & Java – Mobile App Development | Beginning to End


By taking the above app development courses, you can create professional-level Android apps and games that you can sell on the Play store and generate income.


Also, the courses prepare you for interviews to grab an entry-level position in mobile app development in Australia.



11. Courses To Become An App Developer In Australia


You can easily make it as an App developer in Australia if you have the proper knowledge and some practical experience. For those who want to know how to become an app developer without a degree, courses and certifications are great ways to accomplish your goal.


RMIT is a leading Australian university that offers a short online iOS app development course, "iOS App Development with Swift".


From planning to design to build and deployment, the program provides you with thorough learning to create the most innovative iOS apps.



iOS App Development Foundation - RMIT Online


Learn Swift programming and fundamental concepts and practices in iOS app development. Use essential Apple tools like Interface Builder and Xcode to develop awesome iOS apps.



Design And Develop An iOS App - RMIT Online


The course teaches methods to build layouts, views, and workflow navigation hierarchies.



12. How Long Does It Take To Become A Mobile App Developer?


After you graduate, it will take you around four years to complete a relevant bachelor's degree in computer science or any related field.


However, suppose you are studying for a general degree and choose to undertake an online short mobile app development course while studying. In that case, you need 6 to 22 weeks more in addition to the duration of your degree.


So, it will take around 4 to 5 years to become a mobile app developer in Australia.



13. How Does An App Developer Differ From An App Designer?


App designers and developers differ in terms of the duties they perform. So, let us look at their responsibilities to clarify the differences.



What Does An App Developer Do?


The exact duties of an app developer depend on the business size and whether it creates apps for its customers or business clients.

Some of their daily responsibilities include:


  • Develop operational, interactive, and self-explanatory apps for various digital platforms. 

  • Code mobile apps using programming languages such as Kotlin, Java, and Swift

  • Modify existing mobile apps to add/modify/delete features and fix glitches

  • Test applications to confirm that they perform desired functions and work efficiently on different devices.

  • They are involved in all the phases of app development, including definition, design, development, test, launch, and maintenance.

  • Stay abreast of the latest technologies and methodologies in the mobile app development field.



What Does An App Designer Do?


App designers are mainly responsible for creating a highly intuitive and usable interface consistent across commonly used digital tools such as smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets.


  • Collaborate with teams during the entire design process

  • Discuss hardware and software requisites with the project manager to get clarity on project objectives and specifications and mobile design apps accordingly

  • Break a design problem into feasible, actionable parts to solve them with understanding and accuracy

  • Stay updated on the latest standards, amendments, and advancements in mobile app design.


14. Work Conditions Of An App Developer In Australia



Nature Of Work


The daily duties of App developers involve developing functional, engaging, and intuitive apps for different digital platforms.


They work on several exciting projects with varying requirements that keep them engaged throughout the day. App developers mostly work as a team with testers, DevOps, project managers, and occasionally clients.





Mobile App Developers usually work indoors in offices in a comfortable setting.



Nature of Employment


The app developer profession offers professionals a good amount of stability and secure work satisfaction. App developers may work either on a full-time, contract, or part-time basis.



Working Hours


App developers generally have a healthy work-life balance. They usually have regular 38-hour work weeks with standard business hours. Still, they may sometimes need to work irregular hours and weekends to meet the deadlines.



15. Job Outlook of an App Developer In Australia


The continuous technology expansion and app usage in Australia will translate to a massive generation of app development opportunities and scope for advancement in the coming years.


Forecasters expect app development to stay in demand for the foreseeable future. They expect strong growth in the number of app and software programmers between 2020 and 2026 in Australia.


Robust industry growth and steady demand for app development skills assure job stability and a bright future for app developers in both niche and outsourcing companies throughout the country.



16. How Much Does An App Developer Earn In Australia?


Based on the last two years' data, the average app developer's salary ranges between $90k and $130k.


Sydney and Melbourne are the top two cities in Australia that offer significant career opportunities and earnings to qualified App developers.


Here is a state-wise breakdown of the Fresher and more Experienced Android developer salaries in Australia:



Sydney, NSW


  • Starting salary: between AU$41k and AU$72k per year

  • 5yrs experience: between AU$61k and AU$110k per year



Melbourne, VIC


  • Starting salary: between AU$40k and AU$72k per year

  • 5yrs experience: between AU$57k and AU$102k per year



Adelaide, SA


  • Starting salary: between AU$38k and AU$67k per year

  • 5yrs experience: AU$53k and AU$94k per year



Perth, WA


  • Starting salary: between AU$41k and AU$77k per year

  • 5yrs experience: between AU$57k and AU$108k per year



Brisbane, QLD


  • Starting salary: between AU$39k and AU$69k per year

  • 5yrs experience: between AU$56k and AU$100k per year



Canberra, ACT


  • Starting salary: between AU$40k and AU$76k per year

  • 5yrs experience: between AU$58k and AU$111k per year



Darwin, NT


  • Starting salary: between AU$43k and AU$77k per year

  • 5yrs experience: between AU$59k and AU$107k per year



Hobart, TAS



  • Starting salary: between AU$40k and AU$71k per year

  • 5yrs experience: between AU$54k and AU$98k per year



17. Conclusion


Technological advancement has drastically changed how people conduct business, entertain, and socialise.


As more and more people prefer apps for daily tasks such as banking, shopping, gaming, streaming, travelling, and entertainment, a career in app development presents excellent opportunities, robust salary growth, and massive creative potential.


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