How To Become A Laser Therapist In Australia?

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Students want to know how they can become laser therapists in Australia.


Are you interested in working with lasers and want to help people lead healthy and confident life? Then, a career as a laser therapist might be perfect for you.


Laser therapists are skilled professionals who use laser equipment to treat people in various medical practices. They provide a wide range of laser treatments, such as skin, hair, ophthalmic, and face.


Laser therapist qualifications vary from one state to another in Australia.


All states require a laser therapists course like Hair Reduction Laser & IPL Safety and a Practical Theory Course. Further, a Diploma or Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy may be necessary to qualify for an entry-level laser therapist role. In Queensland, you also need a laser license to work legally.


In this blog, you will learn about becoming a laser therapist in Australia, including the skills, duties, qualifications, salary, laser therapy careers, and more to help you decide whether this profession is right.



1. What Is Laser Therapy?


Laser stands for "Light Amplification By Stimulated Emission Of Radiation". Laser therapies are a type of medical treatment that uses focused radiation.


The light from a laser is tuned to specific wavelengths to make it an intense and powerful beam. It enables surgeons to focus on a small section and work with high precision. This leads to less tissue damage, pain, and swelling than traditional surgeries.



2. Who Is A Laser Therapist?


Laser therapists have specialist skills in using laser therapy to enhance a person's appearance.


They understand their client's concerns and consult with supervising medical doctors to apply the most effective laser treatment.


Laser therapists undergo professional training in various medical settings, such as doctors' offices, including medical spas and laser centres, and work under the supervision of a medical doctor.



3. Duties of A Laser Therapist


The duties of a laser therapist include the following:


  • Evaluate the skin concerns of different clients

  • Identify whether a skin condition can be treated with a laser or need professional assistance.

  • Refer clients with acute skin conditions to appropriate skincare specialists after consulting with supervising medical doctors.

  • Help clients recover their health and self-esteem.

  • Consult with clients, analyse their tattoos or skin condition, and design the most appropriate laser treatment and skin rejuvenation program.

  • Safely use Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and laser technologies.

  • Apply non-ionising radiation treatments for skin renewal, pigmentation reduction, skin tightening, hair removal, and tattoo removal

  • Use laser equipment to remove varicose veins and skin irregularities.

  • Apply laser techniques to identify and treat periodontitis

  • Reduce wrinkles on the skin using laser equipment

  • Recommend the right skincare products, such as cleansers, lotions, and creams, to improve the skin quality of clients

  • Advising clients on how to take good skin care.

  • Offer extensive skincare treatments, including face scrubs, masks, and peels to exfoliate dry and dead skin.

  • Sterilise equipment and keep the workspace hygienic and clean.



4. Skills For A Laser Therapist


Laser therapists directly work with their clients to identify and implement the best laser treatments. This requires them to understand customer needs to provide good quality service and assess customer satisfaction.


Here is a complete list of skills for success in a laser therapist role:


  • Like to assist people

  • Proficient in using Laser Equipment 

  • Excellent Customer Service

  • Detail-oriented

  • Precision

  • Excellent listening skills

  • Keen Observation

  • Exceptional manual dexterity

  • Remarkable eye-hand coordination

  • Excellent mechanical aptitude

  • Able to work with computer-based equipment

  • Good judgment skills 

  • Excellent verbal communication and interpersonal skills

  • Dynamic Strength

  • A strong core and lower back muscles 

  • Maintaining a tidy appearance and a hygienic workspace

  • Able to work for extended durations without fatiguing.



5. Qualifications To Become A Laser Therapist In Australia


Aspiring laser therapists should note that the exact qualification for a laser therapist varies based on the state-level jurisdiction. Consult your state-level guidelines to know more about the qualification criteria.


To seek an entry-level role in Queensland, aspiring laser therapists must complete the following steps:


  1. You need a high school diploma or its equivalent. It is a prerequisite to enrol in a recognised laser therapist training program.

  2. Complete a Hair Reduction Laser & IPL Safety Course & Practical Theory Course and Diploma/Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy (for WAQLD, and TAS). NSW candidates should complete an Advanced Diploma Of Intense Pulsed Light And Laser For Hair Reduction to become fully qualified laser therapists.

  3. Obtain an Infection Control Certificate (for those who are not an AHPRA registered health professional)

  4. Your Identity Proof

  5. Apply for a Trainee Licence 

  6. Complete a specified number of practical hours of supervised training and maintain a logbook to get your full license.


Except for Queensland, other Australian states require completing the first three steps. They do not require a license to work legally as a qualified laser therapist.



6. Steps To Become A Laser Therapist In Australia


Becoming a laser technician involves completing laser therapy courses and obtaining a license to work in Australia.



Step 1: Enroll In A Certification Program


There is no formal qualification needed to become a laser therapist. Undertake a laser therapy course to gain essential skills and knowledge in this field.


You will undertake different certification courses designed for other applications of lasers, such as hair removal, cosmetic laser, etc. Consider undertaking the best course that aligns with your area of interest.


To work in WAQLD, and TAS, you must complete a Hair Reduction Laser & IPL Safety Course and Practical Theory Course. Further, a Diploma/Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy is helpful.


In the case of NSW, complete an Advanced Diploma Of Intense Pulsed Light And Laser For Hair Reduction to become fully qualified laser therapists.


The courses educate students on different aspects of laser therapy, such as skin anatomy, types of medical lasers, interaction between tissues and lasers, laser equipment operation, and regulatory laws and safety recommendations. The ideal duration for the course lasts anywhere between a few weeks to several months.


The above laser technician courses qualify you to work in all Australian states except Queensland and Western Australia. In Queensland, you also need an Infection Control Certificate and License, and in Western Australia.



Step 2: Obtain an Infection Control Certificate


If you wish to work in Queensland, then besides educational requirements, you would also require an Infection Control Certificate.


The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care provides e-learning modules on infection prevention and control principles in Australian healthcare settings.


This certificate is essential for healthcare students, healthcare workers, and those working in industries where infection prevention and control are crucial.



Step 3: Obtain A Licence


As per laser regulations in Australia, you must hold a license to work as a laser therapist in Queensland. To obtain a full license, you must first have a trainee license and complete supervised training for a set number of hours.


Those aspiring to offer laser treatments in hair reduction must complete 25 hours of supervised one-on-one training. Maintain a work log book with a fully licensed trainer and apply for a full-time license with Queensland Health.



7. Popular Laser Therapist Courses In Australia



Diploma of Beauty Therapy - Australian College of Beauty Therapy


This nationally accredited course is suited for those who wish to make a full-time career in the beauty industry. It will familiarise students with standard beauty therapies and evolving trends and technologies in the beauty industry.


Students will gain hands-on learning in several areas, such as massage, aromatherapy, facial treatments, tanning, reflexology, eyelash, brow services, waxing, and cosmetics.



The Australian Academy of Beauty Therapy offers the following courses:



  • Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy

  • Diploma in Beauty Therapy

  • Laser or IPL for Hair Reduction

  • Advanced Diploma of Intense Pulsed Light and Laser for Hair Reduction



Advanced Diploma Of Intense Pulsed Light And Laser For Hair Reduction


Are you looking for a laser hair removal course in Sydney or nearby locations? You can consider taking this nationally accredited course. It is for dermal therapists and skincare specialists who wish to gain expertise in using the latest hair reduction laser technologies for the face and body.


You learn the safe ways to apply non-ionising radiation treatments while conforming to infection control standards. This laser hair removal TAFE course is offered at 3 locations: Liverpool, Coffs Harbour, and Wollongbar.



Advanced Diploma of Cosmetic Laser and Light Therapies – Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science


This nationally recognised diploma laser technician course in Melbourne teaches students about using laser technologies for skin rejuvenation and tattoo removal.


Throughout the training program, students learn how to evaluate the skin and tattoos, design an appropriate treatment program, and safely use IPL and laser technologies.



Hair Reduction Online Laser & IPL Safety Course & Practical Theory - Bravura Education


This is an ideal laser hair removal course in Australia for GP'snursesbeauty therapistsdoctors, and other skin therapists or dermal clinicians who are new to the beauty industry or want to enhance their knowledge in this field. This is a laser course online that meets AU/NZS Standards.


The course curriculum is to help students become proficient in laser and intense pulsed light treatment. It gives an in-depth understanding of the following aspects of laser beams such as:


  • Production and propagation of the laser beam

  • Characteristics and types of the laser beam

  • Applicators and delivery systems of Laser beams, including IPL laser

  • Laser controls

  • Laser hazards

  • Laser-tissue interactions

  • Standards, regulations, and guidelines

  • Safe Laser practice and programs



Diploma In IPL and Laser Safety – Seria Beauty School


This comprehensive diploma course prepares you to work as a leading Laser Technician. It is based on Laser & IPL-based platforms. It delivers tried and tested treatment protocols used in the current industry.


Students will better understand popular laser treatments and techniques, such as laser hair removal, vascular therapy, skin rejuvenation, pigmentation, and acne.


Delivery Mode: 10 classes with 20 practical case studies



Cosmetic Injectable Training Course - Australian Laser & Cosmetic Academy


The course best suits enrolled nursesRN, and doctors who wish to upskill and become certified Cosmetic Injectors. By completing this 3-day course, you gain the skills and confidence to perform Dermal Filler and Anti-Wrinkle Injections.


This course includes Anti-Wrinkle and Dermal Filler. Theory sessions are via a LIVE Zoom session.



Laser Safety Officer's Certificate - Australian College of Laser Therapy, South Australia


This course is for insurance and licensing requirements in Western Australia and Queensland. This course's students get practical training in the latest and medical-grade IPL, laser, and light technologies.



Tattoo Removal Training - Australian College of Laser Therapy


This is an ideal course for anyone wishing to offer clients tattoo removal services. The course is to meet AS/NZS 4173:2018. After completion of the course, students get a thorough understanding of all aspects of tattoo removal.



8. Work Environment For A Laser Therapist In Australia


Laser therapists typically work full-time for standard 40 hours per week. They have the flexibility to work part-time and decide their work hours.


Therapists involved in offering elective medical treatment and cosmetic procedures cures might need to work evenings and weekends to accommodate clients' requirements. The typical work areas of laser therapists are health and beauty spas and salons.


Those working in cosmetic clinics work under the direction of a medical doctor. They work in a hygienic, comfortable, and well-lighted workspace to conduct proper assessments and treatment procedures.


This job requires laser technicians to perform most of their duties in standing positions. Thus, you need to be physically fit to execute your duties well. Moreover, while operating, they must wear protective clothing for hygienic purposes.



9. Job Opportunities For Laser Therapists In Australia


Laser Therapists work in a variety of settings, such as skin care clinics, high-end beauty salons, health spas, beauty clinics and studios, and dermal therapy centres, in the following positions:



The employment market for Laser Therapists is quite positive in Australia. Alongside the beauty industry, the number of job vacancies for laser therapists will grow strongly in the next five years.



10. Job Prospects For A Laser Therapist In Australia


People are very conscious about their appearance. Any irregularity in hair, skin, teeth, etc., can hamper a person's self-worth. Laser therapists address the varying concerns of clients and help them with the chiselled body and gorgeous appearance they have always dreamt of.


The increasing desire for men and women to combat aging and stay youthful has fuelled the demand for these specialists. Moreover, the following benefits of laser treatments make them more appealing than traditional surgeries to people.


  • Sorter period 

  • Less invasive translates to less pain, swelling, and scarring

  • More accurate

  • Less damage to skin tissues

  • Quick recovery

  • It can be done on an outpatient basis.


People are slowly adopting laser treatments for diverse anti-aging and aesthetic treatments such as hair removal, hair transplant, pigmentation, acne/scars, nail disorders, tattoo removal, skin tightening, body shaping, and more.


As awareness and comfort in laser treatment increase, its use is becoming more prevalent. Besides solid job prospects and ample job opportunities, it takes only a few months of training to start working as a qualified laser therapist.


All these features and benefits make "laser therapist" a lucrative, stable, and rewarding career option for people.



11. How Much Does A Laser Therapist Earn In Australia?


The laser therapist's salary varies based on the different types of levels and licensing. Based on Indeed, the average hourly laser therapist salary in Australia is $26.40 per hour.



12. Conclusion


Laser therapy is a relatively new and growing field. Working as a laser therapist is a fun and emotionally satisfying experience. Helping people become beautiful and live confident life is indeed a wonderful feeling.


If working with laser interests you and you are ambitious about improving people's lives, then take the first step and become a laser therapist today.


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