How To Become A Cosmetic Nurse In Australia: A Complete Guide

Students want to know how to become cosmetic nurses in Australia and how much their salary is.


Do you wonder if becoming a cosmetic nurse is your right career choice? If so, you have come to the right place.


Cosmetic nurses are in high demand, and becoming one is a popular career option in Australia. It allows you to earn a high wage while helping and treating people.


In the post below, you will learn everything about becoming a cosmetic nurse in Australia, including the salary, courses, qualifications, education requirements, how much they make, the tasks you may undertake as a cosmetic nurse, and much more.



1. What Is A Cosmetic Nurse?


Cosmetic nurses provide patients with cosmetic services and care. Regarding top-rated careers in Australia, cosmetic nursing ranks in the top 10.


It is one of the fastest-growing careers in Australia. The reason behind this is that today cosmetic procedures are in high demand. 


The demand for cosmetic nurses will increase rapidly in the next ten years as people become more conscious about their faces and bodies.



2. What Do Cosmetic Nurses Do?


Cosmetic nurses perform cosmetic procedures on the patient, such as cosmetic injections and skin therapies. The cosmetic nurse also helps in cosmetic surgeries under the supervision of surgeons and doctors. Moreover, cosmetic nurses are highly professional. 


They can perform extensive tasks, like skin fillers, non-invasive body contouring, therapies, laser, and micro bleeding.



3. Major Duties And Tasks of Cosmetic Nurses?


Cosmetic Nursing covers a wide range of job functions and tasks. Cosmetic nurses have duties similar to Dermatology Nurses as both fields deal directly with skin and appearance-related issues. 


However, the scope of a Cosmetic Nursing career varies depending on areas of specialization and additional certification requirements. 


The following are the main functions and tasks of Cosmetic Nursing:


  • Assist doctors in pre-and post-operative care

  • Perform highly professional extensive tasks like skin fillers, non-invasive body contouring, therapies, and laser

  • work under the supervision of a Doctor or Surgeon with various cosmetic surgeries and procedures

  • Preparing and sterilizing instruments and operating rooms

  • Consultation, screening, and scheduling of patients

  • Researching to stay up to date on new methods and protocols

  • Examining skin aging or other skin-related health issues


Cosmetic Nurses work in various settings, which include hospitals, clinics, dermatology offices, and medical spas. They work directly under a Physician, Plastic Surgeon, or dermatologist's supervision.



4. Where Do Cosmetic Nurses Work in Australia?


Cosmetic Nurses work under the supervision of Dermatologists and plastic surgeons in hospitals, clinics, and dermatology clinics.



5. Steps To Become a Cosmetic Nurse in Australia


Following are the steps of how to become a cosmetic nurse in Australia.



Step 1: Earn A Bachelor of Science In Nursing


To become a Registered Cosmetic Nurse in Australia, you must obtain a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing from a university.


This program will require a time frame of 4 years to complete the degree. You could also continue with a Diploma in Cosmetic Nursing to become an Enrolled Nurse.



Step 2: Apply to AHPRA


All cosmetic nurses must register with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).


AHPRA is the national body that establishes policies and standards and regulates health services.



Step 3: Accumulate Nursing Experience


Before entering a professional field as Cosmetic Nurse, it is necessary to gain some experience as this degree requires a lot of commitment.


You should practice and get some experience under the supervision of a certified cosmetic nurse or a cosmetic surgeon.



Step 4: Earn A Graduate Diploma In Cosmetic Nursing


With your nursing degree, you must complete a formal cosmetic nursing qualification recognized by the Australian Qualification Framework.


The Graduate Diploma in Cosmetic Nursing will give you the ultimate knowledge and skills. A graduate diploma takes one year and consists of two semesters. 


The ultimate goal of a graduate diploma is to gain some skills and experience that will help you in the future.



Step 5: Look For A Job


After completing the above steps, you will be eligible for a job as a cosmetic nurse. Start applying for work in different hospitals and clinics.


These are the basic steps to becoming a cosmetic nurse in Australia. However, this is a technical field. To be ready and polished as a certified cosmetic nurse, you will learn and practice all the basic and extensive modules in the internship/training program.


Moreover, with regards to career opportunities, the cosmetic nurse has multiple career opportunities which, includes:


  • Laser cosmetic nurse

  • Certified cosmetic nurse specialist

  • Medical cosmetic sales employee

  • Aesthetic medicine

  • Aesthetic medical sales

  • Aesthetic nurse

  • Cosmetic laser specialist



The Following Are The Basic University Entry Requirements:


  • GAMSATYou are required to appear in the graduate medical school admission test and pass with a decent score.


  • GPA: The GPA requirement varies from university to university. However, You must earn an excellent GPA to attend a medical institute.


  • Interview: The university might interview before admission. Interviews play a vital role in the admission process as it is a pathway to get to know the students and their potential.



6. Benefits of Becoming A Cosmetic Nurse


The following are the benefits of the cosmetic nurse in Australia:


  • Career advancements

  • High Market Demands

  • Decent salary

  • Job security

  • Flexible hours

  • Growing industry

  • Various job opportunities



7. What Are The Skills Required To Become A Cosmetic Nurse in Australia



Ability To Work Alongside A Doctor


You should have the ability to work alongside a cosmetic surgeon and should be a team player. 


While performing a cosmetic procedure, there might be a team of doctors and nurses, you should be friendly enough and a team player to provide the desired output.



Hard Work and Passion


Hard work is the key to success. To excel in any profession, you need to work hard.


Suppose you are passionate about pursuing cosmetic nursing as a profession. In that case, you have to work hard, as the degree has extensive modules that require pure dedication and sincerity.





The primary reason for professionalism is to ensure the safety of patients, as the safety of the patient is the most vital concern. Cosmetic nurses must be professionals who communicate well while being honest.



Keen Learner


If you are passionate about learning, this profession is perfect for you, as the learning process never stops.


The cosmetic nurse will continue learning new techniques and methods. Continuous learning and education will be a requirement to manage this job.



Great Communication Skills


To become a cosmetic nurse, you must have excellent communication skills, as you have to explain cosmetic procedures to the patients.





Becoming a cosmetic nurse is a long process, so patience is the key. You should maintain patience under every circumstance. Usually, patients are already nervous. So, you should have ultimate patience to deal with every patient.



7. Can You Study Cosmetic Nurse Degrees Online in Australia?


Some universities in Australia offer online cosmetic nurse degrees as well. The degree is available to study online. It is a 4-year online degree program where you will learn all the basics and extensive modules of a cosmetic nurse.


Due to the pandemic, universities started offering degrees online so students could study effectively without compromising their health.



8. How To Become A Cosmetic Nurse Without A Degree?


Every field and degree requires a process to follow. Some careers require a degree, internship programs, and extensive study modules, while others are less difficult.


If you want to become a cosmetic nurse, a degree is a primary step. You can only become a certified cosmetic nurse with a degree.



9. How Long Does It Take to Become A Cosmetic Nurse In Australia?


Typically, becoming a certified cosmetic nurse takes three to four years.


Becoming a cosmetic nurse requires a lot of commitment and dedication, as it is a long process. Pure commitment is needed if you want to become a cosmetic nurse.


However, it will be easy for you if you have an ultimate passion for this profession.



10. How Much Does A Cosmetic Nurse Earn In Australia?


The demand for this profession is continuously rising. Cosmetic nurses earn up to 1250 AU $/week and AU $65,000 annually. The pay rate will increase as you gain more experience in this industry.


However, the demand for this profession is rising. There is a probability that this profession will become one of the highest-paying professions in Australia.



11. The Future of Cosmetic Nurses in Australia


The field of cosmetic nursing is expanding as more patients are interested in trying injectables, body sculpting, and laser treatments. However, it is safe to say that the future is all about cosmetic nursing.


A career in cosmetic nursing is rewarding, dynamic, and flexible. It is an excellent path for those interested in nursing. 



12. Closing words


Cosmetic nurses are hardworking and passionate individuals trying their best to meet patient expectations. The main important thing about this profession is that it gives job security as the degree is in high demand in Australia and anywhere in the world.


Do you want to work in an environment where your skills get valued? Well, working as a cosmetic nurse is the best profession for you. You can also work part-time and experiment within your field, as it helps you to grow and learn.


Moreover, your career as a cosmetic nurse holds a great responsibility. Becoming a certified cosmetic nurse might be a long process. Still, it is worth the wait because it is the most rewarding and empathetic profession.


Moreover, your career as a cosmetic nurse holds a great responsibility. It might be a long process, but it is worth the effort. It is the most rewarding and empathetic profession.


Hopefully, this guide made it easier for you to understand the career choices, job prospects and study pathways, career opportunities, internships, and salary expectations of cosmetic nurses.


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