How To Become A Building Consultant In Australia?

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Students want to know how to become building consultants in Australia.


Do you have a passion for building, construction, and sustainability? Then, a career as a building consultant might suit you.


Building consultants ensure the financial and environmental stability of the construction process. They advise and liaise with people at all stages of the construction to ensure safe and efficient project execution.


To become a building consultant in Australia, consider completing a tertiary qualification or a TAFE-accredited course in building and construction. Get registered with the Australian Institute of Buildings to work as a registered builder in Australia.


This blog discusses the daily responsibilities, personal requirements, qualifications, courses, salary, job opportunities, and study pathways to becoming a licensed building consultant in Australia.



1. What Is A Building Consultant In Australia?


Building consultants are vital in infrastructure development planning, construction, and maintenance. They have in-depth knowledge of what is involved in a building project and the likely issues or implications that arise from it.


Building consultants consider the structural, social, environmental, and economic factors that could impact the overall development of a construction project. They use their knowledge to track the execution and progress of projects and take proactive steps to mitigate issues down the track.


Building consultants provide expert advice on residential and commercial developments while ensuring the construction completes at a best-practice safety standard.



2. Building Consultant Job Description


Building consultants work for the whole lifespan of a project, from its design to post-construction and supervision. To work in this role, you must first understand the responsibilities.


Here is a breakdown of the tasks that a building consultant carries out daily:


  • Assess the construction process throughout its progress 

  • Ensure the construction conforms to Australian WHS legislation and codes of compliance related to structural safety, resource use, and environmental degradation

  • Facilitate construction progress by anticipating risks during planning and development and mitigating them where possible.  

  • Conduct safety audits and reporting tasks 

  • Consult during planning, building, and post-construction

  • Mediate disputes and disagreements

  • Minimize issues that could arise in a building project by managing the planning, execution, and follow-up reporting tasks after the finalization of the construction

  • Advice at each stage of a construction project, such as logistics, insurance, progress payments, dipping funds, and budget funding

  • Provide expert evidence to tribunals and courts

  • Supervise the progress of a construction project

  • Collaborate with the client/owner and various related professionals such as financial analysts, architects, executives, councils, architectural planners, building contractors, construction workers, project managers, and environmental and safety bodies 

  • Respond to the queries of executive boards or funding bodies



3. Building Consultant Skills For Success


To work as a skilled building consultant, you should have a good understanding of finances, numbers, and the different aspects of the construction industry, such as:


  • Construction process

  • Environmental Assessment (including environmental and conservation issues)

  • Financial forecasting of commercial/residential developments

  • Financial management

  • Tracking practices

  • WHS and other building legislation

  • The building code of Australia



Additionally, you also need the following soft skills to execute the job efficiently:


  • Enjoy outdoor work

  • Eye for detail

  • Safety-conscious 

  • Efficient listener

  • Clear and persuasive communicator

  • Passionate for eco-friendly and sustainable development

  • Able to create positive relations with people

  • Able to analyze a large amount of data

  • Collaboration skills



4. Building Consultant Qualifications In Australia


  • To start in the building industry, you don’t necessarily need a university degree. You can qualify for this role by completing a tertiary qualification or TAFE-accredited qualification in building and construction.

  • Gain relevant work experience in the construction industry

  • Register with a professional building consultancy association such as “The Australian Institute of Building.”

  • Fulfil state-level licensing and accreditation requirements where you wish to work

  • Prior background in construction is beneficial as it will facilitate working alongside other building professionals involved in a project, such as carpenterselectricians, and architects.

  • Joining professional organizations like the Australian Society of Building Consultants and the Institute of Building Consultants can be an advantage.



5. Steps To Become A Building Consultant In Australia


To become a building consultant, You must get qualified, gain industry experience and become a registered builder to work as a building consultant in Australia. 


Follow the below steps to become a registered builder:



Step 1: Get Education


Complete a formal education in building and construction to gain the necessary expertise to work in the construction industry. 


The following TAFE-accredited building consultant courses will help aspiring building consultants build foundational knowledge and prepare for the builder’s registration:


  • Diploma of Building & Construction (Management) (TAFE) (Online) - The College of Adult Learning

  • Diploma of Building & Construction (Building) (TAFE) (Blended, In-class, Online) - Builders Academy Australia

  • Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) (Online) (TAFE) - BAA & CWBTS

  • Diploma of Building and Construction (Building CPC50210 and Management CPC50308) - Construction Courses


The Diploma courses will help with long-term construction career opportunities. Students will develop transferable skills in finance, risk, project, and contract management. 


The course also teaches how to liaise between contractors, consultantsengineers, and other professionals working on the projects.



Step 2: Gain Construction Industry Experience


Experience is sought after among employers seeking candidates for this role. The more industry experience you gain, the more knowledgeable and skilful you become. 


It makes you more appealing to prospective clients or companies looking for a building consultant.



Step 3: Gain Specialization


Construction is a vast and diverse industry. The right way to prepare to work in this field is to specialize in an aspect of the construction project that interests you and suits your experience. 



Step 4: Check Licensing And Accreditation Requirements


Before you start working, you must check with your state/territory body about mandatory licensing and accreditation requirements to work as a building consultant:



New South Wales












Northern Territory








Western Australia




South Australia




Australian Capital Territory




Step 5: Become A Registered Builder


After gaining qualification and experience, the last step is registering with a professional building consultancy association in Australia like the Australian Institute of Building.


It helps you connect with industry professionals and increase your chances of finding the right job.



Step 6: Gain Professional membership (IBC And ASBC)


The Institute Of Building Consultants Inc. offers Associate Membership and Practising Membership. Refer to the academic qualifications in both categories to gain membership.


When having the desired qualification, candidates can submit their completed online membership application form with the below-mentioned supporting documents via email.


  • A certified copy of the qualification

  • A detailed resume of trade work 

  • Copies of three reports that include specialist consultancy work or pre-purchase

  • Copy of valid Professional Indemnity Insurance

  • Copy of Public Liability Insurance

  • 3 References: 1 Consumer, one legal, and 1 Building

  • Contact details of 2 Associates in this industry who can attest to your experience and qualifications.

  • Last 12 months, CPD record


The Australian Society of Building Consultants (ASBC) is the leader in the education and advancement of building consultants in NSW. It is the only independent building consultant organization registered as an RTO with the Construction Industry Training & Advisory Board. 


Interested candidates should fulfil the Eligibility and Accreditation criteria to become a member of this professional body.



Step 7: Find Jobs


With the building industry being a high-demand industry, there are plenty of opportunities for qualified and skilled building consultants. Demonstrate your talent and abilities best in front of prospective employers.


Make an impressive resume highlighting your building consultant qualification, certifications, work experience, and specialization. Apply to jobs with a targeted cover letter.



National Resources For Building Consultants:




6. Area Of Specialization For Building Consultants


Building consultants have ample opportunities available for specialization. They can work on small to large-scale commercial and residential development projects, be self-employed, run private consultancies, or work as freelancers or contractors. 


Some of the areas available for specialization include:


  • Environmental impact assessment

  • Financial management and planning

  • Expert witness in courtroom disputes

  • Workplace health and safety specialist



7. What Job Positions Involve Building Consultants In Australia?


The most common jobs available for a qualified building consultant on popular job portals like Seek:


  • Building Consultant

  • Building Surveyor

  • Building Design Consultant

  • Building Inspector/Building Certifier

  • New Home Sales Consultant

  • Civil/Structural Engineer/Building Consultant 

  • Senior Building Surveyor

  • Senior Building Regulations Consultant

  • Municipal Building Surveyor



8. Job Prospects And Salary For Building Consultants In Australia


Australia is presently experiencing a boom in construction, housing and commercial properties. Building consultants are in need across all regions, particularly in cities developing and maintaining urban infrastructure.


The average building consultant salary is $88,175 per year in Australia. Where they work is a factor that influences their salary.


Some of the top-paying Australian cities in this profession are:


  • Perth WA: $161,704 per year

  • Sydney NSW: $104,365 per year

  • Melbourne VIC: $90,392 per year

  • Sydney Central Business District NSW: $85,957 per year



9. Conclusion


Building consultants work on varied projects and offer advice and guidance throughout the planning and construction stages. Delivering expert advice at each development phase makes them an integral part of the construction process.


It is a rewarding career where you work with other building professionals and offer various services to clients. We hope this blog has helped you to kick off your career path in construction consulting.


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