How To Become An Amazon Flex Driver In Australia?

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Students want to know how they can become amazon flex drivers in Australia and how much money they can make.


Do you enjoy making customers happy by delivering their online orders on time? Amazon Flex hires on-demand drivers to move parcels from delivery stations to customers' homes in Australia.

Besides an additional earning source, the service helps Amazon to expand its logistics network across Australia and lessen its dependence on courier services.


If you are already driving with popular on-demand platforms, you will find signing up for Amazon Flex a more straightforward process that requires less documentation.


In this blog, you will learn how to become an Amazon Flex driver in Australia, the requirements and salary, application steps, pros and cons, and various answers to frequently asked questions to help you succeed.



1. What is Amazon Flex in Australia?


Amazon Flex is a package delivery program backed by Amazon. It recruits drivers to move parcels from central delivery stations to customers' homes. These parcels are of varying sizes and weights and contain various food items, household essentials, electronics, and more.


Amazon Flex is an excellent opportunity to turn your car, van, or people mover into a money maker. All it takes is to choose your convenient blocks of time, drive your vehicle to deliver Amazon packages and get paid weekly.



2. How Does Amazon Flex Work?


Amazon delivery drivers in Australia must first download the Amazon Flex app and set up their accounts. Next, look for available "delivery blocks" or "blocks of time" when they are released weekly.


You can choose which days and hours you would like to work in advance to inform Amazon about your availability to pick up packages from delivery stations and deliver them to customers.


Next to each block, you can view the expected earnings and the time required to complete the delivery. Select the block that suits your Schedule. Based on your reserved blocks, Amazon allocates you a delivery block shift.



3. How Do You Get Approved For Amazon Flex In Australia?


To become an Amazon Flex driver, you need to fulfil a set of requirements, such as:


  • 20 years or older

  • Background check

  • ABN number

  • Full and unrestricted Australian driver's licence

  • A smartphone (Android 7.0 or newer, iPhone with iOS 13 or higher)

  • If you live in NSW, you must complete Bluecard safety training before delivering packages. Amazon covers the training cost and pays you for your course duration.

  • You must maintain a personal automobile insurance policy to deliver packages in your area with compulsory 3rd-party personal injury insurance and a liability policy for property damage.

  • You must have the right vehicle to deliver packages, as an older and less reliable car may make you miss deliveries and get deactivated. The vehicle you drive must be spacious enough to carry boxes securely. A 4-door, passenger vehicle or similar such as an SUV, Cargo van, and 4-door mid-sized Sedan, is ideal for working as an Amazon Flex driver.   


If you meet these criteria and have all the documentation ready, simply sign-up and complete your registration on the Amazon Flex in Australia app and start earning. Use the app to schedule delivery blocks and track your earnings.



4. Does Amazon Provide Insurance To Amazon Flex Drivers?


Amazon provides a free Amazon Commercial Auto Insurance Policy. The policy is applicable only when you use Amazon Flex to deliver parcels or return undelivered packages to a designated location.


The policy includes:


  • Third-Party Property Damage

  • Auto Liability Insurance

  • Contingent Comprehensive coverages



5. How Long Does It Take To Get Approved For Amazon Flex In Australia?


Generally, Amazon processes a registration application within 2-5 business days. However, as the approval also depends on your background check results, it might delay the registration process.


You should contact Amazon Flex support if you are still waiting to hear from them after a week of online application.



6. Steps To Start Delivering Amazon Packages in Australia


Becoming an Amazon Flex delivery driver is easy. Here are the steps to get started with Amazon Flex:


  • Step 1: Download the Amazon Flex app or create your Amazon Flex account online and begin the onboarding process. Using the app, you can - Schedule delivery blocks (when and how often you want to deliver)Navigate to the customer's delivery location. Track your earnings.


  • Step 2: Choose your correct region to pick up and deliver packages. Visit the Locations page to check whether Amazon Flex operates in your area. Here you can find current delivery opportunities and pick-up locations near your area. If you live in NSW, you must complete Bluecard training as part of the registration process. It is the state's industry-standard safety accreditation requirement for the transport and logistics industry.


  • Step 3: The next step in account creation is to choose your vehicle type alongside your city in the Amazon Flex app. Remember to check your vehicle type before signing up, as selecting an incorrect one may delay your onboarding and earnings.


  • Step 4: Visit the Vehicle Types page to clarify which vehicle type best suits you. Amazon provides a handy Large Vehicle Eligibility Calculator to check whether your van qualifies for Amazon Flex van blocks. Enter your vehicle's make and model, letting you know whether it suits the job.


  • Step 5: With Amazon Flex, you deliver only when you want to. You can plan your week by reserving blocks in advance or logging into the app to see what is available. Choose the blocks that fit your Schedule, then return to living your life.


  • Step 6: Provide tax and payment details.

  • Step 7: Review videos that teach you about best delivery practices.

  • Step 8: Provide answers to questions that will be used for a background check.


It completes the registration process. Once your application gets approved, you are ready to get behind the wheel for Amazon.



7. Are There Any Minimum Deliveries To Stay Eligible To Deliver With Amazon Flex?


No. Amazon Flex does not require you to make a minimum number of deliveries to be eligible to work with it.



8. How Do I Pick Up A Delivery Block?


Amazon Flex offers delivery blocks throughout the day at varying frequencies based on customer orders.


After you log in to the Amazon Flex app, you can see available delivery blocks in your location and the estimated time and earnings for each delivery block. You can reserve a block by selecting it and tapping on Schedule. On confirmation of the offer request, a reservation gets added to your calendar.


When the day of your selected block arrives, you must drive over to the designated Amazon delivery station to collect the package. Tap 'I'm arrived' once you reach there.


A delivery station employee will verify your ID and take you to your packages. You can then pick up the parcel and deliver it to its destination. If you cannot deliver a few boxes, return them to the delivery station by 10:30 pm.



9. How Do You Accept A Job?


Drivers can specify the time of day they wish to work and the delivery stations they can pick up from. The Flex app will show relevant offers or 'blocks' throughout the day that matches your criteria.


If no criteria are specified, the app shows you all offers running in your area. When you find a block you want, tap it and swipe to accept. Once Amazon accepts your delivery request for the block, you will get a confirmation message, and a reservation gets added to your in-app calendar.



10. Can I Cancel A Delivery Block?


Yes. You can cancel a block at least 45 minutes before the block starts time. To do this, you must visit the in-app calendar and hit 'Forfeit Block.'



11. Where Is Amazon Flex Available In Australia?


Amazon Flex is available for delivery opportunities in 7 cities around the country. In big cities, multiple pick-up locations are provided to cater to the needs of wider communities and ensure speedy delivery of parcels to its customers.


State Locations

New South Wales



  • Regents Park (DNS2)

  • Botany (XNS1)

  • Glendenning (XNS2)

  • Bella Vista (DNS4)



  • MayfieldWest (XNC1)

Victoria (VIC)



  • Mulgrave (DVT2)

  • Melbourne Airport (DVT3)

Western Australia (WA)



  • Kewdale (DWT1)

Queensland (QLD)



  • Pinkenba (DQD1)

Gold Coast


  • Arundel (XGC1)

South Australia (QLD)



  • Cavan (DQQ1)



12. How Much Does An Amazon Flex Driver Make Australia?


During block selection, the app provides a pick-up location, the projected trip duration, and a minimum amount to complete the block (regardless of whether the delivery finishes in less than the estimated duration)


Currently, the minimum price for 4 hours block for most delivery blocks in Brisbane is $108. It shows that Amazon Flex in Australia pays around $27 per hour. However, some drivers complete the 4 hours block in 2 or 3 hours which translates to better hourly pay.


As an Amazon Flex driver, you work as an independent contractor and are responsible for your expenses, including gas, vehicle repairs, etc.



13. Can You Work 40 Hours On Amazon Flex?


Yes. Amazon Flex Drivers can work 40 hours per week in Australia. While registering, they can choose working hours and vehicle options on Amazon Flex App.


How Many Hours per Week Do You Want To Deliver? What Size Vehicle Will You Use To Make Deliveries?

1-10 hours

Standard - (4-door Sedam)

11-20 hours

Large - (4-door SUV, van)

21-30 hours


31 hours or more




14. How Many Amazon Block Deliveries Can You Do In A Day?


The daily limit is nine blocks, most requiring 3 to 4 hours to complete the job.



15. How Many Packages Do You Get For A 4-Hour Block Amazon Flex?


Amazon doesn’t reveal the number of packages assigned to the driver in the block details. Factors such as shift time, delivery location, parcel dimensions, and residential type (Apartment, House, or Office Building) determine the number of parcels allocated to a driver.


Amazon Flex drivers will only learn about the parcel details while loading and skimming the parcels at the selected delivery station. Usually, a driver receives between 20 to 50 packages per 4 hours block.



15. How And When Do I Get Paid?


Amazon Flex sends payments through a direct deposit to your bank account every Wednesday. It may take up to five business days to process payments based on your bank. In most cases, funds appear in your bank account by Friday.


Amazon Flex drivers can track their pay on the Earnings section within the Amazon Flex app.



16. How Long Does It Take For Amazon Flex To Pay You?


You will receive a payment from Amazon once a week. Drivers get their pay directly in the bank account they have provided at the time of sign-up.



17. Can You Do Amazon Flex Overnight?


Yes. You can do Amazon Flex early morning, night, or weekend delivery times or shifts, but it will depend on how busy things are at the delivery stations in your local area.


Amazon Flex shifts vary based on where you live, customer demand, and the number of other delivery drivers in the area.



18. What Are Amazon Flex Shifts?


Your work as an Amazon Flex driver depends on what shift you choose to work. Amazon Flex allows you to schedule part-time or full-time shifts seven days a week to quickly fit delivery work around your family or other jobs.


Days and Times Option on Amazon Flex App


Shift Type Shift Timings
Early Morning 4 am to 8 am
Morning 8 am to 12 pm
Afternoon 12 pm to 4 pm
Evening 4 pm to 8 pm
Late Evening 8 pm to 12 am


If you want to free up your days for whatever matters most, an evening and overnight shift could be a great option.



19. Can Someone Ride With Me While Doing Amazon Flex?


It is generally not advised to bring passengers or pets, except for service animals, when delivering parcels with Amazon Flex. You must note that Amazon's insurance doesn't cover any passengers in your vehicle if you have an accident.


Suppose you have no option but to bring passengers while delivering with Amazon Flex. In that case, you must always ensure they remain seated in the vehicle, including when you collect parcels from Amazon stations and deliver packages to customers.


They must not interact with customers or drive the vehicle while you deliver for Amazon Flex. Failing to comply with the above conditions may affect your eligibility to continue in the Amazon Flex program.



20. How Much Does Flex Amazon Pay?


It depends on your market, potential tips, and the number of packages you deliver. You can also earn surge pay bonuses when driving during busy times like Christmas.


So, scheduling blocks when surge pay (between November and December) is a good idea. Amazon Flex deliveries usually increase during this time so that you can claim as many of these blocks as possible.


Another way to increase your earnings is to choose to deliver in a big city as it usually has sufficient demand and provides plenty of delivery blocks that can help you earn more than when delivering in a smaller city.


Moreover, you can drive for other apps, such as Lyft, Grubhub, DoorDash, Instacart, etc., to fill in the gaps in your Amazon Flex schedule.



21. How Many Amazon Flex Shifts Can I Do In A Day?


There is no limit to reserving Amazon Flex blocks in a day. You can do as many blocks as possible daily from morning to evening if you stay within the daily work limit of eight or 40 hours per week.



22. Can You Work More Than 40 Hours On Amazon Flex?


If you work for over 40 hours a week, Amazon may pay you an overtime rate and other benefits.


  • Employee assistance programs

  • Employee discounts

  • Consistent hourly rates

  • Retirement savings



23. Is Amazon Flex Considered A Job?


Amazon Flex job has become instantly popular as Australia's next part-time (or full-time) gig to make some extra cash. You can turn your delivery vehicle into a money-making machine and earn at your convenience.



24. Is Amazon Flex Worth It Australia?


Amazon Flex offers an exciting and flexible work opportunity to increase your earnings. Deciding whether it is worth it requires considering its pros and cons.


Here are a few reasons to take up this job:


  1. As an Amazon Flex driver, you can choose your preferred location and shifts when you wish to work in various blocks. You can work your Schedule daily without waiting for in-app notifications or driving around the city all day. You start working only when your chosen delivery block gets confirmed for that day.

  2. Each delivery block has a projected delivery completion time of up to 4 hours so that you can use the spare time on that day with other delivery platforms. 

  3. You can ensure plenty of work and a steady source of income during the hours when rideshare demand is low.

  4. Furthermore, you will know how much you make before committing to a task. 

  5. As the job requires little human interaction, people who prefer something other than a job involving public interaction can consider this job. 

  6. You get paid to work night and overnight shifts. Besides earnings, it benefits you in various other ways, such as fewer disruptions, more pay, more potential family time, more learning opportunities, and shorter commute time.


Having seen the job benefits, let us now look at a few considerations of working as an Amazon Flex driver:


  • It becomes difficult to drive and deliver parcels under bad weather conditions or when you get a poor route. 

  • Drivers must have an Internet connection and a smartphone and use the app to work in this role. 

  • Driving to deliver parcels may cause wear and tear on your vehicle. Amazon Flex usually does not cover the expenses incurred to repair the car. 

  • You get a different level of rights than a full-time delivery driver.


If you like driving, using technology, and seeking a flexible work-hours job, consider becoming an Amazon Flex Driver.


This job could be ideal for existing delivery drivers who drive for on-demand delivery ride-sharing platforms such as Menulog, Uber Eats, Deliveroo, DoorDash, etc. They can make productive use of their spare work time to deliver Amazon packages and maximize their earnings.



25. Does Amazon Pay For Mileage, Tolls, or Parking?


Amazon Flex drivers are independent contractors that are responsible for their expenses. According to the Amazon Flex website, the pay rates on the block offer already include an amount for any mileage pay required by the law.


However, Amazon Flex drivers can get a toll reimbursement if they require passing the toll at delivery time. They can submit a reimbursement request through the app for review. The additional payment will get disbursed within 72 hours.



26. What If I Cannot Complete Delivery According To Block's Time?


When the delivery block time ends, drivers can continue delivering the package or return the rest to the fulfilment centre where you collected the stuff.


If you choose to complete the delivery, email the concerned team to explain your condition and request reimbursement.


However, returning the undelivered packages to the delivery station will negatively affect your overall rating. Doing this often may lead to the termination of your service.



27. Conclusion


Delivering packages for Amazon Flex can be an excellent side hustle if you want to turn your free time into some supplemental income.


Besides being a flexible and fun way of earning extra income, this driving gig allows you to pick your times. Choosing to deliver for multiple apps can maximize your earning potential with Amazon Flex.


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