How To Become A Menulog Delivery Driver In Australia: Explained

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Students want to know how they can become Menulog Drivers in Australia.


Menulog is the largest and widest-reaching online food delivery company in Australia. Working as an intermediate, it connects Aussies to thousands of restaurants across the country. This way, people can enjoy their delicious meals from the comfort of their homes.


Looking at the growing demand for online food delivery, Menulog has hired independent contractors to deliver food orders across Australia. Flexible work, great pay, minimum requirements, and quick joining make it an enticing part-time job.


Are you excited to work with this established service and want to know how to become a Menulog delivery driver in Australia? Keep reading this blog. From how the service works, the driver requirements, and the application process to the earning potential, learn everything to pursue this job.


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1. What Is The Menulog Service?


Founded in 2006, Menulog is among the first companies to run an online food ordering service in Australia. With over 12 years of successful operation, it has become the country's most popular food ordering service.


Menulog works with over 12,000 restaurant partners in cities and suburbs across Australia. It delivers food in several cities where other key players such as Deliveroo and Uber Eats still need to set up their services. Thus, this monopoly gives them an edge over their competitors.



2. How Does The Menulog Service Work?


Menulog only facilitates ordering food through its user-friendly websites and mobile applications. Using its food delivery app, customers can order food from the most comprehensive network of local restaurants and get it at their doorstep in no time.


Here Is How Menulog Works:



Step 1: Customers log in to Menulog through the website or mobile apps.



Step 2: They search for their favourite restaurant in their area or search through ratings, offers, cuisine, and delivery method.



Step 3: Next, they choose the restaurant, browse the in-app menu and place the food order. (They can even order the food through the Menulog app and pick it up on their own if the restaurant is close to their home.)



Step 4: Customer makes the payment using a safe and secure payment channel. Once done, they receive the payment confirmation of the order. On successful payment, they receive a notification for order preparation.


Verified Menulog drivers who are within the range and available to accept orders get delivery opportunity notifications on their Menulog Driver App.


The notification shows the restaurant location for order pick up; distance travelled, estimated time to collect the order, and earnings on that order. Once the driver accepts the order, he will reach the restaurant to pick up the order.



Step 5: The menu log driver collects the order while the customer waits for the order. After successful pickup, he receives the customer's location to drop off the meals. 


During this time, customers can wait for the driver to provide the status update of their order or track the order delivery in the Orders section of the app.



Step 6: The customer is notified when the order is about to reach their doorstep. The driver drops off the meals and updates the order status in the app. After successful delivery, the delivery driver is ready to take the next delivery opportunity.



3. Menulog Delivery Driver Job Profile


Menulog driver is one of the best part-time jobs available that pay you to deliver food throughout Australia. Working as independent contractors, you can decide, control, and manage the weekly availability that suits you.


Furthermore, you can choose your preferred delivery location, like crowded and busy areas. As a courier of the Menulog network, you are free to work for other similar or different businesses.


The job provides a steady source of income where you get paid every week (without a minimum payment threshold), and the earnings get deposited in your bank account.


Menulog works on an advanced technology-based intelligent delivery system that matches the volume of orders with the availability and location of couriers in a given area. Drivers receive shifts as per their weekly availability.


This ensures that customers receive fresh and delicious food, and couriers get a more regular flow of deliveries and earnings.


To start working as a Menulog driver, you need to sign-up online, upload the necessary documents, undergo a background check, complete a quick screening call with the team, get the required equipment, and activate your account. This entire process takes just 5 to 10 days to complete.


Once done, download the Menulog Driver app and deliver food from their partner restaurants to their customers. The number of delivery orders you get depends on the day of the week and the time of day.



Here Is What The Job of a Menulog Driver Entails:


  • Log into the app and accept the delivery opportunities

  • Reach the restaurant to collect the food order

  • Deliver it to the specified customer location



4. What Are The Menulog Delivery Driver's Requirements?


The company specifies specific requirements that every aspiring Menulog driver must fulfil to start this career.


  • Age: 18 years and above


  • Vehicle Requirement: You can use a roadworthy scooter, motorbike, or car to deliver with Menulog. Your vehicle must be a 1990 model or newer and registered. It should be in good operating condition and conforms to industry safety standards.


  • Insurance: The company requires you and your vehicle to have a 3rd party insurance or CTP insurance to cover the expenses in case of accidents/injuries. This is necessary as you won't be able to drive with Menulog without valid insurance.


  • Driver's License: You should have a full Australian driver's license. You can also provide an international driver's license if you are an overseas citizen. Learners and P1 licenses are not accepted.


  • Working Rights: You should also have an Australian Passport or the right to work in Australia. (Vevo Check)


  • ABN: As Menulog drivers work as independent contractors, they must have their Australian Business numbers. It helps identify your business to the government and the general public. You can get an ABN for free here.


  • Android or iOS Smartphone: Portable charger and internet access


  • Required Equipment: Commercial grade thermal bag, phone holder, Australian standards-compliant driving helmet, protective clothing, and a driving jacket. You can use your equipment or request Menulog for a delivery kit.



5. What Documents Do You Need To Become A Menulog Delivery Driver?


Identity and background verification form part of the Sign-Up procedure. For successful execution, you need to provide the following documents:


  • Driving licence (front and back)

  • Vehicle Registration certificate

  • Vehicle Insurance certificate

  • Valid proof of work eligibility: Birth certificate, Passport, work/study permit, or PR card

  • Australian Business Number 

  • Bank Account Details

  • Recent (less than three months old) criminal background check


Ensure that your documents are valid and current before you sign-up to avoid delays in the approval of your application.



6. Steps To Become a Menulog Delivery Driver in Australia


Do you live in a region where Menulog requires independent contractors for food delivery service? If yes, use your phone and follow the below steps to register online.



Step 1: Visit the official Menulog registration page to start the registration process.


Step 2: You will see the application form on the screen that asks you to provide the following details:


  • Full Name

  • Email Address

  • Your Phone number

  • City (where you want to deliver)


After you fill in the details, click on the "Create Account" button.



Step 3: Specify your Address and Delivery zone.


Step 4: On confirmation of the delivery zone, you will enter the "Menulog Courier Portal". The screen prompts you to choose the vehicle type (bicycle/car/motorbike/scooter) you would use for delivery.


Step 5: After vehicle selection, upload the required personal and vehicle documents as discussed above


Step 6: On successful upload, complete a screening call with one of the members of the Menulog team


Step 7: Provide the bank account details to receive the payment


Step 8: Next, download the Menulog Courier App based on the type of smartphone you use:



Step 9: You must also have a commercial-grade thermal bag. If not, then you can also buy it from Menulog. 


This completes the Sign-up procedure. Once your details and documents are verified, your account will get created. You can log in to the account on the app and start receiving orders and making money with Menulog.



7. How Much Does A Menulog Delivery Driver Earn In Australia?


Indeed, the average Menulog driver's salary is $30 per hour.



Sources of Earnings Include:


  • Delivery fee for each completed food delivery 

  • Tips (100% available to the delivery driver)


The delivery fee is computed based on the driving time when the driver delivers the order to the customer and the distance between the restaurant to the customer's location. The pay of gig-economy delivery drivers differs daily and changes based on demands.



Here Are Some Factors That Determine The Earnings of a Menulog Driver:


  • Number of shifts you are assigned 

  • The number of delivery orders you complete. 

  • The location where the Menulog driver is online with the app. Driving in a busy area during the busiest time, i.e., lunch/dinner time results in more delivery requests.

  • The day of the week you choose to deliver. Delivery requests increase on the weekend as many people stay at home.



Unlike Uber Eats, you can't go online whenever you wish to work. Menulog service allows the delivery courier to work on a "Shift" basis. It restricts their work hours based on the weekly availability that they have set at the time of getting approved for work.


This ensures the area doesn't have too many couriers at once, and each driver gets an excellent earning opportunity. Generally, each shift lasts 3 to 4 hours, and each driver gets one shift daily.


To get more shifts in a week, a delivery driver has to make himself available consistently on all seven days a week. Doing this, they may get double shifts some days a week, leading to increased earnings.


Menulog delivery drivers can reach out to the dedicated support team via Online chat/telephone or Email for work-related issues or compensation.



8. Conclusion


The job of a Menulog delivery driver provides independence and flexibility to customize a work schedule that fits your lifestyle. 


This can be a great part-time gig to make extra money in just a few easy steps. Now that you have all the information about the job. Don't wait, and become a registered Menulog driver today.


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