How To Become A Deliveroo Driver In Australia?

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Students want to know the Deliveroo driver's license requirements for becoming a food delivery driver in Australia.


Many Australians use food delivery apps to relish their favourite foods using a smartphone. Deliveroo is a popular online food delivery platform in Australia that delivers food right to your office or home within 30 mins.


Becoming a Deliveroo rider offers you a flexible schedule, great earnings, a good living, and the freedom to work alongside your work-life commitments.


Are you interested to know how to become a Deliveroo rider in Australia? Then, keep reading this comprehensive blog to know how you can start earning as a Deliveroo rider without any hassle.


You will learn everything from personal requirements to application, including each step outlined to join Deliveroo.


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1. What is Deliveroo, and How Does it Work?

Founded in 2013, Deliveroo is a British online food delivery service that operates in over 500 cities in 11 countries in the world. This global company has partnered with 140,000 restaurants to deliver the food fresh and on time to customers.

High-quality original food offerings, a high-profile and diverse selection of restaurant partners, world-class technology, logistics, and a global network of trained delivery riders are key features that help Deliveroo create the best customer experience worldwide.

Australia is one of its biggest markets, where it serves in over 20 cities and cooperates with around 10,000 restaurants throughout the country. Contractual drivers deliver the food to customers on an on-demand basis.

Having gained an overview, now let’s understand how does Deliveroo work:


  • Deliveroo doesn’t cook food themselves. Instead, they partner up with a range of small independent restaurants to established national chains restaurants in the cities they operate in. The business model depends heavily on its website and mobile app platform.


  • Customers use their website, Android app, and iOS app to choose from a variety of foods from restaurants based on the postal code, and neighbouring restaurants listed on the app.


  • They place their food orders and make payments via highly secure payment channels such as PayPal, credit cards, Apple Pay, and others.


  • Once the order is placed successfully, the restaurants receive notification of the order and accept it. They prepare the food as per the instructions and pack it carefully. At the same time, Deliveroo riders within a 2.2-kilometer radius of the restaurants get notified on the app to arrive at the pickup spot to collect the order.


  • Once, the food is picked up, the riders deliver it to the doorstep within 30 minutes. In this way, Deliveroo in Australia ensures fast delivery of fresh and delicious food every single time.


  • The customer can keep track of the progress of their food order through the Deliveroo website or app.

Thus, ordering on Deliveroo is very user-friendly, convenient and takes less than a minute to complete. All it requires is to browse through the restaurant’s menu, choose the food item you like, and place an order.



2. What Are Deliveroo Driver Requirements In Australia?

To work with Deliveroo as a delivery rider, you must meet the specific state-level eligibility requirement.


1.) Age: 18 years and above


2.) Identity Proof: Applicants must provide a document that proves their Australian citizenship. Accepted identity documents include:


  • Full Australian Birth certificate

  • Australian Citizenship certificate

  • Current Australian Passport

  • Australian Visa with work rights (for non-citizens)



3.) A valid and current Proof of Address


4.) Vehicle Requirements: Deliveroo requires you to have your bicycles, electric bicycles, motorbike, car, or scooter that meets the following criteria:


  • Must be registered in the relevant state of Australia 

  • In good working condition

  • Comply with every vehicle’s rules

  • A valid 3rd party Comprehensive Insurance policy for your vehicle


5.) Working Rights: You must have the right to work in Australia


6.) Deliveroo Rider App: You have to download the Delivery Rider App (For Android/ For iOS) before commencing work for Deliveroo.


7.) Valid Australian Driver’s License: You must have a current Australian Driver’s License or at least a Learner’s Permit or Probationary License to work for Deliveroo.


The food service platform also accepts a Full Australian or International Driver’s License to deliver food with a motorbike, scooter, or car in Australia.


8.) Background Check: Applicants must pass a mandatory online background check before they can start to work. The concerned authority will conduct an online crime check against the personal information provided by you.


9.) ABN: Deliveroo riders work as self-employed independent contractors to deliver food using the digital platform. This requires them to provide and maintain an Australian Business Number throughout their partnership with Deliveroo.


10.) Medicare/Insurance: You must have Medicare or Insurance that conforms to the terms and conditions of the platform


11.) Other Requirements:


  • A Smartphone with Internet Access – Android (8.0 and above), or iPhone (iOS 10 and above)

  • Driver jacket and helmet (Scooter and Bike only)

  • A small or large Thermal bag

  • Cube backpack (Scooter)

  • A roll-top backpack (Bicycle)

  • Phone mount for Car, bike, or scooter 

  • Portable charger


3. Steps For Deliveroo Driver Sign Up In Australia

If you are interested to work with Deliveroo to deliver food across Australia, then follow the below process:


Step 1: Gather all the personal and vehicle documents that you need for the registration.


Step 2: Visit Deliveroo’s official registration page and register online. Here you will need to provide your details and upload the necessary documents.


Step 3: Once you submit the information, you will receive feedback from Deliveroo in a few days. The exact time to process the application depends on the number of driver applications that are pending for processing.


Step 4: On successful verification of your information, Deliveroo will approve and activate your account. Based on the availability of the active drivers in your chosen area to work, your account may approve either quickly or take a little longer. You will receive an email about your application and account status.


Step 5: Once your account is activated, you are ready to start delivering with Deliveroo. The company provides the following things to the new riders:


  • Safe and Quality Deliveroo food delivery kits 

  • Access to a large community of fellow Deliveroo riders

  • Access to Deliveroo driver perks and partnerships


Step 6: Go ahead and download the Deliveroo Rider App that suits the operating system of your smartphone.


  • Click here to download the Android app from Google Play Store 

  • Click here to download the iOS app from Apple App Store


Deliveroo doesn’t offer services in all countries. So, if you are a non-Australian citizen, you need to update your current Play Store/ App Store region to Australia to download and use the app.


4. How To Use The Deliveroo Rider App?

After you install the Deliveroo Rider App, use it in the following ways:


  • Log in to the app when you are ready to receive food orders for delivery. Deliveroo will offer you food orders to deliver when you are online on the app. Check the fee that is being offered. If you are okay, then accept the order. 

  • You will be given the suggested route to reach the restaurant to pick up the order.

  • On reaching the restaurant, show your device’s screen to collect the packed order

  • Once you have picked up the order, you will receive the suggested route to reach the customer. After you deliver the order to the customer, you are ready to accept more orders following the same procedure. 


Besides accepting and delivering orders, you can also use the delivery app to track your earnings and obtain 24*7 assistance.


5. Allowed Transport Modes To Deliver Food With Deliveroo

Deliveroo has a vast delivery network of more than 30,000 drivers who pick up freshly cooked meals from local eateries and deliver them to customers using their vehicles.

Deliveroo accepts a variety of vehicles such as bicycles, electric bicycles, cars, motorcycles, and scooters for this purpose. However, to use them, deliveroo drivers in Australia need to follow the below conditions:


  • You must have an Australian Driving license or at least a provisional license (accompanied by a certified translation if the language isn’t English)

  • Vehicle Registration in the state you wish to work in

  • A vehicle photo that includes the registration plate

  • Vehicle insurance that offers coverage for third party property damage



6. How Much Do You Earn With Deliveroo?

Deliveroo’s revenue model is built on a commission and fee system that generates money in the following ways:


  • Delivery of food orders 

  • Onboarding fees

  • Service fees per order to deliver the order and handle all customer service

  • Premium subscriptions 

  • Selling food via their cloud kitchens


Besides earning per order, a Deliveroo rider also makes money in the form of :


  • Tips: The platform allows them to keep 100% of the tips they earn per delivered order. The more they work, the more chances they have to earn tips.


  • Referrals: Riders get paid additional money for each person they recommend on Deliveroo


  • Insurance: Deliveroo's business model prioritizes the rider’s safety while at work. It provides a public liability insurance cover to the rider as part of its Supplier Agreement with Deliveroo. This insurance protects the insured against claims up to $20,000,000. 


Other benefits:


  • Bonuses 

  • High-quality safety equipment

  • Free internet tools 

  • Free international money transfers

  • Promotions

  • Deliveroo essentials and discounts for riders

Talking about their earnings per order, Deliveroo enables riders to book available sessions to schedule their delivery job for the same day, next day, or even next week. These sessions are viewable in the Planner section of the app.

However, the availability of the sessions is based on the driver’s statistics that are computed based on the following:


  • Percentage of sessions attended

  • The number of sessions worked during the peak weekend times 

  • Percentage of bookings cancelled with below 24-hours’ notice


If the rider’s working performance with the platform is better, then he will have more available sessions to book. The exact earning potential of a Deliveroo rider depends on the number of sessions booked, delivery distance, delivery time, and the delivery fee you get.

The average deliveroo driver pay in Australia is $54,512 per year, or equivalent to $21 per hour. The salary ranges from $48,750 to $64, 870 for entry-level roles.


7. Conclusion

Deliveroo’s business model has made online food ordering easier than ever. Its popularity has climbed sharply by a broad margin in the global food landscape.


Flexible work, decent earnings, and minimum eligibility requirements make the Deliveroo driver job attractive. Follow the above process to become part of the world’s biggest food delivery platform and start earning.


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