How To Become A Life Coach In Australia: A Complete Guide

Students are searching for the best life coaching courses online in Australia.


Do you aspire to become a life coach in Australia? Do you need help figuring out where to begin? If yes, you have come to the right place.


This article will help you become a life coach in Australia to fulfil your dream career.


You will learn about the requirements, life coaching courses, qualifications needed, how to start step by step, how much life coaches earn, their duties and responsibilities and more.



1. What Is A Life Coach?


Life coaches act as advisers helping others in their professional and personal life. Another name for a life coach is a lifestyle guru. Life coaches fulfil the duties of a mentor who counsels people so that they can improve their lives and walk towards success and fulfilment.


Each one of us requires a life coach in our life. It helps to have someone there to advise us on decisions in our personal and professional life. Slowly and gradually, it leads to self-improvement and growth in our character.


You can share all your worries and woes with a life coach. They are like the most trustworthy friend you come across. A life coach is a professional adviser who will walk alongside you and help you reach your highest potential and success.


You will feel good, communicate better and will be able to maintain a good relationship with everyone in your life by following the advice that the life coach gives you.



2. Who Needs A Life Coach?


People who feel lost in life, uncomfortable with changes, indecisive at some point or just in dire need of life advice seek a life coach.


A life coach comes in handy when making difficult decisions and becoming comfortable with the new flow of life. A life coach will help you become happier and lead a healthier life.


Mentioned below are some of the reasons why you might want to visit a life coach:


  • You notice that your stress level has increased visibly, and you get anxious about the little things.

  • You are irritated very easily.

  • You cannot come out of habits you feel are draining your energy and unsuitable for you.

  • You suddenly do not feel fulfilled in life. 

  • You are experiencing writer’s block or just being demotivated to work.

  • You are constantly feeling aggrieved at work.


Every organisation and company should have a life coach to ensure they are on the right path towards success.



3. What Is The Purpose of A Life Coach?


The purpose of a life coach in any individual’s life is more than you can ever imagine. Let us have a glance at the purpose and benefits of life coaches:


  • Life coaches will boost your confidence level.

  • They will help you get a fresh outlook towards life and help you to see things in a different light without any biased opinions.

  • You will start recognising and realising your faults and assessing your behaviour towards the world. It will help you improve your relationship with the people in your life.

  • They will help you restore and bring balance to your life. 

  • They will also help you to strengthen every kind of relationship.

  • When you are walking on the right track in life, you will reach your goal more smoothly than ever.

  • You will be much happier and contended.

  • They will help you meet your true self and purpose in this lifetime. 

  • They will help you to stay consistent and motivated.

  • You can distinguish between your weaknesses and strengths and use them to your advantage.

  • Your time management will improve, and you will become more productive.

  • You will have the courage to face your fears and work on overcoming them.



4. What Qualifications Do You Need To Become a Life Coach In Australia?


Anyone can become a life coach, and you do not need any specific qualification to be a professional life coach.


When you search for “how to become a life coach online” on Google, you will find plenty of online courses that will help you with all the materials to become a good life coach.


However, you can directly search for these reputable associations if you are very serious about becoming a life coach:



There are numerous life coaching courses for free available on the internet. So, if you want to become a life coach for free, type in these keywords, and you will come across various online platforms that provide such material for free.



5. Can You Become A Certified Life Coach Online?


The answer is yes. You can become a certified life coach online. Platforms like International Coach Federation, Life Coaching Institute, etc., provide unique and comprehensive life coaching courses. These courses will prepare you thoroughly and give you a certificate after completing the course. 


If your question is “how to become a life coach without certification?” the answer is yes. You can become a life coach without certification. But if you want to be a true professional, studying for a life coach course is always recommended to provide you with a certificate. 


When you enter the field, people will first ask for your certificate to check if you are legitimate.



6. How To Become A Life Coach In Australia?


We finally made it to the main section of this article that everybody was looking forward to. Most people confuse life coaching with therapy when they are two different things. Treatment is where you can vent your thoughts and free your mind from the burden. Life coaching takes you towards personal growth and development. 


Life coaches are both great listeners and speakers. They have to be good at communication. Every life coach is an entrepreneur or possesses the qualities of an entrepreneur. If you think about it, they work on marketing by themselves and sales and are a leader too. 


Now is not the time to back down and get scared. If you have the proper determination and choose the right course, you can excel in this career. You need to follow specific steps and slowly climb your way up.


Here are the steps:



Step 1: Cultivate The Required Skill Sets You Need To Become A Life Coach


If you choose to become a life coach, you need to see if you possess the skills and qualities of a life coach. If you become a life coach, you will face many common questions.


These include working on personal growth and development, my actual life goal and purpose, how I can achieve my goals, and how to accept changes.


Life coaches will help you walk on the right path in life and will help you to achieve success. So, if you aspire to become a life coach, you need to work on these skills:


  • Leadership

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Active listening

  • Marketing and sales

  • Networking

  • Basic ethics

  • Persuasive communication

  • Being considerate



Step 2: Figure Out What Kind of Life Coach You Want To Become


After you have worked on your skills, it is time to figure out the niche of life coach you want to work on. Doing so will help you become an expert in one particular field of life coaching. 


It will also help you determine the questions you can expect from your clients and the kind of clients you will deal with.


When you centre yourself on one particular niche, it will help you bring in one kind of client. How many kinds of life coaching niches are there? They are as follows:


  • Health and fitness coaching niche

  • Business and executive coach

  • Relationship coach

  • Mindset and accountability coach

  • Family and parenting coach

  • Career coach

  • Personal growth and development life coach

  • Spirituality life coach

  • Organisational life coach


Now the main question is how you will choose your niche. First, see which area you are already good at or are interested in. Then start your research on the difficulties people face in those niches.


Work on the kind of questions you can expect from your clientele.



Step 3: Do A Life Coaching Course and Get Yourself A Certificate


To become a well-renowned life coach, you must gather your knowledge and earn a certificate. 


Your experiences and talents are secondary when it comes to your education. Before hiring, people will check your knowledge and if you have a legitimate certificate.


You will get different certificates from International Coaching Federation, like Associate Certified CoachProfessional Certified Coach, and Master Certified Coach.



Step 4: Setting Up Your Life Coach Business


When you finish the steps mentioned above, it is finally time to fulfil your dream of entering the market. 


Research the market correctly and do something that will make you stand out from the crowd and attract the right niche of audience you are looking for. Get your business certified as well.



Step 5: Make Your Presence Known In The Online World


After you have set up your business, work on the price range and the levels of services you will provide. Make various social media accounts for your business and share your services as content for your target audience. 


You need proper research and planning for this stage. You need to work the hardest in this particular stage.


Make sure your profile has these:


  • A good profile picture that will be both alluring and professional.

  • Information on the services that you provide, including the price range.

  • You also need to mention how you do the sessions: hourly, weekly, or monthly.

  • Your website and social media accounts should have testimonials of your previous clients, which will add validation and act as proof for your new potential clients.

  • Write an innovative ‘About Me’ section that will tell people about your product and services.

  • Your audience should find it easy to contact you. So, share your contact details correctly and vividly.



7. How Much Money Can a Life Coach Make in Australia?


You might be curious about the salary of a life coach in Australia. Type in the keyword “life coach salary Australia”. You will find various articles where life coaches mention their average salary.


The average salary that a life coach earns can be $57,040 yearly. This amount can range somewhere from $34,380 to $96,090. It all depends on your potential and talent as a life coach as to how much you can earn.



8. Conclusion


You must work hard in every career field to earn a handsome living. While this may seem like a pretty easy job, the reality is far from it. You need to work on yourself every day and keep yourself motivated. You need to reflect on yourself to help others do the same.


So go ahead and find your niche in life coaching. If you genuinely want to help others find their true purpose and keep them motivated, choosing to become a life coach is a good choice. All the best!


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