How To Become A Motivational Speaker In Australia?

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Students want to know how to become motivational or public speakers in Australia.


Do you enjoy speaking in front of people, encouraging them, and helping them find their happiness and success? Then a career as a motivational speaker could be perfect for you.


Motivational speakers use different mediums, such as webinars, training workshops, seminars, or master classes. They provide encouraging speeches that give comfort and hope to people helping them overcome challenges and pursue their dreams.


There are no formal requirements to work in this profession. However, aspiring inspirational speakers should do the following:


  • Identify their expertise.

  • Develop speaking experience.

  • Take motivational courses.

  • Join a professional speakers association.

  • Become certified to get the best opportunity to enter this profession.


This blog is a great starting point for learning how to become a motivational or public speaker in Australia. Explore this profession, the required skills for success, and the steps to turn your genuine passion into a career.



1. What Is A Motivational Speaker?


Motivational speakers are business professionals with remarkable persuasive and communication skills. They are skilled in presenting their ideas and inspiring others to follow their thinking style.


Their impactful speeches motivate people to break through barriers, be their best version and achieve personal and professional goals. 


A motivational speaker can be any of the following:


  • Industry Speakers: They speak in front of their colleagues to revive their motivation and get them back on track. They may or may not earn for speaking.


  • Subject Matter Experts: They speak to an audience of a specific background to share their expert knowledge.


  • Professional Speakers: They inspire an audience to persuade them to take action to bring positive changes on a personal and professional level.


  • Inspirational Speakers: They speak about an emotional topic or share inspiring life experiences and stories to stir people's emotions and inspire them.



2. Duties Of A Motivational Speaker


Motivational speakers are public speaking experts who speak in front of a crowd to motivate them to do something to improve their lives. They convey the story in an engaging, compelling, and entertaining way with passion and conviction.


Motivational speakers can be the ideal opener or closer to any conference, awards ceremony, or gala dinner and contribute to the event's success. They may work in a company office or a home office to perform research on a topic and create influential speeches.


Motivational speakers make motivational and training presentations for educational institutions and conferences. They often travel long distances to attend events and speaking arrangements within the country and around the globe.



3. Motivational Speaker Skills


To become a motivational speaker, you need a passion for public speaking, time, the art of delivering speeches, a willingness to continuous improvement, and regular practice.


Here are the top skills you need to become a successful motivational speaker:


  • Outgoing personality

  • Public-speaking skills

  • Charisma to express ideas effectively to the audience 

  • Confidence in speech delivery

  • Able to create unique stories that move people

  • Empathy

  • Good Time management

  • Leadership skills

  • Clear and concise communication

  • Storytelling abilities

  • Engaging presentation

  • Adaptable

  • Passion

  • Authenticity

  • Commitment

  • Discipline

  • Like staying ahead of industry trends and new ways to promote products and services

  • Like continuously improving one's techniques and business approach



4. Motivational Speaker Qualifications


Do you want to know how to become a motivational speaker for youths?


There are no specific educational and training requirements to work as a motivational speaker, as most of the necessary training comes from putting time and effort into this profession. The more speech sessions you give, the better you become.


Your personality and communication skills are essential in getting public speaking gigs and succeeding in this profession. Your previous experience in public relations, public speaking, teaching, or any related role, can help with training needs.



5. How To Become A Motivational Speaker And Get Paid?


Does the idea of breaking into professional inspirational speaking intimidate you? We have compiled a series of steps to help you begin and sustain your motivational speaking profession.



Step 1: Determine Your Area Of Expertise


Motivational speakers must have specialized knowledge in a subject area they are passionate about and wish to share or promote. 


With the proper knowledge, it can be easier to convince and influence people through words. Moreover, having expert knowledge adds to your credibility and content.


Many youths are interested to find out how to become motivational speakers on YouTube. You can also choose topics to help people overcome challenges and lead independent and fulfilling lives.


To know how to become a motivational speaker for addiction, research the types of addictions, what harms they cause, and what prevents them from abstaining. A well-researched content with a presentation can help you serve your purpose to bring positive change in people's lives.


Likewise, you can choose topics that discuss general societal issues. To become a motivational speaker for domestic violence, you must research the reasons, such as the history of domestic violence in a family, to help address the concern and strategies to solve them.


Thus, there are endless topics on which you can speak. All that matters is to pick the area that you feel strongly about and can deliver your unique perspective to bring the necessary action to people.



Step 2: Develop Unique Content


Although your subject may not be unique, your content must be original. Your opinion should come from life experiences and must be relatable to the audience.


In addition to content, you should also focus on delivering it to your audience.



Step 3: Develop Public Speaking Skills


The most challenging aspect of presenting content is to do it in a way that excites people. Deliver content in a way that taps into the genuine desires of the audience and convinces them that your message will enhance their life.


Joining a public speaking group, hiring a professional coach/ mentor, or attending speaking courses will help develop the skills. Learning from the best motivational speakers is a good idea to learn from their first-hand experiences. 


Michelle Bowden is a top-notch speaker, Masterclass trainer, and a successful author best known for her bespoke world-class, life-changing persuasive presenting and public speaking classes in Sydney.


You can also take communication and motivational speaker courses to guide you on an influential speech or presentation. 


They are a great way to learn special techniques for creating unique speaking content, structured presentations, audience engagement activities, managing bigger audiences, and delivering your ideas and stories. 


Joining a professional organization is another great idea. Professional Speakers Australia is a recognized institution that comprises industry professionals dedicated to assisting professional speakers in growing and succeeding in their speaking craft and business.


Becoming a PSA member will help you speak professionally, and earn international Certified Speaking Professional accreditation, continued support, and overseas opportunities for business growth.



Step 4: Gain Speaking Experience


Like any other skill, you need to practice a lot by speaking often and everywhere. Start offering free speaking sessions to local organizations and schools that may benefit from your speech. It is a great way to refine your speaking skills and get paid opportunities.


Aspiring public speakers can also look for opportunities to present to professional organizations to enhance their speaking skills. It also offers networking opportunities in workshops and seminars.



Step 5: Promote Yourself And Your Talent


Marketing is essential if you want to reach more audiences. An online presence on social media, a professionally designed website, and informative blog posts or videos prove to establish yourself as one of the best inspirational speakers.


In addition to the above, you must attend local industry events, conventions, workshops, conferences, and other venues to build professional contacts and find high-paying employment.



6. Working Conditions For Motivational Speakers


Inspirational speakers may fulfil various purposes and work in different environments to deliver inspiring words and speeches. As most speakers are self-employed, it is common to have irregular booking schedules and several weekends away from home.


Motivational speakers spend most of their time creating and delivering speeches in front of a large audience. Travelling is often the nature of this job. They may expect to travel from one city to another as per their speaking schedule. 



7. Where Do Motivational Speakers Work?


You can find motivational speakers in several environments that, include:


  • Churches

  • Schools 

  • Community events and organizations

  • Government agencies 

  • Motivational companies

  • Radio and Television

  • Organizational development companies

  • Conferences

  • Tradeshows and Special Events



8. How To Become A Public Speaker And Get Paid?


The best formula to get companies to hire you as a motivational speaker is to showcase the right personality and skills needed for this job. Moreover, be a subject-matter expert in your field.


To become a motivational speaker or life coach, you should take public speaking or communication courses, professional coaching, and practice speaking in public. All this will help you become a confident and persuasive speaker.


Along with great demand, there is also great competition as many people desire to get involved in this career. Highlight any previous experience in motivational speaking, mentoring, or public speaking, as it can help you gain an edge over your competitors.


Motivational speakers must constantly work on themselves to develop and maintain their skills and speaking abilities. Considering the competitive job market, they must research to stay aware of current events and trends to find new topics.


Public speakers work self-employed, and some may also work on a contract basis or as part of a larger company or organization. Freelance public speakers should invest more time and money to widen their professional network and apply for speaking opportunities at conventions, conferences, and events.


In the initial stage of your speaking career, you may work for free to build experience and gain exposure. Once people know you, you can start charging a speaker fee between $100 to above $10,000 per speaking arrangement and gradually increase it once you become an established speaker.


When building a solid reputation and a good client base, public speakers may get invited to speak in businesses, communities, organizations, or events.



9. Job Outlook For Motivational Speakers In Australia


Even though there is a good demand for motivational speakers, it is also a competitive field. No specific educational requirement, overseas travel opportunities, social service, and plenty of work opportunities are a few reasons that make this profession appealing to many.


Since there is a continuous need for external motivation, guidance, and mentoring, there is a growing need for motivational speakers. Though the field shows good job prospects, there is also great competition among youths to enter this career.


Those with a passion for public speaking, excellent communication skills, subject-matter expertise, and a continuous learning attitude can find abundant opportunities to grow and thrive in this profession.



10. How Much Does Motivational Speakers Earn In Australia?


A motivational speaker can earn anywhere from $10,000 to $300,000 a year. The average annual motivational speaker's salary is around $44,000.


Their earnings depend on various factors. These are the following: experience, expertise, popularity and status, branding, company, background, geographical location, career stage, growth trajectory, and the medium they choose to deliver their speeches.


Suppose you are working in a high-demand field such as entrepreneurship and business. In that case, you may quickly get a larger audience and more speaking arrangements.


It can lead to an exponential rise in your income once you have developed a trustful audience. Also, a celebrity motivational speaker can expect to draw more salary in this role.


Motivational speakers have to travel and deliver speeches at events across the country. The travel and accommodation expenses pay the companies that organize such events.


Here is the general overview of the speaker's earnings per engagement based on their performance:


  • Beginner-level: $0 to $1000 

  • Average: $1000 to $2500

  • Good: $2500 to $5000

  • Established: $5000 to $10,000


In addition to earning through public speaking, public speakers also make money through social media channels that facilitate the spreading of their messages. 


Creating short YouTube videos, self-help books, biographies, daily blog posts, hosting podcasts/webinars/seminars, and making appearances on TV shows are good ways to spread the message, earn money and gain influence.



11. Conclusion


Motivational speakers motivate people with their power of words to help them live their best life. The ability to impact the world makes working in this profession highly fulfilling and rewarding. 


Public speakers need dedicated efforts and patience to develop impressive speaking skills and strategies.


Upskilling, networking with professionals, and experimenting with different ways to deliver your message will make you credible and an expert in your field. 


This blog helped you gain insights into starting your inspirational journey to becoming a great motivational speaker transforming the world.


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