The Best Job Search Websites In Australia: A Complete Guide

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Students want to know what are the best job search websites for Australia.


Gone are the days when looking for jobs in the newspapers. You can find many job sites online assisting on the hunt for work. 


There are many specialising in particular industries and job types - knowing them can help make your job hunt more precise and productive.


Read on to find the best job sites in Australia, helping to find your dream job.



Top 20 Job Search Websites In Australia


Here are the best Australian job sites to find the ideal job matching your needs:





  • Seek in Australia was founded in 1997 and is Australia's leading job site, with more than 3 million jobs online.

  • It receives over 375 million visits monthly and has over 100 million jobseeker profiles.

  • With its expansion to overseas markets, such as New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, and China, Seek has become one of the best job sites for foreigners in Australia. 

  • The platform provides the feature to store multiple cover letters and resumes making job searching easy.

  • Employers can check company reviews and search and connect with candidates who deem fit for their roles.

  • It offers job search tools for job listings by industry, location, pay range, and nature of work –full-time, casual, part-time, contract/temp.

  • It is quick and easy to set up a profile on the job portal and apply for jobs.

  • The best part of using this popular job search engine is that employers need not pay to post their jobs on this platform.





  • Indeed is a global job board with a massive presence in over 60 countries.

  • It is a popular job board, with more than 200 million job seekers per month and several jobs on offer.

  • As the platform does not charge employers to post job advertisements, it encourages smaller and local/ regional businesses to promote their job openings too. 

  • With free job posting, Employers can post sponsored ads by setting a daily budget based on how much traffic they wish to attract to their ad.

  • Job seekers can use this platform to gain free access to search through a list of jobs, post their resumes, and research companies. 



Government-Run Job Boards



Workforce Australia


It is another initiative by the government that has replaced JobActive from July 1, 2022. It can help find and apply for jobs, find traineeships and apprenticeships, and access local employment services.



APS Jobs


It is a government website offering career opportunities within the Australian Public Service industry. Here you will find vacant positions in the central or federal government and answers to some of the frequently asked questions related to your job hunt.



Social Media Job Portals


Besides job-seeking websites, you can even begin your job search on social media websites. Which site is best for job finding on social media? 





It is a great job search platform focusing on professional and white-collar roles.


  • About 1 in 4 Aussies are LinkedIn members.  

  • Around 90% of human resource professionals actively use the site to find new talent to fill job posts. 

  • The site is mainly for professional networking and offers job roles from every industry.

  • When posting a job on LinkedIn, employers are charged based on their daily budget and the number of views they want to receive from candidates on the job posting.





Facebook is another tool for finding roles within local businesses. It has more than 15 million Australian members. In 2020, the platform allowed people to post job openings directly on their platform to help job seekers find local job opportunities.





  • Jora is a widely-used Australia-based search engine that sources career opportunities from several job sites throughout Australia. 

  • Its simple and intuitive interface makes the job search less time-consuming. 

  • As the portal aggregates job ads from other sites, candidates can see all the jobs in one place without visiting multiple career sites. 

  • Another good feature of Jora is that it offers free direct job postings to assist employers with a limited recruitment budget. 





  • Gumtree is a job site where employers have a dedicated section to post their open roles and connect with candidates. 

  • You can find millions of job opportunities across diverse sectors, such as health, retail, construction, and sales.

  • The platform allows job seekers to filter their searches based on the employer, category, and work location.

  • Employers can post one free job opening per month, and after that, they pay per post.





  • Adzuna is the global employment portal for Australian job seekers. 

  • Employers have to pay AU$99 per posting to post a job.

  • This job search engine lists every open job opening everywhere. When integrating with 150 newspaper agencies, it collects job ads from different newspapers and shows them in one place. In this way, it ensures that the correct job ads reach the candidate. 

  • Its ValueMyCV feature lets candidates know about their employment "worth".

  • Adzuna also provides a CV evaluator tool that helps you determine your pay for a specific job.

  • Its advanced search tool enables job seekers to exclude words, match exact phrases and identify career opportunities from specific companies. 

  • Intelligent search options and valuable insights about the job market help you gain complete control of your career.





  • It is a joint venture company that integrates the digital and print channels of the global employment platform, Monster, and Australia's biggest publisher, News Corp Australia.

  • The platform offers free job advertisement posting along with paid features.

  • By registering on this job board, you can find 1,000s of general jobs, online courses, company profiles, extensive career information, and assistance writing a resume.

  • Job seekers can search for job vacancies based on industry, location, or more specific categories, including 'flexible hours', 'part-time', and 'work-from-home'.

  • Users also get extra tools to enhance their CV to improve their chances of landing their dream role.





  • It is a global search engine that sources career opportunities from several job portals worldwide.

  • The site simplifies the process of finding a job on the internet.

  • The platform provides a quick and straightforward interface to collate job positions to view and apply for jobs. This saves the time and effort of candidates visiting each job site.

  • Users can index their published jobs from the "Career page".





  • It is a popular job search website aggregating jobs from career websites, job boards, and placement agencies.

  • Presently, it has more than 75 million monthly visitors and works with a network of more than 1,000 business partners. 

  • It collaborates with several organisations worldwide to make the job hunt easy, fast, and free.

  • Some advantages of using this platform include Convenient search options, a user-friendly interface, and suitability for students, graduates, and job seekers.





  • Glassdoor site is among the fastest-growing jobs and recruitment sites in the world. 

  • Its vast and growing global database of millions of company reviews attracts job seekers to the site. 

  • Users can find the latest job listings with CEO approval ratings, interview reviews and questions, salary reports, benefits reviews, office snapshots, and more. All the information presented on the site is valid and shared by the employees of the companies. 

  • Employers can start by creating a free account and upgrading to a premium package for better features.

  • You can access this portal on Android and iOS platforms via its mobile app.





  • "Job" aggregates job vacancies from various Australian career websites, recruitment agencies, and job boards

  • It gathers and organises the information to make it easily accessible with find/search options. 

  • You will also find career tips and a comprehensive guide to writing a concise and impressive resume on the site.



Gig Economy


  • As casual work is becoming common, websites such as UpworkFiverFreelancerand Airtasker are gaining popularity among job seekers. 

  • This freelance services marketplace is an ideal platform to connect employers and employees and help them find the right candidates/jobs that fit their needs.

  • You will find jobs in various categories, such as content writing, graphic designing, translation and transcription, website design and development, and many others. 

  • As you gain experience working on projects, it becomes easier to land more jobs to earn a regular income.



Industry-Specific Websites


Besides comprehensive job websites like Seek, Adzuna, and CareerOne, several niche job search websites list job opportunities within a specific industry. 


So, if you are looking for jobs in specific industries, then you can consider the below websites:





  • Founded in 2000, ArtsHub is a leading independent job portal and online resource dedicated to the arts and culture industry. 

  • The website serves the creative and arts industries and offers employment opportunities and career advice for art professionals. 

  • ArtsHub is a great place to post jobs related to publishing, cultural events, and fine arts.

  • The platform enables Job seekers to browse through the latest articles, news, learning tutorials, and jobs on fine arts, visual arts, and performing arts.



Healthcare Australia


Healthcare Australia operates within the healthcare industry and provides high-quality staffing solutions and services to support community health and well-being.


On this site, you will find numerous job openings for medical professionals, including nurses, support workers, medical specialists, and aged care staff.



Sports People


  • Are you looking to make a career in the sports industry? Sports People could be the most effective job search tool to explore several career opportunities in Sports, Fitness, and Aquatic.  

  • It is the largest Sports Job Board in Australia, with 2.7 million users.

  • Employers on this platform have access to the vast database of 39,000 qualified, skilled and experienced candidates.





  • Job Serve was established in 1993 by John Witney and Robbie Cowling. 

  • The company takes pride in being the world's first Internet Recruitment Service. 

  • JobServe is an IT market-leading job board that provides career opportunities for talented IT and Sales professionals in Australia and worldwide. 

  • This global search engine operates across almost all industry sector offices in Australia, the UK, Canada, and the US.

  • Being one of the preferred job search sites by Australians, it allows them to filter their searches by location, industry, keywords, and job type. 

  • Its in-built features and powerful search functions make it stand out from its competitors. 





  • OneShift is a reliable youth services directory that matches employers and employees.

  • This popular online job network allows users to find permanent part-time and casual jobs and short-term positions in Australia. 

  • Job seekers have the feature to specify their job search requirements with a location filter to obtain more relevant results.





GrabJobs is a great recruitment platform that lets users automatically publish jobs on multiple platforms in a single click. This exciting hiring tool and its features that sets it apart from other job portals are:


  • Automates applicant screening and scoring with interview chat-bots

  • Automate interview scheduling and video interview 

  • Cost-effective recruitment solution

  • Free job posting to 20+ Job Boards

  • Share on Facebook & Linkedin pages





  • It is a unique job search website intended for disabled people. 

  • It connects employers with job seekers and provides a more diverse and inclusive workplace. 

  • It provides an extensive resources section with a list of resources and information on diversity, disability, and inclusion in the workplace.



Frequently Asked Questions



How Are Job Sites Helpful?


Job sites help job seekers land their dream job by making their profiles appealing and easily discoverable to potential employers.


At the same time, it helps employers easily advertise job openings to reach the widest audience of job seekers.


Targeting the correct candidates helps them find the best talent that matches their project needs.



What Are Specialist Job Search Sites In Australia?


Specialist job searching websites cater to specific job markets. Since they are industry-focused and have smaller sizes, you may have higher chances of getting your resume seen and securing the perfect job. 


Here we are discussing top websites for a job search in particular industries:



Ethical Jobs


Ethical jobs could be worth considering if you are passionate about working in a not-for-profit sector. The site lets you find jobs across all cities of Australia in a multitude of industries, including:


  • Social Work

  • Project Management

  • Mental Health and Counselling

  • Management

  • Administration

  • Family Services

  • Youth

  • Education and Training 



Jora Local


  • Jora Local is a sister website of Jora that specialises in retail, labourer, and hospitality talent. 

  • It is a free website designed for small businesses that are in search of local work or local and experienced staff in Australia.

  • Available via a website and a mobile app.





It is another job search website that employs casual and temporary staff for businesses seeking candidates across specific industries, including:


  • Hospitality

  • Warehousing and Logistics

  • Promotions

  • Business Support

  • Aged Care

  • Events and Exhibitions

  • Horticulture


The platform charges a flat hourly rate and is considered an affordable recruitment solution over other job sites.





This job marketplace aims to provide flexible work opportunities to the underutilised talent pool in Australia and New Zealand.





This website helps students or recently graduated university students get hired for open positions on their job portals. Employers can select the right candidate based on criteria, such as university or stream of study.



Salon Recruit


Based in Sydney, this job portal is a hire and beauty recruitment specialist that hires skilled artists for hair and beauty salons. 





This website offers specialist staffing solutions. The company works with 800+ trusted businesses across Australia that are looking for contract workers for tunnelling, rail, mining, oil and gas, infrastructure, and energy sectors. 



How Do I Search For Jobs?


Are you searching for your first job after graduating and want to know how to get a job online in Australia?


Although the job hunt might seem challenging, knowing what to look for in a job can make the process quite convenient and fast.


Try various job search methods, as many vacancies are never listed online. Keeping your options open will improve your chances of finding employment.


  • Post your resume on Job sites and start applying for relevant jobs

  • Let your personal and professional network know you are looking for work, including family, friends, past colleagues, college mates, and bosses. Ask them for referrals, as many jobs are filled internally through referrals before they advertise them.


Attend networking events such as conferences, continuing education forums, expositions, and alumni events to meet like-minded people who can help your job search. Hand over your professional business cards and resume copies at these events when meeting job representatives.


  • Prepare a list of companies that you are interested in working for. Contact companies directly by posting your resume on the careers page of their websites for available positions listed on their website. 


Alternatively, you can contact them on their email id or phone number to check about any vacant positions that suit your qualifications and experience. Signing up for their job alerts and email newsletters can help you stay updated on relevant openings in the future.


  • Attend a career or job fair where companies hire potential employees and fresh graduates for training programs. It is also an excellent opportunity to network and distribute your CV and business cards to potential employers. 

  • Follow the social media (Facebook and Instagram) profiles of companies you are interested in. It allows you to interact with companies, search for a job, and stay updated on their upcoming job openings through these channels.

  • Register with a recruitment agency to find jobs more effectively. Some staffing agencies are industry-specific, while others deal with different industries. Provide them with your copies of qualifications, certifications, and resume. They will come up with full-time, part-time, or short-term temporary contracts that match your requirements.



What Are The Best Job Sites In Australia?


We have listed the best international job search sites below. These Australian job sites for foreigners have sub-sites that target different countries on the same website domain.


Rank   Name of the Job Site   Alexa Traffic Rank   
1    Indeed 69
2    Seek 1,078
3    Jora 10,110
4 Glassdoor 18,036
5 34,870
6    JobServe 35,162
7 CareerOne 54,489
8    Adzuna 54,527
9   Backpacker Job Board 509,565
10   CareerJet 513,360
11   FlexCareers 595,568
12   JobSearch 676,055
13    One Shift Jobs 2,734,489
14    SpotJobs 4,397,328



What Is Better, Indeed or LinkedIn?


Both websites are highly-trusted online platforms that cater to job seekers and employers and provide them with various services and features. The below comparison may help you decide which one to choose for your job search.


Features LinkedIn  Indeed
Free Trial Yes Yes
Email Invitations Yes No
Resume Search Yes Yes
Online Support Yes Yes
Phone Support No No
Knowledge Base No Yes





  • Indeed has an advantage over LinkedIn as it provides better features and services for employers. The job posting and recruitment process allows them to post job content online quickly. It also provides a template employers can use to send to job seekers.





  • Users prefer LinkedIn for its user-friendly profile system, helping them access the information and required job criteria.

  • Also, the platform enables users to obtain all relevant information about the company, like its pros and cons, etc. It certainly helps them in finding the best company.



Which One Is Better?


When choosing one of the two, Indeed is a better option as it provides the better range of services and features you need to find the right job and apply for the same. 



Which Website Is Best For A Job Search In Australia?  


Founded in 1997, Seek is Australia’s No. 1 job search platform that lists thousands of jobs across the country. With over 13 million candidate profiles, it is the largest and most popular job search board.


It offers a variety of job search and hiring tools and lets job seekers find jobs by classification, location, and salary.





Choosing the right job portal is an essential first step when you are seeking a new job opportunity or want to post your targeted job ads. 


The above popular employment websites in Australia will help simplify your job search and to get you your dream job quickly.


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