How To Become A Model In Australia: A Complete Guide

People want to know how to get into modelling in Australia for females, males, teenagers and children.


If you want to know how to become a professional model in Australia and establish a successful modelling career, this article is for you!


Australia's fashion industry is quite selective regarding who will represent its products and brands. However, if you have a look and are passionate about becoming a model, why not try it?


Today, the fast expansion of the fashion and beauty industries has opened plenty of opportunities, including for those who may not consider themselves attractive in the traditional sense.


This blog teaches about becoming a model in Australia, including picking the right modelling agency, preparing for castings, getting into modelling, requirements, being a model, and much more.



1. What Does A Model Do?


A model uses its physical appearance to help a brand advertise a product or an artist in creating or displaying a work of art. The model may walk down a runway to debut a new clothing line by a fashion designer or collaborate with a photographer to generate fashion images.


Artists frequently hire models to pose for them as they paint, draw or sculpt. A company may also hire models to help them promote specific aspects of their product. For instance, they may use a model's hand to advertise nail polish or jewellery like bracelets or rings.



2. Major Tasks and Duties of A Model


  • Demonstrate new services and products at industry trade shows and manufacturers' exhibitions. 

  • Pose for photographers to promote fashion clothing or products for advertising on websites, newspapers, billboards, or magazines. 

  • Hand out brochures or samples of advertising items at trade fairs or exhibitions.

  • Pose, dance, or walk on ramps before audiences to display accessories, footwear, and clothing.

  • Participate in wholesale clothing shows to display clothes to buyers.

  • Participate in commercials for cinema and television.

  • Pose as subjects for sculptures, paintings, and different types of art.



3. Types of Modelling In Australia


Being a model entails more than being attractive — each model must have a distinct characteristic.


Consider what distinguishes you from others: your tooth gap, dimples, or something else. Although height is a typical industry standard in modelling, it's not required in all domains.


Following are the different types of modelling in Australia that you can get into:



  • Editorial Modelling: Editorial models may generally work in high-end fashion areas. Editorial jobs provide a lot of exposure, although the compensation might be low initially. Jobs usually start paying a little more when you get some experience.


  • Catalogue Modelling: Catalogue models mostly get hired to promote clothing brands online and in print. Given the number of websites and applications accessible to customers today, catalogue modelling in Australia is undoubtedly a booming career option.


  • High-End Fashion Modelling: Such modelling requires models to participate in fashion shows and catwalks for famous high-end designers. A high-end fashion model is usually slender, tall, lean, and has small measurements.


  • All-Rounder Modelling: All-rounder models work in all areas of the modelling industry, including runways and catwalks, photography, television commercials, or acting.


  • Body Parts Modelling: Body-part modelling is a profitable business. Feet, hands, hair, legs, lips, and eyes are the most common body parts used to advertise products and brands on television and in print.


  • Commercial Print: Billboards and magazines are part of the commercial print sector. As the target audience for the commercial print market may differ, models who do not fall under the high-end fashion sector have plenty of options in this field.



4. Steps To Become A Model In Australia


Here are some common steps you can follow to become a model in Australia:



Step 1: Look After Yourself


Maintaining a balanced diet and exercise routine while having a positive attitude is a personal and professional victory. As your workload grows, taking care of yourself is more important than ever.


With many highs and lows along the way, getting into modelling in Australia and becoming a professional model can be challenging. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain your mental and physical health.


Modelling's glitz and glamour life may sometimes overshadow its image of a harsh industry. Hence, you should make your well-being a priority and stay away from the controversies of the modelling industry.


Furthermore, surrounding oneself with positive people can undoubtedly assist you in weathering the storm. Make sure to prioritise your happiness and health during your modelling career. Put yourself first and take some time to recharge if you're feeling overworked and underappreciated. You will be grateful in the future!



Step 2: Build A Modeling Portfolio


A modelling portfolio that highlights your strong points via high-quality, breathtaking photos is one of the most vital elements to becoming a model and building a steady career.


The modelling portfolio is one of the first things clients and agencies look at when selecting a model for a brand or advertisement. 


Having a printed version that you can present when you meet someone in person is beneficial. You also need an online version (your modelling portfolio website) that you can email to different modelling agencies. Remember to advance in the modelling profession — you'll need all the exposure you can to climb up the ladder.



Step 3: Go for Digitals


Your appearance is the key to a successful modelling career! While your portfolio may contain creative and beautiful images, modelling agencies must see you in your natural state.


So, how do you break into the modelling industry in Australia? Digitals, also known as "Digis," is the main element of your portfolio — unretouched, makeup-free photos that best portray the real you! Casting directors should be able to see your true beauty in these naturally lit pictures.


Designers and clientele who need more time to see hundreds of models in person can benefit from these pictures. Although some Australian modelling agencies like WINK Models may opt to re-shoot your digitals, having your own is preferable.


A fitted t-shirt and a basic pair of jeans photographed in natural light will best highlight your attractiveness. As a female model, you can make a topknot with your hair and allow your facial features to do the talking.



Step 4: Know Your Market


Who are you trying to persuade? Your target demographic may be evident to you, your followers, and the industry because of your height, physical strength, or shape.


However, you might be surprised to know that something else awaits you. Your agency may even recommend that you step into another area of modelling.


You will find some agencies in Australia that represent a variety of modelling avenues, while others specialise in just one. Remember that flexibility is vital, but focusing on one type of modelling discipline might quickly help you build a stronger reputation.


Find out which agencies work best for you and your distinct style, and create your network around them.



Step 5: Thoroughly Research Modeling Agencies


Agencies have seen everything from terribly underprepared to overconfident applications. They have seen it all.


Getting an agent is the first step toward success when it comes to being a model in Australia. However, there is a lot more work to do before that.


Before finding the best modelling agencies in Sydney and Melbourne, you must conduct thorough research, as several modelling companies are out there. Remember, if you sign a contract with an agency, you may have to work with them for the remainder of your life. 


So, investigate who and what your chosen agency represents, including what they desire from their models.


Learn about the agency's accomplishments and history to find the best partnership. Furthermore, if you face trouble finding an agent who is a good fit for you, freelance modelling is the best option.


Australian modelling agencies like Brazen Models and WINK Models represent petite and plus-size models. Whereas Bettina and Brats exclusively represent child models.



Step 6: Prepare for Castings


If you are wondering how to become a fashion model in Australia, the key to success is preparation. Agencies rarely hire models who do not demonstrate professionalism in their work and the project assigned to them.


Arriving for a casting with all the necessary information demonstrates to clients that you are knowledgeable about the industry. While you may be known for your bright red lip, casting agencies want to see you in your natural state. 


So wearing skinny jeans and a tank-top combo or a tiny black dress with black heels might be all you need to make the best first impression. A little makeup and well-styled hair may also help.


Likewise, male models should also maintain their natural appearance. They can wear a t-shirt and jeans with a clean pair of semi-smart sneakers for a casting. It is also important to arrive on time — make sure to reach 10 to 15 minutes before and carry your portfolio and comp-cord along. 


All in all, casting traits like preparedness and punctuality are essential to becoming a successful model.



Step 7: Look for Warning Signs


The terrible reality of the modelling industry is that you cannot trust everyone in this industry. Therefore, pay attention to warning signs. You must understand and act on the red flags you notice. For instance, it is never acceptable for a modelling agency to request nude pictures.


Furthermore, reputable Australian modelling agencies do not require money to represent you except for child modelling. Hence, thoroughly review the requirements and check with your representative before signing any contract.


Note: Minors should always have a parent or trusted guardian when auditioning and applying for agency jobs. If someone makes you feel uneasy, including a casting director or a photographer, put your safety first and leave immediately.



Step 8: Keep Practicing and Growing


Nothing happens in a day! Modelling requires practise, effort and time unless you're lucky enough to be spotted on Instagram or at a shopping centre by a professional model scout.


You must understand that your professional objectives may take longer to achieve than those of others in the same field. So instead of feeling bogged down, utilise your achievements as inspiration and motivation to keep growing. Your natural beauty and work ethic will always provide the groundwork for a successful career.



Step 9: Build Your Social Media Following


If you are an aspiring fashion model, you are probably looking for a modelling agency to represent you.


So while you wait for Australian modelling agencies to respond, practise posing and walking, send your digitals, establish a beauty routine, and so on. Meanwhile, you can also focus on increasing your social media following, as it may help you get signed by an agency.


Building a social media following is a relatively new concept. When deciding whether to sign a model, modelling agencies consider the model's online audience.


Furthermore, advertisers frequently require models, but they increasingly prefer to work with models who already have a following and can promote their products. Always remember that becoming a fashion model does not require a substantial social media following. Still, it will always work in your favour.


When building a social media strategy, always make informed decisions. Hold firmly to your beliefs, be your true self, connect with your followers regularly, and share your photographs with them. You could even create a YouTube channel, blog, or similar.


Because of their enormous following, several non-intentional influencers have become professional models today.



Step 10: Look for More Work


Everyone can start a modelling career as plenty of opportunities are available. You'll find your specialty if you're enthusiastic and ready to invest time and effort.


Do not be disheartened if an agency doesn't sign you right away. Freelance modelling is another way to get started with your modelling career. This will allow you to develop a portfolio while also enabling you to practise to become a successful model.



5. How Much Does A Model Earn In Australia?


According to Payscale, the average hourly pay for an entry-level model in Australia with less than one year of experience is around AU$25, based on six salaries. This also includes bonuses, tips, and overtime pay.


Furthermore, based on 16 salaries, an early career model with one to four years of experience gets a total average wage of around AU$22.12.


Now that you know everything about becoming a model in Australia, you are ready to explore your talent and make a successful career out of modelling.


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