How To Become A Judge In Australia: A Complete Guide

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Students want to know how they can become judges in Australia and how much salary they earn.


Are you interested in pursuing your career as a judge? Do you want to make a difference in society by adhering to the principles of honesty? Are you looking for a career path that is rewarding and challenging? Well, then, you are at the right place!


The profession of a judge is rewarding and is in high demand in Australia.


The following article will help you learn more about the law field and give detailed tips and directions on becoming a judge in Australia, including how long it takes, salary, career paths, qualifications, how hard it is, and more.



1. Judge, Definition, and Meaning


A judge is in charge of the court and makes final decisions. The judge is responsible for hearing lawsuits and making legal and honest decisions accordingly.


The role of a judge is to make honest and wise decisions according to the situation. The main objective behind this job is justice. Judges make timely decisions and correctly interpret the law by analysing the cases.



2. Major Duties and Tasks of the Judge


Judges are the most integral part of the law field as they make the final court decisions.


Following are some major tasks and duties of a Judge:


  • Analyse witnesses

  • Observe the situation

  • Rule on motions presented by counsel

  • Make honest and right decisions

  • In civil cases, determine liability or damages

  • Inform defendants of their rights

  • Hear allegations of two parties

  • Listen to witness testimony

  • Instruct the jury

  • Rule on the admissibility of evidence


Judges have a great responsibility as they are part of the law system in a country. However, you have to use this responsibility with total honesty. 


The judge must make decisions adhering to the principles of honesty because it is a fundamental need of this profession. 



3. The Best Thing About a Career In Law


  • Judges have high levels of responsibility and power

  • You can make the world a better place

  • Working as a judge can be challenging

  • Sense of responsibility

  • High salaries and various benefits

  • Decent workload

  • No night shifts

  • Decent work-life balance

  • You have many people who will assist you

  • No outdoors or fieldwork

  • Job security



4. Steps To Become a Judge in Australia


Following are the step-by-step guidelines on how to become a judge in Australia:



Step 1: Complete A Bachelor's Degree


To apply to law school, you must first obtain a Bachelors of Law (LLB) or a Juris Doctor (JD) postgraduate degree. 


However, after completing your bachelor's degree, consider working as an intern with a law agency to gain some experience.



Step 2: LSAT (Law School Admission Test)


The LSAT is a law school admissions exam for undergraduate students to get admission to law school. The LSAT has five sections. In addition to an essay section, there are sections on logical reasoning, logic games, reading comprehension, and an experimental portion. 


Each part contains 22 to 28 questions. The higher the LSAT score, the more probability is to secure admission into a good law school.



Step 3: Go to Law School


After receiving your LSAT score, you can start applying to law schools. Law school education consists of four years of extensive law modules. You can also take electives that interest you. 


However, the degree consists of modules that require pure dedication. If you want to pursue it as your career, everything is possible.


The following are the best law schools in Australia:




Step 4: Clear The Bar Exam


You must first pass the bar exam to practice law in a specific state. The exam has two parts, an essay section and a multistate bar examination. You first have to complete your essay. 


However, the tests might take a few days to complete. This essay aims to assess the student's understanding of federal and state law.



Step 5: Start Making Your Resume


You should start updating your resume after finishing your education. Whether you want to start with a clerkship and work your way up to practising law at a firm, a strong resume will help you make a good impression on potential employers.


Focus on the skills and duties listed in a job description and be as compact as possible. The first impression is the last. Make your first impression count.


Make sure your resume is up to the mark. Before submitting your resume, you must take some time to customise it and add some recent experience.



Step 6: Admission to Legal Practice


Once you have completed the above steps, you can seek admission to the legal process through the admission authority in your state. The admission authorities may differ from state to state.


Following are the admission authorities of different states of Australia:




5. Top Skills Required to Become a Judge in Australia 



Communication Skills


Communication skills are the most significant skill in this profession. Because the more you communicate with the parties, the better the understanding of the case. So excellent communication is the key.



Analytical Skills


A judge must have high analytical skills as it helps him analyse the cases. Moreover, analytical skills play a significant role in the law field. If the judge's analysis of a situation is up to the mark, he can make the right decisions accordingly.



Judgment Skills


A judge must have excellent judgmental skills as it helps him understand and evaluate the case properly. Judgment skills will lead to a good decision-making process. Judgment skills will help you analyse both parties.



Listening Skills


Listening skills are as valuable as communication skills as it helps the judge to understand both parties and make decisions. If he is a good listener, it will help him make the right decisions.



Research Skills


A judge should have excellent research skills because he will further research the case and inspect and examine the case accordingly. Excellent research skills will lead towards excellent decision-making skills.



Problem Solving Skills


If a judge has a problem-solving attitude and knows when and where the problem begins, it means he is good at his profession. Problem-solving skills are necessary as it helps the judge solve a specific problem and decide honestly.



Detail Oriented


A judge must be detail-oriented. If a judge views every point with detail, it will help him investigate the case and make the right decision.





Honesty is required not only in this profession but in every profession. Honesty is the key. If you are honest in your field, you will achieve unlimited milestones within no time, as honesty is the key to success.



Strong Moral Code


You must have a strong moral principle. As a judge, you make decisions that impact people's lives. A moral code is significant as it helps you make the right choices.



6. How long Does It Take To Become a Judge In Australia?


It will take seven to eight years to become a judge in Australia. You first must complete the law degree and then work as a lawyer for at least two years. The government of state or federal government often appoints judges. 


However, judges have much more experience before being appointed. 


The following are the main subjects of a law degree:


  • Law of Torts

  • The Law of Contract

  • Property Law

  • Criminal Law

  • Constitutional and Administrative Law

  • Equity and Trust

  • Land Law 



7. How Much Do Judges Earn in Australia?


The salary of judges in Australia varies. However, Supreme Court judges earn up to AUS$468,020. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court earns AUS$528,207. The President of the Court of Appeal earns AUS$499,097, and the Judge of Appeal makes AUS$483,558AUS. 


However, the pay rate increases as judges gain more experience. Judges have high pay rates, job security, and high salary benefits.



8. Future of Judges in Australia


This profession has a high pay rate and gives enough job security. The salary of the judge will keep on increasing as you gain experience. 


The demand for judges is rising in Australia. Suppose you have an ultimate passion and enthusiasm for becoming a judge. No one can stop you. Remember, the sky's the limit!



9. Closing Words


Judges are hardworking individuals who try to make vigilant and honest decisions. The main important thing about this profession is that it gives job security and a high pay rate.


Moreover, your career as a judge holds great responsibility as you must make decisions honestly and honestly. It might be a long process to be a judge, but, definitely worth the wait. However, honesty is the main thing in this profession. 


As a judge, you are a part of the law in the country. If your decisions are honest, your state's justice system will prosper.


Hopefully, this guide has made it easier for you to understand career choices, job prospects, study pathways, and career opportunities.


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