Renewing Your PR Visa in Australia: A Step-by-Step Guide

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People want to know the Australian permanent resident visa renewal steps.


To live in Australia for an extended period, you need a valid permanent resident visa.


If it expires, you must renew it to stay legally. If you're unsure about the renewal process, this guide is for you. We'll cover the criteria, steps, fees, and how to renew your permanent resident visa online.



1. What Is A Permanent Resident (PR) Visa In Australia?


A Permanent Resident (PR) visa allows you to permanently live, work, and study in Australia.


Common types include family and certain skilled work visas. With this visa, you can access benefits like bank loans, Australian healthcare, and the ability to sponsor family members for PR.


You can also travel multiple times, work in New Zealand, and apply for Australian citizenship. Keep in mind the minimum stay requirement, requiring 730 days in Australia out of five years to extend your PR visa.



2. Why It Is Important To Have A Valid Visa?


You must have a valid visa to stay in Australia legally.


If your visa expires, the Australian Immigration Department could detain you, remove you from the country, and charge you for the process. To avoid these issues, make sure to renew your visa before it expires or leave the country on time.



3. Do I Need To Renew My Australian Permanent Residency Visa?


You generally don't need to renew your Australian Permanent Residency (PR) visa while living in Australia.


However, if you plan to travel overseas after it expires, you must ensure it's still valid. You must apply for a Resident Return Visa to return to Australia if it's expired.


Traveling back without a valid visa could be challenging, so addressing this before your overseas trip is essential.



4. When To Apply For Resident Return Visa (RRV) - (Subclass 155)?



Apply for a Resident Return Visa (Subclass 155) if you've spent a significant time outside Australia and your current permanent resident visa is expired or about to expire. This visa allows you to return to Australia as a permanent resident.



5. What Is The Eligibility Criteria To Renew PR In Australia?


To be eligible to renew your Australian PR visa, you must:


  • Be an Australian permanent resident.

  • Be a fit and proper person.

  • Hold a valid passport.

  • Be a former permanent resident of Australia whose last PR visa wasn't cancelled, or

  • Be a previous citizen of Australia who has lost or renounced their citizenship.



6. What Documents Do You Require For The PR Visa Renewal?


To renew your Australia permanent visa, you may be asked to provide some of the following documents:


  • Valid Passport

  • National Identification

  • Proof of good conduct

  • Police Clearance

  • Evidence of Financial Stability

  • Recent Identity Photographs

  • Evidence of Paid Base Fee

  • Sign the Values Declaration



7. What Is The Resident Return Visa (RRV) in Australia?


The Resident Return Visa (RRV) is like a travel pass from Australian Immigration. It acts as a new permanent resident visa if your old one has expired.


With the RRV, you can travel abroad even if your Australian permanent residency ended. It helps keep your permanent resident status.


There are two types: Subclass 155 and Subclass 157. Both let you do everything your original Australian permanent resident visa allowed.



8. When Should You Apply For The RRV?


Apply for the Resident Return Visa (RRV) when the "travel facility date" of your Australian PR visa is about to expire or has already expired. Make sure to apply before leaving Australia.


9. Steps To Renew the RRV (PR) Visa In Australia Online


Here's an easy guide to renewing your permanent resident visa online:



Step 1: Check if You Qualify for an RRV Visa


Before you apply, make sure you meet the requirements for the Resident Return Visa (RRV). Confirm that the travel date on your Australian PR visa is expired or getting close.



Step 2: Collect Your Documents


Gather all the documents you need for your visa application, like your valid passport, ID, good conduct proof, police clearance, financial stability proof, recent photos, and payment proof.



Step 3: Apply Online:


  1. Go to the Department of Home Affairs website

  2. Log into your ImmiAccount here

  3. Select the correct RRV visa that you want to apply for.

  4. Attach the required documents.

  5. Finish and submit your application online.

  6. Pay the non-refundable PR renewal fee.



Step 4: Wait for a Response


Once you apply, you'll get an email saying your application has been received. It might take a few weeks to a few months to process. Check your application status here.



Step 5: Wait for the Result


If your visa is approved, you'll get an email with details like the visa number, start date, and conditions. If the RRV is declined, they'll also email you about it.



10. Factors Influencing the Duration of Your Resident Renewal Visa (RRV)


To get this visa, you must have lived for some time in Australia within the last 5 years before applying.


How long your RRV lasts depends on your total stay duration:


You will receive:


  • Five years - Travel facility: If you've been in Australia for at least two years in the last five years before applying.

  • One year - Travel facility: If you've been in Australia for less than two years in the last five, you can prove that you have links to Australia. It could be for family, community, business, etc.

  • Three months - travel facility: If you've been in Australia for less than two years, and you can't prove strong ties to Australia like family, community, or business.


Unfortunately, if you haven't been to Australia in the last five years, you can't apply for an RRV.



11. What Is The Criteria To Apply For A RRV Subclass 155 And 157 Visa?


To apply for an RRV, ensure you meet these criteria:


  • Permanent Residency Status: You must be an Australian permanent resident.

  • Birth Document Consistency: There should be no changes in your birth document since your last PR visa.

  • Eligibility for 155 RRV: To qualify for a 155 Resident Return Visa, you need to have spent at least one day in Australia in the past five years.

  • Five-Year 155 RRV Visa: For a five-year 155 RRV Visa, you must have resided in Australia for at least two years in the past five years.



12. Ineligibility for RRV Subclass 155 and 157


If you fall under any of the following conditions based on Resident RRV Subclass 155 and 157 regulations, your application may be rejected:


  • If your last PR visa was cancelled.

  • If you've received a notice from higher authorities indicating the potential cancellation of your PR visa.

  • If you previously held a Return Endorsement (between September 1979 to 31 December 1986) or an Authority To Return (between 1 March 1976 to 31 August 1979).



13. Comparing Subclass 155 and 157 Visas:


The Subclass 155 Resident Return Visa allows individuals to travel to and from Australia for up to 5 years from the grant date. In contrast, the Subclass 157 Resident Return Visa provides a shorter travel period, limited to three months from the grant date.



Subclass 155 Visa is Granted to Individuals Who:


  • Meet the residency requirement, granting a maximum 5-year travel facility based on the time spent in Australia before applying.

  • Have substantial ties in Australia, resulting in a 1-year travel facility.

  • Meet the grant criteria and are a family member of someone applying for an RRV, offering up to a 1-year travel facility.



Subclass 157 Visa is Granted to Individuals Who:


  • Have spent at least one day but less than two years in the past five years in Australia right before applying for the visa.

  • Have lost Australian citizenship or the travel facility of the PR visa has expired.

  • Have a compelling reason to leave Australia.


Please note that the information about the Subcla



14. How Long Does It Take To Renew Your RRV Visa?


Renewing your RRV visa typically takes between 22 days to 6 months for the application to be processed.



15. What Is The Permanent Resident Visa Renewal Fee In Australia?


The renewal fee for Permanent Resident (PR) visa in Australia is AUD 405 when applying online. For those who opt for offline application, an additional fee of $80 is applicable.



16. For How Long Is The RRV Visa Valid?


The Resident Return visas subclass 155 and 157 let you live in Australia for as long as you want, but the permission to travel in and out has a time limit.


The subclass 155 lasts for five years if you've been living in Australia for at least two years or have certain ties to the country. After the travel time ends, the visa stops when you leave Australia. It's smart to renew it before leaving or apply from abroad.

The Resident Return visa (subclass 157) only lasts for three months. It's for those who need to travel urgently but don't meet the two-year living requirement or lack ties in Australia.



17. How To Know The Visa Expiry Date & Conditions?



If you want to know when your visa ends and what rules you must follow, use the Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) service.


VEVO helps visa holders and others check visa details easily. You can see your visa type, when it ends, specific conditions, and more.


Just visit the VEVO website, use the my VEVO app, or check your visa grant letter. You can get the free "my VEVO app" from Apple and Google app stores.



18. Conclusion



Having a valid permanent resident visa in Australia opens doors to study, work, and live freely, along with enjoying Medicare benefits.


Before leaving Australia, make sure to apply for a resident return visa if your travel option has expired. Always double-check your visa conditions before planning another overseas trip to ensure a smooth travel experience.


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