How To Become A Yoga Teacher (Instructor) In Australia?

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Students want to know how to become Yoga teachers or instructors in Australia.


Do you love yoga and are interested in teaching this practice to people? If yes, a yoga teaching profession might be perfect for you. It is an excellent opportunity to deepen your experience and transform countless lives with its benefits.


Yoga teachers are skilled in various forms of yoga. They take a holistic approach to their teaching to promote overall health and well-being on mental, spiritual, and emotional levels.


No formal qualifications are required to pursue this career. However, completing Yoga teacher training in an institution accredited with Yoga Australia or Yoga Alliance will help you become skilled and competent for this role.


If you are excited to offer people a positive and life-changing experience using yoga, this article is for you.


Learn about the job profile of a Yoga teacher or instructor, how long it takes, certifications, insurance, the required skills, salary, and courses to get started in this role.



1. What is Yoga?


Yoga is an ancient therapeutic practice that unites the body and mind. It incorporates meditation, breathing exercises, and specific yoga poses that relax and reduce stress in the body.


The mental, physical, and spiritual practices aim to calm the mind and increase mindfulness and self-awareness in a person. Regularly practising yoga develops intuition, improves flexibility, balance and concentration, manages body weight and blood circulation, and more.



2. Who Is A Yoga Teacher?


Yoga teachers are trained individuals who teach people different yoga poses and practices. They apply the spiritual and ethical principles and teachings of yoga and teach people that way of life.


They undergo specialised training to learn the skill to create a supportive relationship between students and positively transform their lives. The Yoga Alliance and International Yoga Federation are two key organisations that set standards for yoga teacher training and run courses to train and certify yoga teachers.



3. What Does A Yoga Teacher Do?


Yoga teachers perform the following duties:


  • Lead small or large groups sessions in yoga

  • Teach yoga and stretching poses, breathing exercises called pranayama, meditation, and visualisation exercises to beginner, intermediate, or experienced yoga practitioners. 

  • Help students calm their minds, withdraw their senses from the outside world, and become mindful and self-aware of their bodies and surroundings. 

  • Tailor instructions and demonstrate poses as per the proficiency level of students 

  • Periodically assess the student's progress and decide whether they can perform advanced and complex movements.

  • Advise students to help them refine their practice and make their poses safer, more convenient, or more challenging

  • Teach manual adjustments during learning lessons to help students perfect their form 

  • Prepare students for meditation by helping them let go of their thoughts and relax each body part.

  • Share the intellectual and spiritual principles of yoga from ancient scriptures.

  • Continuously upgrade their knowledge about yoga and improvise their teaching skills.



4. Required Skills For Yoga Teachers


Being a fitness and wellness professional, a yoga teacher displays the following skills to assist their students effectively:


  • Love for Yoga

  • Understanding of breath, anatomy, alignment, physiology, and asanas 

  • Passionate to teach and motivate people toward health and healing

  • Light-hearted 

  • A friendly sense of humour 

  • Mindfulness

  • Patience

  • Intuitive

  • Observant

  • Helping attitude

  • Comfortable demonstrating yoga practices and poses in public

  • Compassion

  • Confident

  • Able to manage a group of people

  • Physically fit and Flexible

  • Able to Connect

  • Able to put everyone at ease

  • Attentive

  • Leadership skills

  • Energetic personality

  • Calm and Centred

  • Enthusiastic

  • Focused

  • Active listening skills

  • Caring



5. Qualifications To Become A Yoga Teacher


As yoga is an unregulated sector in Australia, no official government body governs the yoga industry. There is no standard path to becoming a Yoga teacher.


Yoga Alliance, Yoga Australia, and International Yoga Teacher's Association are the top Yoga teacher training schools that conduct Yoga training courses in Australia.


  • Complete a 200hr yoga certification in Australia at a Yoga Alliance registered training school to become certified. The certification course gives you credibility and insurance privileges. It allows you to legally work as a Yoga teacher in gyms and similar workplaces.


  • Alternatively, complete a minimum of 350 hours (1 year) of "Prana House Yoga Teacher Training" with Yoga Australia to become a registered and competent Yoga teacher. To maintain your registration, demonstrate ongoing CPD and maintenance of first-aid qualification.


  • International Yoga Teacher's Association (IYTA) is another training organisation that offers registered training courses, such as the "International Diploma of Yoga Teaching". Undertake 460 hours of training to become a registered IYTA Yoga teacher.



6. Steps To Become A Yoga Teacher In Australia


Here are the typical steps to get started as a Yoga Teacher in Australia:



Step 1: Gain Education


Though there is no formal education requirement, some employers prefer applicants with a high school diploma or a bachelor's degree, preferably in health and fitness.



Step 2: Practice Yoga


Before training others, you must gain expertise in Yoga methods, techniques, and practices. Based on your niche, master yoga poses, stretching exercises, and relaxation techniques to train others confidently. 


Join a yoga class in a yoga studio or fitness centre and gain experience.



Step 3: Complete A Yoga Teacher Training Program


Get yoga teacher certification in Australia and start offering professional services as a Yoga teacher. 


Yoga AustraliaYoga Alliance, and International Yoga Teacher's Association are the three leading Yoga training schools that conduct certification programs for aspiring yoga teachers.


They conduct different accredited training programs to train students to teach yoga worldwide. The training courses aim to provide in-depth learning to students in the following areas:


  • Yoga techniques

  • Yoga teaching methods 

  • Ethics, Lifestyle, and Philosophy of Yoga

  • Yogic Physiology

  • Anatomy

  • Teaching Practice


Check individual websites to learn more about them and their course to find the best yoga teacher training in Australia.



Step 4: Gain Experience


Once certified, update your resume with past work experiences, including job-specific certifications and strengths. 


Apply for jobs and start working as a Yoga Teacher. The more you teach, the more skilled you become. Focus on leading classes and help students become proficient in their practice.



7. Yoga Teacher Training In Australia


Ready to dive into your yoga practice and take your passion to the next level? Yoga Australia, Yoga Alliance, and International Yoga Teacher's Association offer fully accredited Yoga teacher training courses in Australia.


Here is the list of the best online yoga teacher training in Australia that will help you accomplish your goals:



Yoga Australia


  • Course Name: 350hr Prana House Yoga Teacher Training

  • Location: Victoria, Thornbury

  • Duration: 12 months/ 350 hours



International Yoga Teacher's Association (It has Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia registration)


  • Course Name: International Diploma Yoga Teacher Training

  • Duration: 10 study weekends + 4-day immersion / 460 hours (over 12 months period)

  • Delivery: Face to Face and Distance Education-Based Learning with Live Streaming



Yoga Alliance


Yoga Alliance offers the following courses to become a registered Yoga teacher in Australia:


  • Registered Yoga Teacher Course: Complete yoga training of 200 hours or 500 hours at a registered Yoga Alliance training school, along with 30 hours of Continuing Education)


  • Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher Course 200: All registered yoga teachers should complete 200-hour yoga teacher training at a registered Yoga Alliance training school and have taught for at least two years post-completion of training)


  • Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher Course 500: All registered yoga teachers should complete a 500-hour yoga teacher training at a registered Yoga Alliance training school and have taught for at least four years post-completion training with a Registered Yoga School.


  • Registered Children's Yoga Teacher: Complete a 200-hour yoga teacher training along with a 95-hour children's yoga teacher training)


  • Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher: Complete a 200-hour yoga teacher training along with an 85-hour prenatal yoga teacher training)



Certificate IV in Yoga Therapy Teaching (10932NAT) – Teach yoga


This nationally accredited training program has registration with Yoga Australia Level 1. Completing this course will help you become an accredited Yoga Teacher in Australia.


Certificate IV In Yoga Teaching NSW equips you with the knowledge and skills to coordinate and teach group yoga sessions in the fitness or healthcare industries.


Students develop a good understanding of eastern and western medical philosophies, yoga therapy movements, postures, breathing, asanas, and other skills required in yoga teaching.


  • Study Mode: You can study this course in an established yoga college and health care centre in NSW

  • Duration: 12 months

  • Delivery Mode: Face-to-Face learning (including online) and supervised teaching experience. Blended online and classroom options are available.



8. Work Environment Of A Yoga Teacher


Yoga teachers teach students at different practice stages, such as children, teens, adults, seniors, celebrities, pregnant women, athletes, arthritis patients, etc.


The job involves standing, stretching, walking, and performing other activities. They wear relaxed clothes and carry their yoga mat while performing or teaching yoga to people.


Employed yoga teachers usually work standard hours as specified by the employer. Those working for themselves can define their work hours and time.


They may require visiting a client's home on weekends or evenings at their convenience. While working in this role, you may need to travel to different cities in case of competitions or other events.



9. Where Does A Yoga Instructor Work?


Yoga teachers work on a contract basis in fitness and wellness centres, sports centres, yoga studios, academic institutions, gyms, community centres, spas and resorts, private training centres, health clubs, media agencies (for TV shows) and other similar settings.


Some yoga teachers are self-employed by running yoga classes to serve their clientele individually or in groups. They may also work as a personal instructor, directly communicating with clients, assessing their needs, and designing a customised yoga program. It helps them achieve their objectives.


When completing the necessary qualification, you can pursue the following careers in this field:


  • Yoga Consultants

  • Yoga Therapists 

  • Yoga Trainers

  • Yoga Aerobics Instructor

  • Assistant Ayurvedic Doctor

  • Clinical Psychologist

  • Health Club Instructor



10. Job Prospects For A Yoga Teacher In Australia


In today's age, young or old, everyone is becoming more health-conscious. People focus on healthy lifestyles and maintaining good health to stay mentally and physically fit.


Many Aussies recognise the remedial abilities of yoga therapy to cure or control numerous illnesses. The increasing reliance on Yoga teaching and its robust demand worldwide has attracted youths to make a career in yoga.


For its healing benefits, many health institutes acknowledged the practice of yoga as alternative medical care. All this indicates strong future growth and career opportunities in Yoga in Australia.



11. How Much Does A Yoga Teacher Earn In Australia?


Factors determining the yoga instructor's salary include:


  • Qualification

  • Experience

  • Place of work

  • Area of Specialisation

  • Type of Employer

  • Nature of Employment (Part-time or Full-time)


The average yoga teacher's salary in Australia is $101,618 per year, equivalent to $51.97per hour.



Average Salary Based on Experience


With experience, the salary of a Yoga teacher can increase at a rapid pace.


  • Early career Yoga Teachers (1 to 4 years of experience) earn AU$40.00 

  • Mid-career Yoga Teachers with (5 to 9 years of experience) earn AU$47.50 

  • Experienced Yoga Teachers with (10 to 19 years of experience) earn AU$40.96


Among all Australian cities, Melbourne is the highest-paying city for Yoga Instructors, which pays them $104,530 per year on average.



12. Conclusion


Yoga is a good health improvement and management strategy that has scientifically proven its worth. Realising its benefits, many people are now incorporating it into their primary form of exercise.


A career in yoga may be less lucrative but highly rewarding and satisfying. If you aspire to become a Yoga teacher, take teacher training courses and start helping people lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.


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