How To Become A Service Manager In Australia?

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Students want to know how to become service managers in Australia.


Do you have strong communication, administrative and organisational skills? Then, you may be well-suited for a Service Manager's role.


Service Managers manage the daily running of the service department within the organisation. They also deal with customer queries and handle issues.


You can become a Service Manager without any formal qualification. However, completing a relevant qualification like Certificate III in Customer Engagement (BSB30215) and gaining experience in a similar role can be an advantage.


You will learn in this blog the service manager's responsibilities, skills, work conditions, areas of specialisation, qualifications, courses, average salary, and study pathways to becoming one.



1. What Is A Service Manager?


The main job of a Service Manager is to manage customer relations and provide them with a great after–sales experience. They also regularly inspect employees' work, set customer satisfaction standards, and encourage a productive work environment.


Companies expect service managers to train employees on quality controls, handle customer complaints, and resolve them promptly.



2. Service Manager Job Description


  • Set and evaluate customer service standards, policies, and procedures 

  • Supervise a team of service employees to ensure customer satisfaction

  • Respond to customer questions in person, via email, and over the phone

  • Coordinate with other staff members and managers to address customer issues

  • Maintain records of interaction with customers and actions taken 

  • Generate sales leads 

  • Provide feedback and performance appraisal to staff

  • Develop and sustain positive business relations

  • Distribute promo materials



3. Qualifications For a Service Manager In Australia


Do you want to know how to become a service manager? Here are the steps to becoming one:


  • No formal prerequisites are needed to become a Service Manager, but completing a relevant qualification like Certificate III in Customer Engagement (BSB30215) may be advantageous.

  • Work in an entry-level role in the industry to develop relevant experience. Prior work experience as a service manager is helpful.

  • Develop proficiency in Microsoft Office, particularly in spreadsheets and word.

  • To qualify for a service manager role in the automotive retail and repair sector, you should complete a Certificate IV in Automotive Management or Diploma and gain some experience as a mechanic.


These qualifications cover customer service, financial management, business planning, marketing, record administration, leadership, and contract negotiation to develop the necessary skills and knowledge.



4. What Skills Do You Need To Become A Service Manager?


  • Enjoy working with people.

  • Genuine interest in Customer service

  • Able to listen to customer issues

  • Communicate confidently and clearly

  • Adept problem solvers

  • Organisation skills 

  • Excellent time management skills

  • Strong leadership abilities

  • Friendly

  • Patient

  • Good interpersonal skills

  • Able to work in a team

  • Able to always exhibit professionalism

  • Able to inspire staff

  • Able to stay calm under stressful conditions

  • Accounting skills

  • Office Administration skills

  • Personnel management skills

  • Proficiency in using Microsoft Office



5. Working Conditions For A Service Manager


Service managers usually work indoors for government departments or companies. They are working standard business hours but may require working overtime to deal with issues that arise after work hours or on weekends.


Dealing with angry customers or being discontented with the service can make the job stressful. Customer service managers remain busy throughout the shift. They need to perform while handling the work pressure.



6. Where Do Service Managers work?


Service manager jobs are available across Australia in organisations that work in a broad range of industries, such as:


  • Financial and Insurance Services

  • Retail trade

  • Automotive industry 

  • Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

  • Education and Training

  • Public Administration and Safety

  • Health Care and Social Assistance

  • Restaurant and hospitality industry

  • Customer Service Managers usually work in a corporate or government office or a call centre. Their main job is to attend to customer inquiries over the call, via email, or in-person and generate sales leads for the organisation.



7. Job Prospects For Service Managers In Australia


Service managers work for companies in industry sectors and federal, state, and territory government departments. 


Due to their vital contribution to offering customer service, boosting sales growth, and maximising customer satisfaction, a mix of industries employ customer service managers. 


According to Labour Market Insights, there has been a rise in employment numbers in this occupation over the last five years. The strong demand for service managers will result in robust employment growth in the coming years.


Presently, around 90% of Customer Service Managers work full-time. It is 24 percentage points above the average of all jobs (66%). Full-time workers work 44 hours per week, equivalent to the average work hours of all other jobs.


The employment percentage of service managers in different Australian states is as follows:


  • NSW: 36.5%

  • VIC: 25.5%

  • QLD: 18.6%

  • SA: 5.7%

  • WA:9.5%

  • TAS: 1.5%

  • NT: 0.8%

  • ACT: 1.8%


Areas with the most significant percentage of employed workers:


  • Melbourne - South East

  • Melbourne - Inner

  • Melbourne - West

  • Sydney - North Sydney and Hornsby

  • Sydney - Inner South West


The average age of Customer Service Managers is 41 years, with most in the age band between 35 and 44 years.


Around 44% of Females make up the total workforce which is four percentage points less than the average of all jobs, 48%.



8. How Much Does A Service Manager Earn In Australia?


The average service manager salary in Australia is AU$ 85,682 per year or an equivalent of AU$ 33.67 per hour. 


Earnings depend on work location, experience, industry, and specialised skills. The pay in an entry-level role could be low but will gradually increase with more experience.


  • Early career Service Managers (1-4 years of experience): AU$73,809 per year 

  • Mid-career Service Managers (5-9 years of experience): AU$87,171 per year

  • Experienced Service Managers (10-19 years of experience): AU$95,341 per year


The following cities pay the highest salary to Service Managers in Australia:


  • Sydney NSW: $128,339 per year

  • Adelaide SA: $111,258 per year

  • Newcastle NSW: $109,232 per year

  • Melbourne VIC: $109,148 per year

  • Perth WA: $109,139 per year

  • Brisbane QLD: $107,885 per year

  • Penrith NSW: $104,819 per year

  • Darwin NT: $101,129 per year



9. Types Of Service Managers


Experienced Service Managers can advance their learning to pursue any of the following specialised roles within the industry:



1. Customer Service Managers 


Customer Service Managers are mainly responsible for the smooth functioning of customer service processes of a business, such as call centres, front desks, etc. They supervise activities associated with running and managing business organisations and corporations. 


Customer Service Managers also manage their team performance and activities and serve as a point of contact to escalate customer inquiries. They ensure that they provide good customer service and that their activities adhere to company policies.



The Customer Service Manager Job Description In Australia 


  • Guide the customer service team so that they provide the best level of service to customers

  • Create and execute the strategies that govern the daily operational activities of an organisation 

  • Handle complex queries or escalate them

  • Pass on the duties to other members of a team

  • Generate sales 

  • Manage customer relations

  • Discuss company targets with internal teams 

  • Prepare a report on the team's performance

  • Provide administrative and operations assistance

  • Advice on facility upgrades, personnel management, and financial matters

  • Form managerial decisions and suggestions to senior management

  • Manage customer service staff and ensure they are well-trained and motivated to execute their roles effectively

  • Provide feedback and direction to team members 

  • Assist with hiring procedures

  • Manage after-sales services and constantly enhance these services

  • Represent the organisation and negotiate on its behalf at public events





Formal qualifications aren't necessary but help to work as a Customer Service Manager. Having relevant qualifications and experience may assist you in developing your skills.


  • Complete a Certificate IV in Customer Engagement. It will help you gain skills to respond to complicated customer complaints or requests. 

  • Alternatively, you can undertake the Diploma of Leadership and Management, which teaches you how to successfully manage projects and form team plans that meet projected results.

  • Certificate IV in Leadership and Management is another recommended course for those pursuing leadership roles in the workplace.



What Is The Customer Service Manager Skill Assessment?


Overseas Customer Service Managers who want to work and migrate to Australia must show a positive Skills assessment outcome in qualifications and employment to apply for Skilled visas. 


The Skills Assessment authority for Customer Service Managers is Vocational Education and Training Assess (VETASSESS). 


A positive assessment ensures that Customer Service Manager immigrants demonstrate knowledge and the capability to achieve established customer service standards, protocols, and practices for the company.



Qualification Requirements For Skill Assessment:


AQF Diploma or higher. Highly relevant majors include Customer Service Management and Business Management.



Employment Requirements For Skill Assessment:


VETASSESS has mentioned three pathways to skills assessment. For a positive skills assessment, an applicant has to meet any of these criteria:


  • Pathway A- An applicant should hold an AQF Level Diploma with a highly relevant major. He must also have at least one year of relevant work experience in the last five years.


  • Pathway B- An applicant should hold an AQF Level Diploma and an AQF Certificate IV in a highly relevant major. He must also have at least one year of highly relevant work experience after qualification at a suitable skill level in the last five years.


  • Pathway C - An applicant should hold at least an AQF Level Diploma without a highly relevant major. He must also have at least two years of highly relevant work experience after qualification at a suitable skill level in the last five years.



2. Corporate Service Manager


Corporate Services Managers usually work in an office, generally the headquarters of a public or private organisation. They develop and execute strategies that govern the daily operational activities of an association. 


It includes managing finances, resources, and staff and supervising all operational activities.


Top recruiting industries for Corporate Service Providers:


  • Financial and Insurance Services

  • Public Administration and Safety

  • Health Care and Social Assistance

  • Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

  • Education and Training



Corporate Services Manager Job Description:


  • Direct and coordinate administrative matters, including facilities management, personnel management, resource planning, and information services

  • Provide strategic planning and operational assistance

  • Offer advice to high-level management on administrative matters to ensure the smooth operation of business functions.

  • Create and implement financial, administrative, and operational, procedural guidelines for staff members within the organisation

  • Analyses resource management issues that impact the organisation

  • Prepare financial reports, submissions, and correspondence.

  • Assistance in the preparation of financial budgets

  • Represent the organisation in public events such as seminars, conventions, forums, and public hearings

  • Negotiate on behalf of the organisation





Employers generally look for candidates who have relevant formal qualifications and work experience.


Completing a Bachelor of Business or a Diploma/Certificate In Business Studies would help you gain the skills and knowledge to work in this role. 





The corporate services manager's salary in Australia is $2783 per week. This occupation projects moderate good growth in the coming years.



3. Business Service Manager


Business Services Managers strategise, organise, and coordinate the clerical functions of a business. 


These high professionals respond quickly to new priorities and challenges.



Business Service Manager Job Description


  • Develop financial, operational, and administrative guidelines for staff members.

  • Provide operational support to senior management in areas such as resources, financials, facilities, and information services

  • Analyses resource concerns and prepare proposals, synopses, and reports.

  • Lead, manage, and motivate the admin team to keep operations running efficiently and smoothly.

  • Endorse new business initiatives

  • Assist in the public representation of the organisation





It is optional to have formal qualifications to become a Business Services Manager. However, extensive work experience with related qualifications may improve your entry into this profession.


Consider completing a Bachelor's Degree in Business or business administration. If you already hold a degree in a different field, consider completing a Master of Business Administration.


Start working in a junior position in an administrative department. The knowledge and experience you develop will improve your career prospects for this role.





According to Seek data, the average business service manager's salary is $120K in Australia.


Health and Welfare service managers plan, implement and coordinate the day-to-day operation of a health or welfare service, facility, or organisation. 


They work in a public health facility to supervise the administrative and professional aspects of health and welfare programs and activities.


Primary Industries they work in include:


  • Health Care and Social Assistance

  • Public Administration and Safety



Related Industry Bodies




4. Health And Welfare Services Managers


The following are is job descriptions for Health and Welfare Services Manager:


  • Formulate and execute policies and plans concerning the operation of health, welfare, childcare, and educational establishments 

  • Supervise clinical services and health and welfare programs

  • Advise government institutions about measures for the betterment of health and welfare facilities and services 

  • Administer budgets to ensure the cost-effectiveness of policies/agencies 

  • Generate reports on the consequences of specific services for the board of directors

  • Hire, train and manage staff

  • Liaise with healthcare and welfare providers, educational institutions, regional-level health boards, the community, and funding institutions to discuss areas of coordination and cooperation

  • Direct a specific service, organisation, centre, facility, or governmental agency

  • Direct health education campaigns to educate the public about dealing with existing health issues

  • Set the standards for health or welfare policies 

  • Advise government bodies or designated officials on the inferences of planned health and welfare legislature

  • Complete surveys and evaluations to measure the quality and efficiency of a given program.





To qualify for this role, you must have relevant experience and a formal qualification in health administration, general medicine, nursing, business management, or any other related field.


Consider completing a Certificate IV in Health Administration or a Bachelor of Public Health degree from a reputed university/training institution in Australia. 





The average weekly health and service manager salary is $2148 in Australia.



10. Conclusion


The job of a Service Manager is lucrative and emotionally rewarding. You can use your abilities to serve others in this role, bringing you a sense of accomplishment and contentment.


Job security, a steady flow of interesting work, good working conditions, career advancement opportunities, and the potential to lead are the best reasons that make the profession worth pursuing.


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