How To Do A VEVO Check: What is My Australian Visa Status?

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International students want to know how they can check their Australian visa status online for employment.


A VEVO check, also called a "right to work" check in Australia, verifies the work rights of international students and temporary visa holders in Australia.


It helps businesses ensure that their staff has valid work rights and avoid fines and penalties due to non-compliance.


This blog discusses the steps to conduct a VEVO check in Australia and answers some frequently asked questions.



1. What Is VEVO?


Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) is an official service of Australia that enables visa holders, education institutions, employers, and other organizations to check, verify and validate visa conditions and work rights details in Australia.


It helps them determine whether an employee or worker fulfils all legal requirements to work in Australia before offering employment.


In this way, the VEVO check protects organizations, industries, and employers from employing people who don't have legal rights to work in Australia.



2. Who Needs A VEVO Check?


Only non-Australians who hold a visa and have obtained it after 1990 need to do a Vevo check.


You must undergo a VEVO check if you are a non-Australian citizen and wish to work in Australia. This check lets employers confirm that your visa status allows you to get the job you seek.



3. Who Can Access A VEVO Check In Australia?


Usually, all non-Australian citizens must undertake a right to work or a VEVO Check before employment. Here is a list of entities that can perform a VEVO check and check their visa details:


  • Visa Holder

  • Education Providers

  • Employers

  • Organizations

  • Other Governmental Institutions



4. Who Cannot Access A VEVO Check In Australia?


Australian and New Zealand citizens have unlimited rights to work in Australia. They don't require a VEVO Check if they verify their respective citizenship with official documents such as a copy of the Australian birth/citizenship certificate or an Australian passport.


Also, you can't access VEVO in Australia if you migrated before 1990 and never visited any other nation after migration.



5. What Does A VEVO Check Reveal?


VEVO Check shows the following details related to your current "in-effect" Visa. This information is helpful as it would affect your employment and duration. It doesn't provide any details concerning expired visas.


  • Type of Visa allocated

  • Visa grants and expiry date

  • The duration for which you can stay in Australia 

  • Legal conditions of the Visa 

  • Limitations to a Visa

  • Hours the visa holder is allowed to work based on the visa type



6. How To Do A Vevo Check For Employment?


Here is how to use VEVO to perform a VEVO check for delivery/ride-sharing platforms and any other work in Australia:



Through Private Agencies


Certain businesses require people to get their VEVO check through private partner agencies they work with. These agencies are National Crime Check, which performs background checks for applicants. 


Uber Eats delivery partners can do an Australia visa status check by passport number and country while they complete their background check application using the NCC service.



Using the Department of Home Affairs website 


To check your Australian visa status online, access the Department of Home Affairs website, which handles all legal documents and information concerning employment, work, and other affairs in Australia.


To start with a VEVO check procedure, you need your passport and any documents below:


  • Visa Grant Number

  • Visa Evidence Number

  • Transaction Reference Number

  • Password


Once you have the required documents, continue with the below steps:


1.) Visit the Home Immigration Website for VEVO check

2.) Choose the type of document and submit the form

3.) On the next page, enter the below details and submit the form.


  • Reference type

  • Reference number based on the Reference type

  • Document number

  • Birth date 

  • Country of document 


Once you complete the above steps, you will view and download your VEVO details on the website. Click here to learn the complete procedure for a visa holder to check their Visa online in Australia.



7. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



What Is The Current VEVO Check?


The VEVO system is a 24/7 free service the Australian Department of Home Affairs provides that allows visa holders and organizations to check visa details and work entitlements online.


This service lets you get up-to-date information on your visa status, including the visa validity period, subclass, work rights, and other conditions.


For a VEVO check, you can use your myGov account credentials to log in to the VEVO system online or contact the Department of Home Affairs for assistance.



What Do You Need To Make a VEVO Application?


You will need to provide the following information to request a VEVO check: 


  1. Your date of birth

  2. Your passport's country of issue

  3. Your passport or ImmiCard number

  4. Any of the below types of reference:


  • Visa Grant Number: It is present on the notification that you receive regarding the success of your visa application

  • Transaction Reference Number: This is the number you get when you lodge an online visa application or while applying via your ImmiAccount as a primary applicant

  • Visa Evidence Number: You get this number when you obtain the hard copy of your Visa instead of a soft copy.

  • VEVO Password: When you contact VEVO to arrive in Australia, you will get a password.



How Do You Benefit by Applying For a VEVO Check?


Applying for a VEVO check offers you a range of benefits, such as:


  • You don't require to have a visa label on your passports.

  • You can verify your visa details online at any time. 

  • Getting a VEVO check eases tracking the progress of citizenship or visa application online.

  • It enables you to keep your visa details updated and ensure that you have a valid visa to continue your stay in Australia.

  • The facility helps employers check VEVO checks quickly, shortening recruitment timespan.



Is VEVO an App?


VEVO is a system that you can access both by visiting the Home Immigration website and using my VEVO app.



What is The VEVO App in Australia?


The VEVO app is a utility that lets you view and email your visa details and conditions on your phone. This app is available for free for both Android and Apple device users.



Is There a VEVO App for iPhones?


Yes. iPhone users can download the myVEVO app from the Apple iTunes store. The app is also available for Android users who can download it from the Google Play store for a VEVO check.



Are There Penalties For Employing an Illegal Worker in Australia?


Employers who hire illegal overseas workers breach visa conditions and are subject to various penalties. Such a penalty can be in the form of Capital Punishment and Imprisonment.


The Australian Department of Home Affairs is the regulatory body that deals with fines of defaulting parties, i.e., an organization or an individual.


  • Any company that allows unlawful non-citizens to work (s245AB) or refer unlawful non-citizens to work (s245AE) may receive an infringement notice. It may have to pay a fine of up to $315 000, including other penalties.


  • Individuals who work illegally in Australia may also receive monetary fines of up to $63,000 and imprisonment of 5 years or both.


A VEVO check of all overseas employees, including potential employees, can protect your organization from lawsuits and stringent penalties from the authorities. Also, hiring an illegitimate immigrant risks your organization's image and safety.



How Much Does a Visa Entitlement Verification Online Check-In in Australia Cost?


You can access the VEVO system online at no cost to check your visa status, visa conditions, and the expiry date of your Visa.



Is It Free To Check on Vevo?


Yes. A Visa Entitlement Verification Online check is a free-to-use service by the Australian Department of Home Affairs for visa holders and organizations in Australia.



Are ImmiCard and VEVO The Same?


No, an ImmiCard and VEVO (Visa Entitlement Verification Online) are related to visas and migration in Australia, but they are different.


An ImmiCard is an identification card issued by the Australian Department of Home Affairs to specific visa holders who don't have and can't get a passport recognized by the Australian Government. It helps visa holders prove their Commencement of Identity in Australia and check their visa status and entitlements in VEVO.


An Immigration card contains information about the visa status and entitlements. Visa holders can use it as an alternative to a visa label to prove their right to work and study in Australia.


On the other hand, VEVO is an online service that enables visa holders and other parties to check their visa details and conditions online and ensure they comply with visa requirements.



How Do I Create a Vevo Account?


You don't require a separate account to access Australia's Visa Entitlement Verification Online service. Instead, you can log in to VEVO check using your myGov account, which offers access to government services.


Here are the steps to access VEVO using myGov:


  • Go to the myGov website and sign in to your account. 

  • Next, go to the "Services" section 

  • Click on "Department of Home Affairs."

  • Type your details and visa information to check your VEVO record.



What is The Purpose of VEVO for Uber Eats in Australia?


A VEVO Check in Australia is beneficial for restaurants and delivery services as it helps them verify the work rights of their staff and check whether they conform to the Australian work rights regulations.


This legitimate check helps them ensure their staff complies with work rights regulations and is authorized to work legally in the country.


That's why each employer must request or perform a VEVO Check result from the applicant before offering employment.



8. Conclusion


A VEVO check is essential to ensure you meet all work rights requirements and legally work in Australia.


We hope the above step-by-step guide helps you perform VEVO checks easily Wand stay compliant with work rights regulations in Australia.


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