Celebrating Valentine's Day In Australia: A Complete Guide

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Students want to know how to celebrate Valentine's Day in Australia and the best gifts and locations.


Valentine's Day is widely celebrated worldwide on February 14, and Australia is no exception. The day signifies the exchange of cards, gifts, and tokens of love and affection.


From romantic weekend getaways and dinner ideas to thoughtful gift suggestions, or fun activities, there are plenty of exciting ways to celebrate the occasion with your loved one.


Whether you are a first-time celebrant or a seasoned Valentine's Day pro, our handy guide to dating culture in Australia will help you plan the perfect Valentine's Day.


Read on to discover how to make your Valentine's Day unforgettable.



1. What Is The Real Story Of Valentine's Day?


The ritual of celebrating Valentine's Day originated through tales related to the demise of Christian saints, along with Roman and Greek mythology. Many stories are linked with the history of Valentine's Day.


Valentine's Day is said to commemorate when St. Valentine, a Catholic saint, performed secret marriage ceremonies. He did it in defiance of Roman Emperor Claudius II in the third century A.D. who disallowed soldiers from marrying as he thought they should love only Rome.


For his unlawful actions, St. Valentine was caught and imprisoned on February 14 February. Before he got executed, he left a love message for his Lover and signed them "From your Valentine." That is why we call our loved ones our "Valentines."


Most lovers still use the "from your Valentine" phrase in their Valentine's Day messages to their loved ones.


Since then, Valentine's Day got more commercialised and started celebrating in many countries across the globe. The Day became popular for exchanging presents and cards with loved ones.


The advancement of Print media in the 18th century made it simpler to send ready-made cards. With the recent social media development, public platforms have made it even easier for couples to admit their love and commitment to each other.



2. Why Is Valentine's Day So Important?


Valentine's Day is a special time for people to express their fundamental human emotions – love, affection, gratitude, appreciation, and commitment to those the love and care.


It is a significant day to celebrate your relationship, deepen your connection, and renew your commitment to family, friends, and spouse.


The day has a social and cultural significance in many countries when people come together to participate in shared rituals and traditions and to celebrate love and togetherness.


Besides strengthening personal bonds, Valentine's Day is a primary economic driver for several industries. It is significant for businesses as the increased sale of cards, gifts, chocolates, flowers, etc., helps generate substantial revenue.


Overall, Valentine's Day celebration helps people unite and feel grateful for the bonds connecting them.



3. Do They Have Valentines Day In Australia?


Yes. Like in other countries, many Australians celebrate their love on February 14 yearly.


Valentine's Day is a ritual and not a designated nationwide public holiday in Australia. It is an excellent reminder to express appreciation for their significant others.

Most people like celebrating the day by spending quality time together, exchanging gifts, and embarking on a romantic adventure or a date. Schools and businesses are unaffected because the Day is not an official public holiday.


Shopping centres and retail businesses see an explosion of red hearts, decorations, and flowers from firms. Restaurants, coffee shops, theatres, and shops selling Valentine's Day-related stuff remain busy and often run promotions or special deals.


Those planning to dine out may require booking with their favourite restaurants.



4. When Is Valentine's Day In Australia?


In Australia, Valentine's Day is observed on February 14 each year, irrespective of the day of the week. In 2023, Valentine's Day falls on a Tuesday.


Due to this, it may be difficult for many to go out and celebrate on a weeknight. Most will prefer celebrating the weekend before or after this occasion.



5. What Is The Most Popular Valentine's Day Gift?


There is a wide range of gifts exchanged on Valentine's Day. It is not easy to limit to just one gift.


However, a bouquet of red roses, hand-made/ready-made cards with a teddy bear, a box of chocolates and candies, perfumes, and jewellery, are the most popular gifts people present to their significant other.


Many people also prefer to receive experiences over material goods like a sunset river cruise, hot air balloon ride, etc.



6. How Does Australia Celebrate Valentines Day?


According to a survey conducted in 2019, only 56% of Aussie couples planned to celebrate Valentine's Day.


Most couples were married or between 18 and 24 years and in a new relationship. Some people choose this occasion to propose to their partners, while others fix February 14 to tie the knot with their beloved.


Like others, Australians also celebrate this day by spending quality time together, exchanging gifts, and going on a date to show appreciation and love to someone they love.


Suppose you have recently come to Australia or just entered the dating scene. In that case, Australia has no rules for celebrating Valentine's Day. Everyone has unique ways of showing someone that they love them.


Also, you do not have to splurge on expensive dinners or gifts to celebrate this occasion. Here are thoughtful and exciting ways to enjoy Valentine's Day on a budget exist.


  • Romantic picnics in the park.


  • Buy flower bouquets, chocolate boxes, watches, jewellery (a charming bracelet, gold/silver earrings, or necklace), or other items for their loved ones.


  • Make a personalised Valentine-day card for your particular person. You can also buy a card with embellishments to show how much you care.


  • Go for an extravagant three-course dinner romantic meal at a restaurant.


  • Book a boat cruise with a special meal alongside a professional D.J., champagne, and deluxe canapes. A 3-hour Valentine's day cruise run across the country, including through Sydney's iconic Harbour, is a good option.


  • Share Valentine's Day messages via radio announcements and social media.


  • Give an experience. Most Queenslanders are fond of a hot air balloon ride, parachute jump, or a romantic ride through the lush Gold Coast hinterland.


  • Wineries, particularly the Riverbank Estate Winery near Perth, make Australia's ideal Valentine's Day date location.


  • Choose from luxurious, exotic, unique, and individual Valentine-themed Gift hampers.


  • Outdoors enthusiasts might go on a bush walk, visit the beach or plan a road trip.


  • You can head to a local event, such as a comedy show, an art exhibition, or a Valentine's Day market.


  • Associate with charities, NGOs, or community organisations and participate in valentine-themed events like Valentine's Day Ball for fundraising campaigns to help the needy.


  • Cook a homemade meal together, have an at-home spa night, or try your luck at an escape room. 


Whether your relationship is new or decades old, you have no shortage of romantic Valentine's Day ideas. Ensure you book in advance and prepare for the crowds!



7. What Are The Best Date Spots In Australia?


A romantic date is among couples' most preferred Valentine's Day ideas. Check out the best date spots in your city:





  • A daytime picnic at the Royal Botanic Garden


  • Go bar hopping around Sydney. Restaurant Hubert, The Rook, and Henley's Kitchen and Bar are must-visit lists while saving a few dollars!


  • Visit art galleries or a museum like Yiribana Gallery to see beautiful contemporary sculptures.


  • Splurge on a dinner date at a popular restaurant in Sydney like Totti's Bondi, Alberto's Lounge, Ester, or Kiln.


  • Visit outdoor cinemas like Moonlight Cinema, Westpac OpenAir Cinema, and Skyline drive-in cinema to relax with the stars on the big screen and under the night sky.





  • Melbourne is known to have the best cafe culture worldwide. Begin your day with great coffee at one of the best cafes, such as Cal?re, Wide Open Road, St. Ali, and Stagger Lee, before you head on a fun date in Melbourne.


  • Visit the iconic Royal Botanic Gardens to unwind and have a romantic stroll around the lovely parklands.


  • Adventure-loving couples can cafe-hop around the city centre or cruise along the Yarra River. Go a little further and head down to St Kilda to enjoy incredible beaches.


  • For art lovers, wandering around the exhibits at Melbourne Museum can be a great way to spark curiosity and conversation and learn about each other's choices. Entry is free for students. You can also visit Fitzroy, which has some of the best street art in the city.


  • Head to old-school cinemas like The Kino, Thornbury Picture House, Sun Theatre, Astro Theatre, etc., and relax while you watch a Valentine-themed movie.


  • Australia's only ice bar is another great place for Valentine's day celebrations. Couples can play giant avalanche Jenga and relish a drink in subzero temperatures.


  • Visit the scenic Yarra Valley, famous for its fabulous scenery and incredible wine.





  • New Farm Park is one of the largest and oldest parks in the city and a perfect place for a romantic walk or picnic.


  • Take a romantic stroll around the Brisbane Botanic Gardens and enjoy the stunning views of the Brisbane River.


  • With mesmerising scenery and free entry, Kangaroo Point Cliffs is another excellent place to enjoy a romantic picnic.


  • Mount Coot-tha Lookout is ideal for a truly unforgettable evening with your date. Its breathtaking views over the city make it a perfect spot for a romantic photo opportunity at sunset.


  • Valentine's day celebration can only be complete with incredible food. Brisbane has top-notch restaurants like Honto, Yoko, 1889 Enoteca, Bianca, and Montrachet.


  • If you like celebrating the day watching movies, Red Hill Cinemas is the best place to cozy up in the converted roller-skating rink and relish incredible films.


  • Looking for an intimate date? Brisbane has several cool and romantic cocktail bars with moody lighting and music that sparks conversation, like Death & Taxes, The Gresham, Lychee Lounge, Dr Gimlette, and Savile Row.





  • Explore Alice in Wonderland exhibition at Western Australia Museum Boola Bardip.


  • Enjoy arcade games and fantastic food at B Lucky & Sons, exciting entertainment hubs full of bowling, games, and delicious dining options.


  • Watch a movie under the stars at one of Perth's outdoor cinemas for a magical date night.


  • For a cute picnic, visit one of the city's great picnic spots, like South Perth foreshore, Matilda Bay Reserve, Kings Park, or Hyde Park.


  • Nothing can be better for a relaxing evening with your loved one than going to your favourite beach and watching a stunning sunset in dreamy pink and golden skies.


  • If you wish for a unique and fun-filled date, the Swan valley could be the best place to explore distilleries, breweries, and wineries.


  • If your idea of a perfect Valentine's date includes a romantic meal followed by classy live entertainment, watch a Fringe World Festival together. Perth's most prominent annual multi-arts festival comprises a series of musical, comical, and theatre performances.





  • Plant 4, a wholesome date place in Adelaide, is a fabulous spot to grab a delicious and healthy breakfast or lunch, a glass of wine, and enjoy live music at the bar.


  • If you are looking for an active, outdoors (and free!) date, Morialta could be the best destination. You can go rock climbing, leisurely walk, or picnic amidst picturesque waterfalls and beautiful bushes.


  • My Lover Cindi is another great date night idea in Adelaide. This funky bar has a banging dancefloor to let you enjoy sparkling performance nights with a range of spirits, wines, cocktails, beers, and non-alcoholic mocktails. Other popular rocking places in the city include Ancient World and the Grace Emily.


  • The Botanic Gardens is another beautiful date spot and a romantic picnic destination in Adelaide.


  • Peter Rabbit is a cute garden cafe specialising in liquor, quality food, and boutique coffee in a lush setting. Ideal for celebration during sunny summer afternoons amid various cute resident pet rabbits that hang out in the garden.


  • For a romantic evening, Moonlight Cinema is a great way to enjoy a wide range of films, from classics to the latest releases under the stars. 





  • For couples who like to 'shake it' all night, the Shaking Hand is a fantastic venue with a live music scene, mouth-watering pizzas, cold beers, and rock n roll.


  • Nothing can be more romantic to remember your date night than eating good food with someone you love. From authentic Middle Eastern dishes to contemporary Asian cuisine, diverse dining options exist for a romantic date night. The rich Middle Eastern flavours of Chairman & Yip, Belluci's Manuka, and Ottoman Cuisine will sweep you off your feet.


  • Do you want to spend this day amidst serene and peaceful surroundings? Mount Ainslie Lookout is an ideal spot that offers picturesque views of Canberra, Lake Burley Griffin, and the Brindabella Ranges. It is also a spacious picnic spot to enjoy a romantic evening under the stars.


  • If you and your date love animals and adventure, why not get up close with animals? The playful and interactive wildlife experiences at The National Zoo & Aquarium in Canberra will make your experience unforgettable!



8. What Is Are Facts About Valentines Day?


Here are a few lesser-known facts about Valentine's Day you should know:


  • Valentine's Day dates to Ancient Rome.


  • No one is sure who St. Valentine was. Some say he was a priest and physician in Rome, and the emperor Claudius II killed him around 270 CE. However, some even believe he was a bishop in Terni, Italy. There are stories of another Valentine in Africa who met an unfortunate February end.


  • Gifts and cards got popular in the Middle Ages. Today, more than 50 million roses across the globe on Valentine's Day worldwide.


  • Sending Valentine's love letters has been an old tradition. It is believed that the first Valentine's letter was sent in 1415 from Charles Duke of Orleans to his spouse while he was confined in The Tower of London. The couple exchanged love letters back and forth, and in one of the letters, she referred to him as her Valentine and signed the letter as "your Valentine.


  • The saying "wearing your heart on your sleeve" comes from The Middle Ages when women and men would draw the name of their Valentine out of a hat and then pin it to their sleeves.


  • The Catholic Church, the first to declare February 14 Saint Valentine's Day, no longer celebrates Valentine's Day.


  • Geoffrey Chaucer was the first to refer to Valentine's Day as a romantic holiday.


  • Shakespeare made various references to Valentine's Day in his plays. His acknowledgment of the holiday reflected its rising importance.


  • A stationery store owner, Esther Howland, initiated the modern Valentine's Day card. Knowing the enormous interest of U.S. consumers in fancier cards, she curated an up-scale greeting card with intricate designs and lace detail to mark the occasion. She sold her collection for up to 75¢ (~$100 today).


  • Cadbury was the first to introduce Heart-shaped chocolate boxes for Valentine's Day in 1861.


  • Today's greeting card giant, Hallmark, began mass-producing Valentine's Day cards in 1913.


  • The survey reported that people send more cards for Valentine's Day than on other occasions.


  • In 2021, Valentine's Day spending in America hit $21.8 billion. Due to the pandemic, it was far less than the $27.4 billion spent on heart-shaped gifts, red roses, and romantic dinners in 2020.


  • Candy is the most common Valentine's Day gift, followed by flowers and cards.


  • Another amazing fact about Valentine's Day is that around 6 million people get engaged on the date each year. After Christmas, it is the second most popular Day for engagement.


  • Two territories as, Oregon and Arizona, became U.S. States on Valentine's Day.


  • Valentine's Day is the most typical occasion to celebrate wedding anniversaries in the Philippines. Government-sponsored group weddings are a feasible solution for Philippines couples who are eager to tie the knot but lack adequate funds.



9. What Country Invented Valentines Day?


Valentine's Day's exact origin is unclear, and there are various stories about it. However, the occasion is believed to be rooted in ancient Roman pagan celebrations during the Middle Ages.


No specific country has "invented" Valentine's Day; it has evolved and been celebrated in various forms in different cultures throughout history.



10. Do We Really Need Valentine's Day?


No, it is not compulsory to celebrate Valentine's Day. Some people do not have anyone to celebrate with, and some don't choose to participate. Why not make Divine your Valentine and be your Valentine and treat yourself to a trip or gift? Donating to help the less fortunate is a noble celebration of this Day.


In 2023, Valentine's Day is close to the beginning of the Lunar New Year. In Australia, concerts, virtual events, and festivals happen in capital cities nationwide. Attending these functions is an excellent alternative to participating in Valentine's Day.



11. When Did Valentine's Day Become Popular In Australia?


Valentine's Day has been celebrated in Australia since the mid-19th century when the Britishers brought the tradition.


However, the popularity of the occasion grew in the 1950s and 1960s due to increased marketing efforts and retailer commercialisation.


Valentine's Day is celebrated all over Australia, with several people exchanging cards, chocolates, flowers, and other gifts with their loved ones.



12. Is Valentine's Day On The Same Day In Every Country?


Valentine's Day is an annual festival signifying love, admiration, and friendship.


It is globally celebrated on February 14 yearly by sending love and affection to spouses, family, and friends. As the occasion is created from various legends and customs developed through centuries, Valentine's Day traditions differ worldwide.


  • In Japan, it is traditional for women to give chocolate gifts, and men will give white-coloured gifts to women on White Day, i.e., March 14.


  • In England, couples get together to write poems expressing their love for each other. We see ready-made greeting cards today because of their romantic tradition of exchanging heartfelt letters.


  • In Norway, women receive incomplete poems with cryptic clues that they must decipher to find the suitor's identity. Also, there is a tradition of looking for birds in the sky. If they see two birds flying together on Valentine's Day, then it indicates that they will find love.


  • In Italy, people send chocolate-covered hazelnuts in romantic quotes in different languages.


  • In South Africa, women shun mystery by pinning their Lover's names directly on their shirt sleeves.


  • Finland knows Valentine's Day as a 'Day of Love and Friendship.' On this Day, close friends exchange gifts and letters to display their gratitude and appreciation for these friendships.


  • The strange tradition in Denmark is that single people send anonymous poems or letters to their crushes on paper snowflakes. If the receiver correctly guesses the sender's identity, then the sender has to gift the receiver an Easter egg. The country has been practising this quirky tradition since the 18th century.


  • Valentine's Day is a commercialised holiday in the United States, with approx. One hundred ninety million Valentine's Day cards are sent every year. Not just teens and adults, children also create and exchange cards with each other and their teachers from primary school onwards. It is teachers who receive the maximum number of Valentine's Day cards. According to a survey, Americans spent $18.2 billion on goods in 2017, around $136 per person.


  • Being a nation that displays anti-Western rituals, Valentine's Day celebrations, including the printing and producing of related promotional materials or gifts, are banned. 



13. Conclusion


Valentine's Day is a special day reserved for couples to express their heartfelt emotions and deepen their bonds with each other.


I hope you find the above inspirations and ideas valuable to celebrate and cherish the moments with your loved ones.


Happy Valentine's Day!


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