What To Wear To A Job Interview (Male & Female): Explained

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Students want to know the best outfit for a job interview for males and females.


Do you want to get hired at your dream company? - We all have heard that the first impression is the last, and you'd want to have a perfect first impression in front of your recruiter.


Are you looking for tips and tricks on what to wear for a job interview? You have landed at the right place. In this article, you will find relevant information regarding clothing based on your gender for job interviews.


A job interview is a perfect opportunity for the aspirant to impress the interviewer or hirer. Your first impression will be like a permanent marker on their minds.


Along with preparing for the challenging questions you face for the interview, you should also consider the apparel you wear on your D-day! You need to choose the outfit that suits the day.


The attire you will wear on the day of your interview will depend on the job you have applied for. You must dress for specific in-demand job roles according to the "dress code". Suppose you notice that your job does not have such requirements. In that case, looking presentable, neat, tidy, and formal is always advisable.



1. The Impact of Covid-19 On Job Interview Attire


The outbreak of the global pandemic has changed almost everything around the world. Due to the virus's impact, nearly every company moved to a digital platform, and employees are popularly known as WFH (work from home). The companies who chose WFH are conducting the interview online on various video calling applications.


The main question arises here. Does the interview attire matter in job interviews? The answer is yes, the interview attire matters as much as it used to matter in the pre-covid times. Why would the dress matter when you speak to the recruiter virtually over an application while sitting comfortably on your sofa or bed?


The interviewer wants to learn about the relevant skills required for the job post and judges your outfit. The essential thing for the interviewer is whether you are best suited for the job role and possess all the required skills. The company wants to know if you can adequately handle the job role and fulfil your duties and responsibilities.


Your appearance and clothing matter because if you are casually or loosely dressed, the interviewer might feel you are not serious about the job. So be aware of what you are going to wear. 


Choose your apparel wisely because it will not only make you look sharp, but you will also look confident and strong when you have a formal outfit. Your personality will shine through your dress.



2. What To Wear For An Interview For Females


Choosing one appropriate dress can be difficult, time-consuming, and confusing for a woman. There are many options to choose from, and you might be startled and overwhelmed while going through them.


The question of what to wear for an interview as a female is widespread in recent times. Are you a woman and not sure what to wear and which dress will be suited for you? You will find all the dress options in this particular section, and you can choose the one that strikes your eyes the most.



Wear A Dark Colour Blazer


Blazars can turn any look into formal and chic. Wear a solid and nude blouse and top it off with a black or dark blue blazer. This outfit comprises three pieces and is known as a business interview outfit. 


You should always have a dark blue or navy blue blazer in your wardrobe because it is versatile and goes with formal and informal blouses and trousers.


Suppose you have an interview for a simple job that does not require many technicalities. In that case, you can wear a button-down shirt and your staple blue blazer to complete the look.


If you have the job already, you can pair it with jeans or khaki pants on a casual day. If you have an office party one day, you can wear a formal dress and pair that with this navy blue colour blazer.



Try A Unique Look With Your Buttoned Shirt


Let's be honest! Not styled correctly, button-down shirts can look shabby and diminish your confidence. You do not always have to go for the same old cotton shirts of pink, blue or white. Experiment with the fabric of your shirt. The silk chiffon fabric shirt is very classy and chic and will make you look elegant if you wear a neat camisole.


Besides the dull colours, you can try out the different shades of nude colours. You will find many unique shades of blue and pink in the market. Wear something unique that will make you stand out in the crowd.


One thing that you should always be careful about is the neckline of your shirt. If you close all the buttons on your shirt, it will make you feel suffocated. Be mindful of the kind of innerwear you are wearing.


Always wear a full-coverage brassiere inside such shirts. While it is always nice to be confident and carry your look, you should always try to be formal and not wear anything provocative.



Go For Different Patterned Blouses


While shirts are always a good option for a formal look, many other kinds of blouses will accentuate your formal game to another level. The high-neck blouses with no buttons look elegant, and you can pair them with a pencil skirt.


Pencil skirts are always the best option to complete a chic and formal look. Make sure to have a black colour pencil skirt in your wardrobe. Adding a jacket to compliment the look is entirely optional. You can wear a jacket according to the job role you are applying for.



The Classic Pair of Black Dresses And Tights


The little black dress is a very versatile kind of dress. It depends on your style because the look can completely shift from formal to informal. Wear semi-sheer tights underneath the skirt to complete the look. You can also wear a thin black colour belt to make the entire look more fashionable.


Adding a belt to this entire apparel will make you look sharper and cleaner. It is a very famous professional look that many working women opt for. The dress should not have any pattern that might steal unwanted attention.


So, go for regular and subtle patterns like thin stripes. Either do a neat ponytail or a neat low bun for your hair. For the shoes, wear sleek black heels.


This look-for interview is perfect if your position is for the fashion and entertainment industries!



Winter Wear Ideas


For the winter season, always go for cardigans or blazers. The cardigan should either be of a solid colour or should have a minimal pattern. Remember, at the end of the day, you want to attract their attention to your personality and skills. 


Your dress and apparel should accentuate those qualities.



3. What Is The Appropriate Apparel For Males In Job Interviews?


While there are plenty of standard apparel options for males, what to wear for a job interview still needs to be clarified. The first impression is long-lasting and crucial to your hiring process. If you are not neatly dressed, then there is a high potential for you to get rejected on this basis. 


You cannot wear anything to the office. You must keep a particular clothing etiquette and ethics in mind and follow them.


If you are a male and wondering which is the right choice for you, here are some of the best clothing options that you can choose from:



Go For The Basic Look


If you are a man, you must have a formal solid colour shirt and an official pair of pants. This look is neat and straightforward. If you want to avoid experiment or buying anything new for the interview, you can go for this simple look.


You can add a nice tie with a subtle pattern to make it look more professional.



Try Different Colours


There are certain companies, especially start-ups, where there is no dress code. They are flexible and do not fret about the dress code much. But, if you have an interview for a higher-up position, you should naturally wear formal and professional attire.


If you want an example for the formal look, you can try this - wear a plain shirt and pair it with a half sweater. Complete the look with a grey suit and matching pants. This is the most common and best professional look anybody can try.



Navy Blue Blazer


Like the women's dress code, a navy-blue blazer never disappoints. A navy-blue blazer will make you look fresh and intelligent. A lighter shade of blue-coloured shirt will make you look more alluring. You can wear regular formal pants or even chinos with this blazer.


A navy-blue blazer is very flexible because you can pair it with any colour shirt and pants. It is a suitable replacement for the same old black blazer.



Wear A Regular Sweater on Top of A Shirt


A sweater will be excellent compensation if you are too lazy for a blazer. It will make you look smart and give off a simple yet professional look. The colours that you can go for are black, brown, and different shades of blue. You can wear dark-coloured jeans.



Add Texture To Make You Shine


The texture does not mean blocks or heavy stripes; it means the fabric and the kind of blazer. Tweed blazers and corduroy are the best-textured blazers for a professional look. If you are wearing a blazer with a buttoned-down shirt, it is advisable to wear a tie.


It is okay if you do not wear a tie to the office daily (if it is optional). But make sure to go for an entirely professional look on your interview day.



4. On A Concluding Note


Everybody has their taste in fashion and has their definition of a professional look. You should always research the company before you go for the interview. Not only will it give you insights into the company, but you will also get an idea of what kind of dress codes they go for. 


Start-up companies do not worry much about dress and apparel. They will primarily focus on how you can contribute to the company and if you have the potential to hold the position.


But most companies that have been in the market for a long time expect their employees to wear professional and neat looks and have the typical dress code of shirt and pants.


Your hair also plays a massive role in your appearance. Comb your hair neatly. If you are a guy, try something other than the hairstyles you usually do to go out with your friends. Take a proper bath and comb your hair neatly when going to the office.


If you are a girl, always do a neat ponytail or braids. Otherwise, a neat bun is always a chic choice.


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