Top 5 Reasons To Study in Australia

A student couple sleeping in a tent on the beach in Queensland are dreaming about the best city to live in Australia after their studies.


What do you have in mind when you think about Australia?


Probably the Outback bush with kangaroos jumping around and koalas in the trees, beautiful beaches, endless summers and of course the Opera House.


You are right but there is way more about the country that you have to discover, let’s see what!



1. Amazing Culture


Australians, or Aussies as they are called here, are famous for being very friendly and you will be seduced right away by the laid-back culture when you arrive in Australia.


Everyone calls you “mate”, shoes are optional (nope, no one is going to freak out if you do your grocery shopping barefoot), work and life balance is real, and casual chats with strangers is a norm.


So, beach culture is definitely not a myth and “cool, calm, collected” could be the country’s motto!



2. Beautiful Nature and Wildlife


Australia has a lot to offer when it comes to landscapes and animals, from the Tasmanian wilderness to the Great Barrier Reef, you will be able to see the true treasures of Australia and maybe plan a little road trip while you study there.


A few of Australia’s natural experiences include spectacular skies full of stars and milky ways in Western Australia, wild national parks and World Heritage areas.


Snorkelling in some of the most crystal clear waters among sea turtles, hiking in rainforests and taking selfies with the super cute quokkas are just a few examples of activities you can do.



3. Schools with Global Recognition


Australian schools and especially universities are recognized worldwide for their high standard and quality.


The government regulates every university in the country each year to ensure that they are maintaining Australia’s high standard of education.


So if you get a degree in Australia, it will be recognized and popular among employers in Australia and abroad.



4. Diversity of Education


With a wide variety of courses and degrees in Australia, you will easily find a suitable match for your study interests.


You can choose between three study paths, depending on what you want: universities for academic education, vocational training for practising specific skills, and English schools if you want to improve your English skills.



5. Cost of Living


While it is definitely not cheap to live in Australia, the living expenses and the tuition costs are considerably lower compared to destinations like the United States and the United Kingdom.


Moreover, you are able to work part-time while you study, up to 20 hours per week. International students can also apply for different kind of scholarships (government or private institutions).


Now you understand why Australia is an increasingly popular destination among international students.


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