The Best Cities in Australia to Study Abroad

College and TAFE students are swimming in an ocean pool in Sydney Australia after completing their course and discussing the best cities in Australia to work.


A ranking released last year by the Economist Intelligence Unit quantified the most liveable cities in the world. That means which cities around the world provide the best or the worst living conditions.


The index measured out of a 100, considers 30 factors related to safety, healthcare, educational resources, infrastructure and the environment. 140 cities were in ‘’competition’’. Those that scored best tended to be the mid-sized cities in (unsurprisingly) wealthier countries.


So, who do you think got the very first place in the ranking? Suspense… TA-DAA: Yes, Melbourne got the very coveted title of the Most Liveable City in the World! We also find Adelaide in 5th position, followed by Perth.


Three Australian cities in the top 10 that are quite impressive! - Melbourne tops the list for the sixth year in a row.


This result is actually not surprising as people who know these cities have a lot to offer. Let’s find out what exactly:



1. Melbourne


Located in the state of Victoria on the East Coast of Australia, Melbourne is the art and culture capital of Australia and the most ‘’European-style’’ one. You will find beautiful street arts, exhibitions, musicals and artists galleries.


The city is home to the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, which is dedicated to the history of films and television. Melbourne is also famous for to have the best food culture in the country: from local markets to food trucks and the finest restaurants.


Melbourne is also said to be the cafe capital of Australia. Melbourne style cafes are so popular that they are being exported to places like New York City.



2. Adelaide


Located in the State of South Australia, Adelaide is known to be a laid-back city, and housing rates are cheaper than in other big Australian cities. The city is a very renowned wine-producing region with Shiraz as its speciality.


Fun fact, Adelaide is known for selling the cheapest pint of beer on average in Australia! Adelaide has also a big part on the art and music scene in Australia.


The city has various beaches that are less crowded than the touristy Sydney and Gold Coast beaches. It is also very close to Kangaroo Island with its iconic wildlife.



3. Perth


Located in the state of Western Australia, Perth seems to take the best of both Sydney and Melbourne: It has some beautiful beaches where you can surf like in Sydney, and there is a great local theatre scene around the city centre which reminds us of Melbourne.


Housing and public transport are a lot more affordable than on the East Coast. Most of all, you get the best of nature in Australia as the city is surrounded by it.


Indeed, Perth is the only big city on the whole coast, which makes wildlife more significant as well. Rottnest Island with the famous Quokkas is very close as well as Swan Valley vineyards and a lot of national parks.



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